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Information updated August 2016 at the time of printing Secondary Flexible Post Graduate / Professional Graduate Certificate in Education Programme Handbook 2016/17

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  • Information updated August 2016 at the time of printing

    Secondary Flexible Post Graduate / Professional Graduate Certificate in Education

    Programme Handbook 2016/17

  • Information updated August 2016 at the time of printing 1

    Disability Support Services Statement

    SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) Support Team

    Inclusion Team (Disability or Health Condition) Our approach is friendly yet professional and you can discuss your individual learning requirements in complete confidence. It is important to contact us as early as possible.

    SpLD Support Team: Based in the University Library, 1st floor You can contact us in relation to:

    SpLD assessments (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia)

    Specialist SpLD support

    Using assistive technology

    Applying for Disabled Students Allowances (DSA)

    Visual stress / Meares-Irlen The Inclusion Team: Based in the Student Information Centre (SIC), ground floor If you have specific requirements due to a physical or sensory impairment, mental health/anxiety issues, health condition, an autistic spectrum condition, or needs emerge when you are studying here, we can advise you on:

    Reasonable adjustments to learning, teaching, assessment and exam modifications

    Accessible facilities and equipment

    Support on professional practices

    1- 2 -1 Academic and other forms of support

    Applying for Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) SpLD Support Team

    In person: University Library, Ormskirk, 1st floor Tel: 01695 584372 E-mail: [email protected]

    The Inclusion Team

    In person: SIC, Ormskirk, ground floor Tel: 01695 584190 E-mail: [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • Information updated August 2016 at the time of printing 2

    Equality and Diversity Policy Summary

    Edge Hill Universitys vision is to provide an environment where everyone feels able to participate, contribute, enjoy and influence their experience; and where inclusive practices underpin everything we do. Respect for, and celebration of, individual diversity will shape institutional strategy, direction and behaviour. The University seeks to identify and eradicate any practice which discriminates on the basis of race, disability, sex, gender re-assignment, age , sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, religion, belief or none, or socio-economic background. The University recognises that equality and diversity embraces all aspects of employment and service delivery including curriculum; teaching; learning and assessment; research issues; and extra-curricular activities. The University makes it a condition of service and admission that staff and students adhere to the Equality and Diversity Policy. Any breaches of this are dealt with under the Staff or Student Disciplinary Procedures, as appropriate. The University makes every effort to ensure that traders, contractors, institutions, organisations or individuals who interact with Edge Hill University are aware of the policy. Discovery by the University of any inequitable policy or practice by them may result in Edge Hill University breaking links and ceasing to do business with them. Edge Hill University widely distributes this policy summary and accompanying Equality and Diversity Policy throughout the University. Making Contact Students are encouraged to make any concerns known. The first point of contact for this is the Student Services Information Desk in the Student Information Centre on the Ormskirk campus (01695 584554, or student [email protected]). The Student Information Officer will refer you on to an individual member of staff as appropriate. A full copy of the Equality and Diversity Policy can be obtained from the Student Services Information Desk or from Edge Hill Universitys web site

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    CONTENTS Page No 1. Inclusive Services Statement 1

    2. Equality and Diversity policy summary 2

    3. Contents 3

    4. Welcome to All Secondary Flexible PGCE Trainees 5

    5. Introduction and Aims of the Programme 6 6. An Edge Hill University Trainee Identity 7

    7. Secondary Flexible PGCE Programme Calendar 8

    8. Secondary Flexible PGCE Trainee Engagement Requirement 12

    9. Relevant Contacts and Helpful Contact Information 13

    10. Lines of Communication 16

    11. Personal Tutor System 17

    12. Secondary Flexible PGCE Programme Structure: 19

    Pathways Available 19

    Individual Training Plan 24

    Teaching, Learning and Assessment 25

    Programme Requirements and Outcomes 26

    The Reflective Practitioner 28

    13. Trainees Voices 31 14. Student Union 33

    15. Quality Assurance and External Examining 36 16. Professional Practices: 1(a), 1(b) and 2. Primary 37 17. Newly Qualified Programme (NQT Programme) 59 18. Teaching Unions 60 19. Code of Conduct 61 20. APRM Review Process 67

  • Information updated August 2016 at the time of printing 4

    21. Exceptional Mitigating Circumstance (EMC) 69 22. Research and Ethics Policy/Trainee Project Proforma 70

    23. Assignment Extension Policy 73 24. Overview of Practice Relating to the Tracking of the Assessment 73 Extensions 25. On-Programme Self-Declaration Form 72 26. Safeguarding Management of a Cause for Concern 75 27. Teachers Standards (Revised 2013) 78

  • Information updated August 2016 at the time of printing 5

    TO ALL SECONDARY FLEXIBLE PGCE TRAINEE TEACHERS On behalf of tutors on the Secondary Flexible PGCE Programme team and colleagues in our partner schools and colleges, welcome to the Faculty of Education at Edge Hill University. I am sure you will enjoy an exciting and rewarding time, during which you will face opportunities and challenges. At Edge Hill University, we pride ourselves on trying to produce fully flexible courses and therefore your course will be tailored to your particular needs as much as is possible. Flexibility includes a range of start dates, different course pathways and a range of modules to be studied. Therefore, it is not possible in this Programme Handbook to explain all of the possibilities; instead, you are provided with some of the key components that will make up your course. All documentation, including handbooks, is available online through the generic Flexible VLE (Learning Edge). This Programme Handbook should be read in conjunction with your subject course handbook, Needs Assessment documentation and Professional Practice handbook. As Programme Leader, I am here to support you during your course. If you have any concerns or queries about the course you are studying, then please contact your own subject course leader in the first instance. If you require further help then please contact me by one of the methods shown below. The contact numbers can be found in this handbook. I do hope you will benefit from the flexibility of the provision and that the Programme will enable you to go on to provide the basis for a successful career in teaching. Alyson Midgley Secondary Flexible PGCE/QTS Programme Leader 01695 650 832 [email protected] Message from a Newly Qualified Trainee: I could not have chosen a better place to do my PGCE. Many thanks for your support and yes a year went by so fast. Luz Ellis Santiago; Secondary Flexible PGCE Modern Languages

    mailto:[email protected]

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    INTRODUCTION The Programme Handbook 2016/17 is designed to provide you with a range of information that will guide your understanding of the Secondary Postgraduate/ Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) programme. We hope that it will support you in managing your time effectively as you study through what will be an intensive training. This Programme Handbook should be used in conjunction with your Course Handbook, Needs Assessment documentation, Professional Practice Handbook, the Reflective Professional Practice (RPP) Handbooks and any other subject module handbooks that are produced. This professional programme is designed to provide you with high quality education and training within Edge Hill and a range of school / university contexts. It is designed to develop a range of professional and vocational knowledge, understanding and teaching skills. In this respect we can guarantee that the programme will be challenging, innovative, rigorous and enjoyable and thus the programme requires a great deal of commitment from you. AIMS OF THE PROGRAMME The PGCE Secondary Flexible Programme at Edge Hill has been designed to be both academic and vocational and is predicated on the requirement to provide challenging expectations of the achievements of you as trainee teachers and to create a teaching and learning environment that will engage your interest and motivation. Through your programme, it is intended that you should have the opportunities in order to:

    achieve the Teachers Standards (revised 2013) that will lead to a recommendation for the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS);

    be equipped to meet the needs of schools and young people;

    understand the importance of, and be equipped to respond to, the requirement to develop during your Induction Year and throughout your professional careers.

    The programme will meet all statutory, national requirements for Initial Teacher Training. It will provide opportunities for you to gain the knowledge and skills to become effective teachers in