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Security Testing ServicesTest Beyond the Obvious1Worlds 2nd Largest Independent Testing Company

2QA & Testing focusQA and Software Testing is all that we do!

QualiTest Group2About QualiTestGlobal Service delivery Model Right Shore! Onshore, Near-Shore, Offshore and Crowd TestingResults Based Testing (RBT) Contractual guarantees for quality Improvement & cost reductionManaged Testing Solutions (MTS) Long term, SLA based testing outsourcingKnowledge center for Global practicesCustomized testing solutions based on proven test methodologies and QualiTests unique perspective

QualiTests Strategic Statement:4Design & deliver the right industry & technology focused SQA solutions, leveraging our diversified business models & ability to gain a deep understanding of customers goals & challenges4Security Testing5QualiTests security testing services verify that the systems information data is protected and that the intended functionality is maintained

Features of Security Testing6QualiTests security testing process is comprised from the following activities:What is Security Testing7Security Testing is focused on unacceptable inputs and whether these inputs are likely to create significant failure in regards to the given requirements of the product under test

The most important part of Security Testing is providing sufficient evidence to clients to show that their system and its information is safe and secure from unacceptable inputs

Information Security Terms8Some of the basic Information security terms are :Vulnerabilities9There are established vulnerabilities and also tools which can help us identify common vulnerabilities in code:

Top 10 VulnerabilitiesInjection Flaws (SQL Injection)Malicious File ExecutionInsecure Direct Object ReferenceCross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)Information Leakage and Improper Error HandlingBroken Authentication and Session ManagementInsecure Cryptographic StorageInsecure CommunicationsFailure to Restrict URL Access

Deliverables of Security Testing10A complete system breakdown, detailing your systems structure and our plan for testingA comprehensive defect report exhibits the details about any security weaknesses, each bug, its severity, and location.On-going support is provided from a QualiTest senior test specialist to improve quality and incite continuous improvement.

Benefits11The benefits of using QualiTests Security testing services include:

Quality InsightQualiTests can provide you with peace of mind and assurance of a clear insight into the quality of your systemNo Lead TimeReduce application time to marketCompetitive pricingTake advantage of our existing operation at competitive pricingQuality ImprovementOur experienced testing engineers can increase your testing coverage and assure new quality standardsThank You!