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  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    By Monica RizzoSCHOLASTIC INC,

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  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


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  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    Hello and welcome , mystery lovers!This is it - your backstage pass to themaking ofthe 5cooby-Doo movie. You 'llget behind-the-scenes access to thestars, the story , the set, the directorand producer, and the special effectspeople who brought that lovable cartoon dog to life for the very first time.And at the end of the book , you canmatch your 5cooby smarts against thestars of the movie. So hop into theMystery Machine - the adventure isabout to beginl

    INSIDER INFOScooby-Doo is one of the most popular cartoonsIn television history . Created by the legendaryanimation team of William Hanna and JosephBarbera , America 's most beloved GreatDane and his four mystery-loving palsdebuted in 1969 with the series Scooby-Doo ,Where Are You? The show was an instanthit , and since then , it's become a classic . foryears , the cartoon series dominated Saturdaymomings in homes all around the U.S.These days , you can watch the show over70 times a week on Cartoon Network .

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    THE FIRST MOYIESo the question is. why hasn 't Scooby made itto the big screen before now? According to

    producer Charles Roven . It's because it'snever been possible to make Scooby reallyreal - until now . "The reason to do aScooby-Doo movie is really to take advantage of the fantastic computer effectsthat have been developed over the last sev-

    eral years ." Charles says . "We wanted to beable to make a lifelike Scooby and show whathe would be in a live-action film [that Is , withactors instead of cartoons] . That is a reallyexciting challenge - to be able to give peoplea real three-dimensional look at what this dogand this gang would be if they were around inthe real world ."

    first and foremost , Charles and director RajaGosnell wanted to stay true to the cartoon. "Thereis a lot of responsibility when you takesomething that people are fami-iar with ," Charles says .

    That meant castingfour actors who wereas into Scooby as thefilmmakers were. Of

    the cast members ,freddie Prinze , Jr. wasprobably the biggest fanof the cartoon series . At first

    he didn 't seem like a natural for the role ofMystery , Inc. leader fred Jones . Aller all , fredJones Is a golden-haired blond , and freddie hasdark brown hair . But once he met with theproducer and director , it was clear he wasperfect for the part. "He has seen every singleScooby-Doo cartoon ever made ." Charles says ."for him the [character] research maybe washis whole life ."

    filling the designer shoes of "damsel In distress" Daphne Blake is Sarah Michelle Gellarbest known for her lead role as the kick-buttheroine on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sarahwas the perfect blend of beautiful and bold -because In the film , unlike the cartoon . dangerprone Daphne shows the gang she can hold herown against the bad guys .

    finding the perfect Shaggy was a challenge ,until Matthew Lillard walked into the audition

    room . Physically , he resembled thelanky , Scooby snack-loving

    dude from the cartoon .But more Importantly ,

    says producer RichardSuckle , "he didn 't tryto come in and Imitate

    Shaggy 's voice . Hebrought some of the

    Shaggyisms as well as

    linda and freddie are on the case.

    Matthew Lillard . It was a fantastic mix that made it feel

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    natural whenhe was playingthe character."

    The samewas true forlinda Cardellini , who plays the role of VelmaDinkley , the brains behind Mystery , Inc. "It'salmost scary when she walks on set ," Richard

    says . "You look at lindaand it's like there 's VelmaDinkley standing right inyour face ."

    Actor Rowan Atkinson ,whom moviegoers knowas the quirky and humorous Mr. Bean , rounds outthe main cast as EmileMondavarious , the owner

    A poster for Spooky Island . of the amusement parkthe klc .tioo of the Scoobygang's la test case . Spooky Island .A NEW SrORYWhen we first catch up with the Mystery , Inc.gang , we leam that after years of solving mysteries together, they 've gotten sick and tired ofone another . So they all go their separateways . Fred becomes a one-man publicitymachine , writing books about himself and hisdays with Mystery Inc. Daphne , tired of beingkidnapped by guys in masks , decides to leammartial arts . Super-sleuth Velma gets a Job as

    a rocket sCientistat NASA . At leastShag}J tnd Scoobyare still together - they 're

    living in Califomia in the back of the MysteryMachine , barbecuing and selling pottery .

