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A presentation given to GeeKyoto in London by Adrian Hon and Naomi Alderman, examining the environmental impact of the Sabbath, and introducing the Secular Sabbath concept

Transcript of Secular Sabbath

  • 1. A Secular (and Environmentally Friendly) Sabbath Adrian Hon and Naomi Alderman
  • 2. Orthodox Jews dont all look like this
  • 3. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy Exodus 20:8 (number four in the ten commandments) Six days shall you work but on the seventh day you shall rest Exodus 34:21
  • 4. Whats work? According to the Orthodox Jews, work includes: writing cooking driving a car changing the state of anything electrical
  • 5. Changing the state? You can leave a light on or off, or on a timer, but cant alter the settings No using computers, telephones, cameras, televisions, any other electronic devices All food has to be cooked in advance
  • 6. Whats left? Meals with friends Going for walks Reading Sleeping Singing Conversation
  • 7. Adrian: Im not Jewish - obviously. Originally interested in experiencing a sabbath, having day of rest away from mobile and computer and tube. Then got thinking about whether sabbath was environmentally friendly or not.
  • 8. Power Consumption Device Model Quantity Hours Power Change (W)* Lightbulbs 15W energy saver 16 -2 15 -480 Urn +24 +2690** Small LCD TV Samsung SM741MP 1 -8 42 -252 Big LCD TV Toshiba 37WL66 1 -8 240 -1920 Computer iMac 20 Core Duo 1 -8 80 -640 Console Xbox 360 1 -3 185 -555 Laptop Dell Inspiron 1525 1 -5 30 -150 Astra 2008 5-Door Car 1 -40km -156g CO2/km -6.24kg Hatchback 1.6i * Power consumption = (average on mode) - (standby mode) ** Overall change as measured by power meter over Sabbath period Based on family of four, relatively environmentally friendly. This is not scientic - rough estimation of changes in energy usage.
  • 9. Results Total change: -1.307kWh, -2.6l petrol Cost savings: 2.99 (2.86 + 0.13) CO savings: 6.998kg 2 This is per week. Over a year, savings add up; if you did it every month, save 40. If every week, over 150; CO2 saved would be 350kg.
  • 10. Recommendations Consider inviting friends over for a monthly secular Sabbath - no TV, phones, computers, just chat, walks and good food Dont use an urn Dont drive The benets arent just environmental: it really does feel good for the soul Energy savings dont have to be seen as sacrice, especially when people are getting information overload - can be see as a good byproduct of a new day of rest
  • 11. Sources Lightbulbs 15W energy saver types_of_energy_saving_recommended_products/ energy_saving_light_bulbs Small LCD TV Samsung SM741MP Big LCD TV Toshiba 37WL66 products.nsf/pages/lcdplasma-regza-37wl66?opendocument Computer iMac 20 Core Duo imac_keeps_its.html Console Xbox 360 Laptop Dell Inspiron 1525 environment/en/prod_datasheets?c=us&l=en&s=gen Astra 2008 5-Door Car Hatchback 1.6i id=20260 CO2 emissions from electricity customer_services/where_we_get_our_energy/default.asp
  • 12. More Information