Sea otters by belle

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Transcript of Sea otters by belle

  • 1. Food A River Otter or a Sea Otter eats fish or seaweed.

2. A Sea Otters body is designed for living in the water. River Otters are mamals of the fresh water lakes, rivers, and streams. River Otters belong to the 3. Babies On land or in water for the Southern or Californa Sea Otter. Like all Mamals they give birth to live young. Babie Sea Otters are called pups. 4. Protection and Enemies If you ever touch a Sea Otter or River otter it will snap at you. 5. Interesting Facts A River or Sea Otter likes to play in water. 6. All About The Auther Hi! My name is Belle.I like to eat: Fish, Corn, and Ham. My favourite Animal is: The Humming Bird.