    But the gang finds themselves togetheragain when they all receive the same letterasking them to help solve a mystery on aplace called Spooky Island . After some consid eration - and some quarreling - theyagree to band together for the mission .They head off to Spooky Island . And that'swhere the fun really begins - only thistime , instead of unmasking men in costume , the gang finds themselves hot on thetrail of real ghosts and demons .

    Director Raja Gosnell promises that viewerswon't be disappointed . "I think we have elementsin there for everyone because they are going tolove Scooby , love Shaggy , love the action, love thephysical comedy . Iwanted to make the movie bigand hip and flJ) . . . what the whole family can

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  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    Daphne seems like she 's got it all together.Her strawberry blonde hair Is styledperfectly, her clothes are hip and sharp , andshe 's always friendly and cheerful. But sometimes she doesn 't make the wisest of choices,which lead others to question her streetsmarts. She often has bright ideas for solvingmysteries , but she Just seems to attract danger wherever she goes. Her unenviable position of "damsel In distress" often gives theMystery , Inc . another mission in addition tosolving the mystery - rescuing Daphne .

    "Daphne Is often perceived as a stereotypical pretty girl ," Sarah Michelle Gellarexplains . "She 's the kind of person that didn 'talways believe in herself because people tendedto judge her exterior without looking any further. "

    This time around , though , Daphne decides tochange all of that and , says Sarah , leams "howto make herself an important and intricate partof the group ."

    Playing a strong , empowered young womanis something Sarah has a lot of experience with .On her hit teleVision show Buffy the VampireSlayer. Sarah fights evil on a weekly basis . Herfight scenes on Buffy were great preparationfor the movie . in which Daphne fights offwould-be kidnappers like an old pro .

    Sarah promises fans won 't be disappointedwith the "new" Daphne because she still

    the same traits and characteristics as in thecartoon . Only now , Sarah says , she's "moreher own person ."SARAH ON SCOOBY:A O&AWere you nervous about playing such awell-known and loved cartoon character?It's a real challenge to play someone as Iconic asDaphne . So many people worldWide have anIdeal of who Daphne is and how she 's supposed to be . You're walking a fine linebecause everyone knows Daphne as a twodimensional cartoon character and nowyou're taking her into a three-dimensionalfeature 111m.

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    was one of the first cartoons that was reallymade for everybody - girl , boy , young , old. Ithink that's exactly what's kept it popular for allthese years . You can 't aim something at justone group and make it transcend all those gen-erations and all those different groups . It has tobe something for everyone , something every-one sees , whether it's in each character or Inthe story .What's it like working on such a big pro-duction for six months?It's an amazing flow . It starts from Raja , whois the most Incredible director I have everworked with . I have never worked with some-one that just wants everything to be great andeveryone to have a good time . The cast worksincredibly well together. It's supportive . It'screative . It's a really great environment towork in. It's really easy to tum to someone elseand go, "This isn't working" or "What do youthink?"or "How do you think this would work?"And more so than any other project , it's beenan Incredible group effort.How was this group of actors to workwith?Matthew Is a walking incamation of Shaggy .I've known him for a long time and it 's beensuch a great chance to observe him and his act-ing process . He brings a new idea to each take ,_

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    which is wonderful to play with . And I'vealways had the utmost respect for freddie asan actor . Working with him has been greatand easy . linda makes a great Velma . Shehas this Incredible sarcastic humor that 's perfect for the role . And she 's an incredibleScooby fan and brings so much heart Into

    the project and into the character, becausethis is a character that she truly loves.

    Do you think audiences will like the film?To see Scooby on the big screen will be Incredible . He 's your dog . It's unbelievable . The fllmhas the perfect feel--the ambience , the colorschemes , the costumes , the set . It all falls intoplace just right . That 's the excitement of seeIng this movie.

    The movie begins wi th Daphne being kidnappedher classic d a m s e l in distress" moment.

