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Traditional software development models (such as Waterfall) are based upon a defined methodology which attempts to define requirements up front, logically break down the work estimate plan then begin development while trying to SCRUM – How It Differs work, estimate, plan, development, limit/control change which will threaten the plan. These are based upon Defined Process Model theory which was adopted from manufacturing and applied to software development.

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  • 1. Scrum, Agile ProcessSumit Sinha CSMSoftware Business Analyst

2. Scrum Scrum is an agile process that allows us to focus ondelivering the highest business value in the shortesttime. It allows us to rapidly and repeatedly inspect actualworking software (every two weeks to one month). The business sets the priorities. Teams self-organize todetermine the best way to deliver the highest priorityfeatures. Every two weeks to a month anyone can see realworking software and decide to release it as is orcontinue to enhance it for another sprint. 3. Scrum Characteristics Self-organizing teams Product progresses in a series of month-longsprints Requirements are captured as items in a list ofproduct backlog No specific engineering practices prescribed Uses generative rules to create an agileenvironment for delivering projects One of the agile processes 4. Scrum 5. Scrum FrameworkRolesProduct ownerScrumMasterTeamCeremoniesSprint planningSprint reviewSprint retrospectiveDaily scrum meetingArtifactsProduct backlogSprint backlogBurndown charts 6. Product Backlog The requirements / list oftest cases A list of all desired workon the project Prioritized by the productowner Reprioritized at the startof each sprint Participant: Product OwnerTThhiiss iiss tthhee pprroodduucctt bbaacckklloogg 7. Product BacklogIn automation product backlog will be: Quality Center Is the repository of all test cases for Stars Enterprise application Contains all the test steps for all test cases Test cases dont have importance or priority ratings List of test cases will be exported to Excel for easier prioritizationand estimation Excel spreadsheet List all the test cases that need to be automated Test cases have importance or priority ratings Importance rating is numeric Used in sprint planning and determines the sprint backlog 8. Sprint Planning Team selects items from theproduct backlog they can committo completing Sprint backlog is created Tasks are identified and each isestimated Collaboratively, not done alone bythe Scrum Master Define the sprint length and thesprint demo datePartiProduct Owner, Scrum Master,and Team 9. Sprint Backlog A list of requirements ortest cases that the teamis committing to completein the current sprint. Items on the sprintbacklog are drawn fromthe product backlog Contains the teams timeestimate to complete thevarious test cases This will be used to setthe project plan 10. Managing the Sprint Backlog Estimated work remaining is updated daily Any team member can add, delete or change the sprintbacklog Work for the sprint emerges If work is unclear, define a sprint backlog item with alarger amount of time and break it down later Update work remaining as more becomes known This will be kept in a shared directory for everyone toupdate 11. Sprint Scrum projects makeprogress in a series ofsprints Analogous to ExtremeProgramming iterations Typical duration is 24 weeksor a calendar month at most A constant duration leads to abetter rhythm Automated scripts aredesigned, coded, tested andcode reviewed during thesprintParticipant: Team 12. Daily Scrum Parameters Daily 15 minutes Stand-up Not for problem solving Whole world is invited Only team members, ScrumMaster, product owner, can talk Helps avoid other unnecessarymeetings Each participant answers thefollowing questions: What did you do yesterday? What will you do today? Is there anything on your way? NOT a Status meeting 13. Sprint Review Team presents what itaccomplished during the sprint Typically takes the form of ademo Informal No slides Whole team participates Executes the existingregression test scripts and thenewly created scripts againstthe latest build of theapplication. 14. Sprint Retrospective Periodically take a look atwhat is and is not working Typically 1530 minutes Done after every sprint Whole team participates Scrum Master Product owner Team Possibly customers andothers Discuss the following: Start doing Stop doing Continue doing 15. Thank You!Name : Sumit SinhaContact : [email protected]://