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If you are a technology company in the water, energy, or environmental sector, and need a new marketing and sales approach to grow your business, let's talk. Please read on for my story...

Transcript of Scott C. Shannon - CV slideshow

  • 1. HELLOMy name is Scott Shannon

2. First, a few basics NAME:Scott Shannon CURRENT RESIDENCE:Orlando Florida USA DEGREES:BS Mechanical Engineering 1993 ME Environmental Engineering 1996 University of Florida LICENSES:Professional Engineer 3. WaterMy experienceMeEnergyEnvironmentI have spent my entire career as an engineer, consultant, and marketing & sales director at the intersection of these three industries. 4. Here is my career timeline1990-19931996-20022002-20052005-PresentVice President directing marketing & sales of water and wastewater treatment engineering services to Southeast US market National Accounts Manager directing marketing & sales of performance test equipment and consulting services to global power generation market Owners Agent overseeing and negotiating public-private partnership agreements for municipal waste-to-energy plants Power Engineer carrying out projects to monitor and improve reliability and efficiency of fossil-fueled power plants 5. Now for the important stuffRESULTS!Here are some things I have accomplished 6. In 2008 I led my companys pursuit of the Coquina Coast Desalination Project, and won this $7M preliminary design contract against a deep field of multinational competitors.I now manage the international team of experts carrying out the eventual $200-$400M project for a group of municipalities in Northeast Florida. 7. In 2011, I sold a capital program to the City of Tavares, Florida including design, construction, and state & federal funding for drinking water, wastewater, and reclaimed water systems, with a cost ofI currently serve as the Program Manager for this effort. 8. In 2012 I led my companys pursuit of, and won, a $9M design contract for a new Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant for Orange County, Florida. The facilitys capital cost is estimated to be $60M. 9. From 2006 to 2010, I led my market area to five straight years of increasing sales, through an economic downturn that made most of our competitors cut staff.Booked Work, Central & Northeast Florida (Millions) $5.0 $4.0 $3.0 $2.0 $1.0 $0.0 20032004This is when I showed up.200520062007200820092010I am now responsible for our $30M Southeastern U.S market. 10. We are ALL in the communications business Experience has taught me that what you do is worthless if you cannot communicate its value. And increasingly, presentations are the way we share ideas and persuade audiences. 11. I am a professionally trained presenter and presentation designer, and speak regularly to clients, industry and community groups, and elected officials.These are a few of my designs. 12. The world is changing, at a pace that accelerates every day. Newer and better ideas emerge continuously to threaten the effectiveness of established ways of doing business. Standing still is moving backwards. The quickest way to become irrelevant is to believe youve learned all you need to know.Never stop learning 13. This is my bookshelf* *Yes, Ive read them all. And I have applied much of this learning to what I do as a professional every day. (Feel free to ask me how.) 14. The words that guide me professionally:Your playing small does not serve the world. - Marianne Williamson What you do is not nearly as important as how it makes people feel. - Seth Godin Put the hours in. - Hugh MacLeod Price is the differentiator of last resort. - me 15. Now lets talk about what we can do together Email scott@theoryofmovement.comPhone +1.407.580.1707 Twitter @scottcshannon Blog www.theoryofmovement.comTHANKS!