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    D8te of Birth : April 14, 1977Hometown: Born and raised in

    New York CityBre8kthroug. role : Played a youngJacqueline Bouvier (Kennedy) in

    the television movie A WomanNamed JackieTrophy Girl: In 1995, Sarah receiveda Daytime Emmy Award for her

    role as Erica Kane 's (Susan LuccI)daughter on the soap opera AllMy Children. In 2001 , she wasnominated for a Golden GlobeAward in the Best Actress categoryfor Burry the Vampire Slayer.

    f8VOrite Scoolly Sn8ck: SushiScreen Gems: In addition to Sarah 'stwo high-profile television roles on

    All My Children and Burry, she 'salso graced the big screen infeature films like IKnow What YouDid Last Summer, Cruel Intentions,and Scream 2.

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    fredPrinze ,

    as fred Jothe unoff

    leadethe g

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    As the leader of the Mystery Inc. crew , fredJones has an image to uphold . He 's strong ,confident , and authoritative at times . He's likethe most popular guy in school - good-looking, athletic , and even smart. Obviously , hewas the perfect role for actorIheartthrobfreddie Prinze , Jr., who has the same easyconfidence and likeability . Not to mention thatfreddie 's been a huge fan of Scooby-Doosince he was a little kid. He has a large collection of Scooby memorabilia , including theentire cartoon catalog on videotape .

    But interestingly , Freddie didn 't jump atthe chance to play his cartoon Idol . In fact , hecouldn 't bear the thought of seeing hisfavorite cartoon brought to the big screen . "Iwas hesitant because I'm such a huge fan ofthe Scooby-Doo series . I didn 't want to be ~ = ~part of the film project unless it matched the It was a close call , he says now . "I would

    have missed out on a great opportunity, "freddie says . "I'm thrilled to be part of thisfilm . This is the kind of movie that lasts forever. Kids will watch it for the next fiftyyears ."

    quality of the cartoon ."At first , freddie wouldn 't even look at the

    script for fear it would tarnish his love for thecartoon . But after his girlfriend (now fiancee) , .Sarah Michelle Gellar, accepted the role ofDaphne Blake , freddie changed his mind .Sarah convinced him that the movie wouldbring the cartoon to life in an exciting and visually stunning way . After a qUick call to hisagent and a meeting with director Raja Gosnell ,Freddie was able to reclaim the role before itgot away from him .

    FREDDIE ON FRED-AND MORE'Rumor has it you're abig Seooby-Doo ran,Over the years , I have collected everyepisode of Scooby-Doo that has ever come

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    out on tape . I am a true fan . I was veryfond of it as a child and am still now . It'sthis gang of friends who are all very different people but use their differences tofight crime and solve mysteries. Plus , they

    had a cool talking dog - and how can yougo wrong with that?Freel is the leader of the group. But attimes he can be a little smug, don't youthink?Fred Is a good guy . He's just a little behind thetimes . What makes him so lovable and goofy isthat he thinks he 's got it all down .You had to dye your dark brown hairblond For the movie. Was that Fun?

    That was the one difficult thing about makingthis movie . I didn't like the blond hair . I wouldgo as far as saying I hated it. The process ofbleaching blackishbrown hair is very , very

    timeconsuming and damaging . My hairgrows like a weed so we had to go throughthe rootbleaching process every nine days .My hair was so fried . It became like haythat I could feed to some animals 'on a

    nearby ranch . After we were done filming ,knew Ihad to shave it all off and start over . Othe last day of filming , I went over to the diretor with a razor in my hand and I said , "You'sure we 're done , right?" The hair came off thday .What iF there's a sequel?I would do a sequel if it was the same groupcast and crew , but I would probably argue thFred would like to have brown hair for thone .You, Matthew, and Sarah already kneeach other beFore Filming began. And yoall met Linda For the First time. How dieveryone get along For the six monththat you were on location in Australia?It was a great chance to work with Matt agaiI have always been of the opinion that Mamakes my work better. I hope I do the samfor him in return . And I feel the same waabout Sarah . It was like a bunch of friends geting together to make a movie and hang outa foreign country . We got paid to portrafriends while hanging out with our real friend

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    The friendship part of the Scoobygang came naturally . There was nogetting to know you period . Linda fitinto the picture perfectly . I'm notsure what she expected when she gotthere , but she qUickly realized howlaid back we were and became partthe gang instantly .You've got a reputation as a practicaljoker, Did you pull any on the Seoobygang?Once I tumed on the heater for four hours ona hot day and Matt came back to a roastingtrailer. (Laughing.) That's why I love workingwith him . I have played pranks on him fromday one of knowing each other and he neverknows it's me . It's gotten too easy . It's likebeating up your little brother. I finally 'fessedup on this film and he was surprised . The challenge was gone .

    What did you do in your Free time?I'm writing a comic book of my own and Ispent a lot of my free time on set comingup with ideas , creating my characters andthe world they are going to live in . Onweekends , we 'd all get together and eat bigmeals and rent movies. Or Sarah and Iwould fly to Sydney and hang out In the bigcity . We caught a Kylie Minogue concert . Itwas crazy . They love her in Australia . It's like

    seeing Pr ince in America.What's your Favoritescene From the movie?Without a doubt, It was thescene called the soul-switching scene. All of the characters have their soulsswitched by an evil force .When the movie begins. fred Ispromoting hisnew boo k. fred on

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    We got to all playa different character or two for afew minutes in the film . Iget to be Velma, and it

    was fLn to see Matt dome . He used it as hisopportLnity to try and peke fLn at the thingsI say and the gestures I make . We each hadto figure out the qU irks that would clue the

    audience into who we were at that pelnt whenthe souls are SWitched . It was fLn , but Idefinitely make a better fred than Velma .Since you're such a big Scooby Fan, didyou keep any props From the movie?

    Ikept a fire hose that fuses in a fight and dsome kung-fu moves wYou didn't keep Fretrademark ascot tie

    most certainly didn 't keep the ascot . Tthing was uncomfortable and Itchy . The ctumer and I decided we should hold a ribuming of the ascot at the end of filming .modem as we made the movie , there aretain things that just had to be kept . So as mas Ihated the scarf, it had to stay . It is a pof fred . We crack jokes about the ascot inmovie .

    Daphne and F.-.d dlXingfreddie's favorite scene-the soul witch ing .

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    Date of Birth : March 8, 1976Hometown: Born in Los Angeles , raised

    in Albuquerque, New MexicoBreakthrotJ!t1 role: Played Claire Danes'boyfriend in To Gillian on Her 31h

    Birthday (1996)Hobbies: freddie loves to cook , playbasketball , and collect comic books .f8VOrite Scooby Snack: Pizza and Italian

    food . "I am always hungry ,"freddie says .Screen Gems : freddie has starred inmany of Hollywood 's top teen

    movies including I Know What YouDid Last Summer, IStill KnowWhat You Did Last Summer, She 'sAll That, Wing Commander, HeadOver Heels, and Summer Catch.

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    MattLillard br

    the cartcharacter Shato life for

    first t

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    Shaggy is the kind of easy-going , food-lovingsoul that no one can help liking. He goes withthe flow , traveling the country in the MysteryMa chine with Scooby-Doo, his best friend Infood and fear . He 's such a fun , down -to -earthguy , it's no wonder Matthew Lillard was jump ing for joy at the chance to portray him on thebig screen ."Shaggy is such a big icon , such a great character, that it's hard to say no to those opportunities ," says Matthew , who , like his co-starfreddie Prinze , Jr ., has been a fan of thecartoon since childhood . "I'd come homefrom fifth , sixth , seventh grade and tum iton. It was always on . It was great. If anyone had ever told me I was going to playShaggy in a big movie , I would have toldthem they were crazy ."

    While Matthew considered himself luckyto get the chance to star in such a bigmovie , he knew it would be hard work . "Iwas really nervous because you don 't wantto be the guy who screws up Shaggy ,"Matthew says . "I wanted to do the best jobIcould . There was a lot of pressure on me .I had an Idea of what I wanted to do ,because I'd watched the cartoon for solong. When I got the part I pretty muchwatched every single one of them evermade , so I knew what he was like , and Iwanted to bring that to life ."

    fans won 't be disappointed . Just as hewowed mOViegoers with his hilarious performances in Scream and She 's All That, fans of theScooby-Doo cartoon will love Matthew 's portrayal of Shaggy . "If you love the cartoonand you grew up a fan of that, then this is amust-see . It's all the things you loved aboutthe cartoon in a full-length movie . It's got agreat story , great characters, a couple oftWists in the end that are fun . It's great funfor a whole family ."

    Matthew perfectly capltre' one of Shaggy',trademark emotions - fear.

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook



    Did you have a Shaggy imitation beForeyou got the part?Oh no , in fact , Inever did any imi-tations before I got the role .That was one of the scariest

    things because I'd never done anything like thisbefore. I'd never done an accent or an impres-sion in a movie . So to do one of this size and thisstature and with this high profile of a part tostart with was intimidating , to say the least .How hard was it to talk in Shaggy'strademark voice?When I first started working on the voice ofShaggy I would have to scream for a long timeto get my voice tired , so that I could talk witha scratchy voice. You can 't really go through sixmonths of work screaming yourself hoarse tosound like Shaggy. I did that originally to getthe part , and then when I did , I figured that Iwould have to find a better way to do the

    voice . I started to work with my own voiceto find the break [scratchy qual ity] in

    Shaggy 's voice .

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    What kind of input did you have withhelping work out your character?The great thing about Raja [Gosnell , the direc-tor) is we talked about what we wanted to dowith the part and we agreed early on. I woulddo a scene and I'd do it again the way that hewanted it , kind of the safer version . Then he letme go off and attack it and improvise . It wasa two to one - he 'd get two [takes) and I'd getone . And that was great because that will allowyou as an actor to be creative and create afuller character. It's a really great way ofworking.Shaggy and Seooby are best friends andshare a love for crime-solving and eating_Are you as food-obsessed as Shaggy?No , I'm not as food obsessed , but Isure do likechocolate chip cookies. At one point some-body said, "Let's give Shaggy a cheeseburger ."And Isaid "No , no, no. Shaggy 's a Yeggie head ."But I'm not . I like a good cheeseburger.Did you have to eat a lot of SeoobySnacks in the movie?That's funny , because they asked us at onepOint , "What do you want your Scooby Snacksto be made out of' '' And I was like ," Just make

    it healthy ." So they made them out of this oatsand grains kind of stuff. They were terrible .Any time you see me eating a Scooby Snackin the movie , they were miserable . But theylooked good on camera .What was one of your favorite scenes?Well , there was a big fart contest betweenScooby-Doo and me. I liked that. Also, Shaggygets a girlfriend in the movie . Her name isMary Jane , and she 's played by Isla fisher.That was fun . To play Shaggy getting thegirl was a blast.

    8 t t h w as Shaggy . isoffen scared . but he alwayshas the courage to face hIs fears .

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    There were a lot orstunts in the movie.

    Were they hard todo?It was really hardbecause given thecircumstances ofthe characters , they 're running for their

    lives in the entire film , just like in the cartoon , I mean , the gang is being chased by badguys almost the entire time , You add the factthat you 're playing a cartoon character andthe amount of energy that goes into repre-senting that cartoon character truthfully ispretty extreme. It was an exhausting and longshoot , But it's a big movie so because of that ,the bigger the movie the longer it takes,All the pretty hard core stunts a stunt guy did .But the small stuff I did , In one scene there's atube I go down to save Scooby , so they kind ofhooked me onto these wires as they sent medown this tube , It was kind of like a waters i deonly it was covered in slime , I went down itabout twenty to th irty feet . It was at such anangle that I went down really fast and theyhad bUilt this platform [mats at the end of the

    slide] and I went diving into the platform ofmats . It was totally fun , Any time you get

    to do physical stuff like that it's totally fun .The acting is great, but when you get todo the physical stuff on top of it , it makes

    rree time?

    it that much moreexciting ,This was a particu-larly long movieshoot. What did youall do during your

    We did everything . The set was right next doorto an amusement park , We shot at a place inthe Gold Coast ca lled Movieland , kind of like aUniversa l Studios with roller coasters. So eve l1jnow and then we would pop over and ride theroller coasters. One night off we played tagwith Nerf guns at freddie 's house ,Sounds like making this movie was morerun than it was work.When you 're working with peop le you knowand like , that makes your job so much be er.There is so much down time that you can enjOyeach other's company in between sho s and onthe weekends . They 're such gre at ~ sodown to earth,

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    Date of Birth: January 24 , 1970Hometown: Born in Lansing , Michigan .

    Moved to Tustin , California , as ayoung boy.

    Early Gig: Hosted the Nickelodeon seriesSK8 TVln 1989

    BreakthrlllJ!tl Role: Played a high schoolstudent in Scream (1996)Hobbies : He's a big fan of the theater,where he first trained to become

    an actor.F VOrite Scooby Snack: Nacho cheese

    Doritos . "The cheesier the better,"Matthew says .Screen Gems: Matthew has appeared In

    numerous films , including Scream ,Hackers , She 's All That, WingCommander, SLC Punk , SummerCatch, and 13 Ghosts .

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    lindCardellinas brainiaVelmDinkle

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    What would Mystery , Inc. be withoutVelma Dlnkley? The smartest member ofthe group , she always offers the groupinnovative , intelligent insight, but sherarely gets the credit when her ideas panout . However, that doesn 't prevent thepreppy brain lac from going about herwork , which often involves brib ingShaggy and Scooby with Scooby Snacks .

    As a child, actress linda Cardellini confesses that she was more drawn toDaphne than Velma. It wasn't until shegot older that she changed her mind ."As a little girl , I thought Daphne was sopretty and she dressed the best . I wanted to be her . No one wanted to beVelma ," linda explains . "But in reality ,Velma manages to be the uncool cool girl.In simple terms, she 's just smart. Sheloves what she does , and she 's comfort-able with who she is. She doesn 't worry aboutwhat she wears and she just is how she is. Iflnd her the most interesting ."

    This isn't the flrst time linda has played thesmart girl. In 1999, she starred as straight-Astudent lindsay Weir on the critically acclaimedTV show freaks and Geeks. Since then , lindahas gone back to college in Los Angeles, where

    linda 's Velma has a bit more dimension than theclassIc character .movie . She says she wouldn 't have missed itfor the world . "I love Scooby-Dool How could Inot be Velma?" she asks . "I'm so fortunate tohave the opportunity . Bringing her to real life ishard and it's a lot of pressure. But it's fun ."LINDA ON VELMA -iHE INSIDE SCOOP

    ':she 's majoring In theater. Were you a ran or the cartoon?fortunately , linda was able to take the

    necessary time off to work on the Scooby - Scooby-Doo was my favorite cartoon whenI was a kid, and it still is . I liked any episode

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    that had Don Knolls in it . Those wereclassic.What do you like about the movie that's

    diFFerent From the cartoon series?We start in the midst of a mystery , which isclassic Scooby . We have a little separation ofthe gang , and you get to see into the person-allives of the characters, which you never sawin the old cartoons . You find out I work atNASA on the side . You get to see what else thefive of us at Mystery , Inc. do in our spare time .What kinds of things did you do to makeyourselF look so much like Velma Fromthe cartoon?I have the Coke bottle glasses , I had towear the familiar orange turtleneck,although they went with a lillie different

    skirt and shoes . The ones they chosewere a little updated . I also had to cutmy hair . I have had long hair mywhole life and for six months Ihad the

    Velma helmet hairdo. Everyone thinks it was awig , so I probably should have just worn oneand saved my hair from the chopping block . Ittook an hour with an expert hairstylist and a lotof hairspray to get that helmet perfect everyday .

    I re-watched all the cartoons . I borrowed alot of them on tape from Raja [Gosnell , thedirector . I called and talked to the woman whowas the original voice of Velma . She really did-n't think there was much she could tell me , butjust talking to her was really fascinating . It wasmonumental to talk to the woman who origi-nated Velma 's voice . There were a ton ofVelmaand Shaggy lines on the Internet, so myboyfriend burned them onto a CD and left along pause after each one , so it was like a language tape. I could repeat after her, whichreally helped me get down the certain cadenceVelma has in her voice .

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    You said you liked Daphne better whenyou were a kid. iF you had a choice. wouldyou have preFerred to portray her in themovie?A couple of years ago , my friends and I weregoing to dress up as the Scooby gang forHalloween , and no one wanted to be Velma .The two girls in the group were fighting overDaphne until I gave in and said I'd be Velma .Then I realized how much fun it would be to beVelma . She is a very complex character, andthe smartest one of the bunch . There was somuch you could do with her. We never endedup doing it, but Iguess it got me hungry to playVelma . It was fate , I guess .What's your Favorite scene From themovie?My favorite scene is the one at the VoodooLounge . I get to sing and dance . The scene ismeant to be an out-of-character moment for

    Velma . I got to be funny in this part . Thatscene is the best because she breaks from hernorm and out of her shell . I worked with asinging coach and a choreographer. It was afun departure from what I was doing formost of the five and a half months I was inAustralia .The Scooby cartoons were known Forcelebrity cameos. and this movie is nodiFFerent. Tell us about workin9 withPam Anderson. and the hit bandSU9ar Ray.HaVing real-life celebrity guest stars on acartoon was a fantastic idea and particularly innovative at the time . And theyalways got the people on there who werebig at the time . They were the people you'dwant to see on The Tonight Show. Theydecided to have a few real-life celebs do a fewcameos , and they got some great people . When

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    SugarRay came , we hadbeen on the island for so long that it was

    just nice to see new faces . Pamela cameduring one of the very first weeks of shoot-

    ing. She was fun to work with .Did you keep any souvenirs from themovie?I took home my glasses , my orange turtle-neck , skirt , and shoes . Pretty much I could be

    Velma for Halloween next year . I put it on andgive myself advice in front of the mirror on baddays . I also kept one of the dolls from the Wow-o oy factory scene and it is autographed "ToVelma Love Pam Anderson ." That is cool. As awrap gifl , we were all given a statue of theLuna Ghost from the film . It looks all billowy and sinewy . I also came home with a bicycle Iused to ride around Australia .How was it working with Freddie,

    Sarah, and Matthew? They werealready friends before the movie, butyou didn't meet them until shootingstarted_

    It is always hard to be the new kid. Everybodywas really sweet to me . They are very wel-coming into their circle .How did you spend your down time inAustralia?I loved my life there. It was beautiful. I was soclose to the beach at all times , and the beachesthere are so vast and gorgeous . The sunsetsare beautiful. We went to the beach a lot and Ihung out with my friend Judy . My family cameto visit and I showed them around . The castwould play games together and eat together .

    The island that stands in for Spooky Islandwas a paradise . We got to feed wild dolphins,which was a first for me . You don 't get to petthem though . They have to keep them wild sothey will feed themselves and live on theirown . It was really lushand the water wasso beautiful.

    linda with some of themovie's spookier characters.

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    D8te of Birth: June 25Hometown : linda was bom and raised

    in Northem Califomia . She movedto Los Angeles after high school topursue acting full time .

    E8rly P8sslon: linda has been involvedin community and school theatersince the age of ten .

    Stroke of Luck: linda was once a contestant on The Price Is Right gameshow , and won a brand-new fireplace .

    Bre8kthnltJ!tl Role : She starred assmart but cool high schoolerlindsay We ir on the criticallyacclaimed television series freaksand Geeks in 1998.

    f IMlIite Scooby Snack: "I love donuts .I'm a sucker for white cake , whitefrosting , and rainbow sprinkles ,although I wouldn 't tum away aperfectly good glazed ," linda says .

    Screen Gems: linda appeared in thefilms Good Burger and Dead Manon Campus , and guest-starred in anumber of television shows including The Lot, Boy Meets World,Clueless , Step by Step , and ydRock from the Sun , before landinga lead role on freaks and Geeks.

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    The all-nScooby lolike a real dbut acts humin many wa- just lthe cartoScoo

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    Getting the world 's most beloved Great Danecamera-ready for his first live-action featurefilm was a huge challenge for the makers ofthe Scooby movie . At first , they wondered If areal animal could take on the role . But the animated Scooby is so human in so many ways -his paws are like hands , he walks on his twohind legs , and he even talks like a real person- the film 's producers and director knew II'they would have to find another way to bring EScooby to life.

    "It was very important for me that Scooby mlooked and acted like a real dog , because he I!:::,",,,,-_has to inhabit this real world ," explains director Raja Gosne ll. "I didn 't want to do an animated character. It looked great in Whofram ed Roger Rabbi! - one of my favoritemovies - but they created this whole worldwhere 'toons existed . We don 't have that sort ofcartoon world [for Scooby-Dool."

    So to make Scooby seem really real, visualeffects supervisor Peter Crossman and hisstaff got to work on creating a computer generated image {CGIl of Scooby-Doo for the bigscreen . The crew watched dozens of oldScooby episodes to get a grasp on how he fitsinto his world - how he walks , talks , laughs ,and especially how he runs . They drew sketch es ofhow Scooby would fit into scenes with theactors playing the rest of the gang . Then those

    a t t h w Lillard with the new CGI Scooby .

    form . With help from the Warner Bros .Feature Animation department, as well asoutside speCial effects company Rhythm &Hues (who created Babe the pig in the movieBabe), a computer-generated Scocby was born .

    Next, the crew had to "block" scenes with theactors . That is , they had to see just how muchroom a 70-lb dog would need onscreen whenresponding to the different situations in the Aim .

    One difficult task Rhythm & Hues facedwas making sure the CGI Scooby fit seamlessIy into the Aim. His eyes had to make contactwith the others actors in the scene , he hadto be lit and shadowed the same way theimag es were made into animated , cartoon other actors were , and most of all, he had

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    to look alive. Rhythm & Hues firstscanned a scaled , animated wire frameimage onto the computer , then addedthe animal's muscles and fur . Astaff ofnearly fifteen animators and computergraphiCS specialists worked on thisaspect of the film for nearly a year .

    One of the most difficult scenes toillustrate was a fight between Shaggyand Scooby . The director wanted toshoot the scene with a Steadicam ,which moves with the actors in thescene . This was a really tough job foractor Matthew Lillard , who had to pretend he was fighting with someone whowasn 't there , but it was also very challenging for the graphiCS specialists .

    "Scooby 's performance had to bevery fluid on the ground ," Crossmanexplains . "Whenever we are pinning acomputer-generated character to theground , we have to do a lot of copyingof reality into the three-dimensionalspace to make sure that Scooby 's feetmeet the ground - that he can throwshadows on the ground , just the wayreal performers do in the real world ."

    Other challenges for the filmmakerswere showing Scooby wearing a dress ,Scooby climbing a palm tree, Scoobydriving a motorbike , and Scooby frightened by demons . After all, he wouldn 't

    be Scooby if he weren 't scared out of his witshalf the time . "I'm always drawn to thecomedic side of visual effects ," Crossman says ."I think when you get the combination of thesupernatural and the comedic in movies likeGhostbusters and that sort of thing , it's thepenultimate kind of effects movie to work on .These are allthings that readwonderfully for aTV animated cartoon , but theidea of makingthem happencinematicallyis pretty challenging . Welove thosechallenges ."

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    Date of Birth: Unknown , though he firstappeared with the Mystery , Inc. gang onSeptember 13, 1969Hometown: The road , which he travels withShaggy in the Mystery Machine.Passion : Eating as much as possible , as often (

    as possible. ~f8VOlite foods: Scooby Snacks , pizza , ice '-cream , and whatever Shaggy can't finish .Distinguishable charactertstlcs: Opposablethumbs that work like human thumbs ,

    the ability to speak .favortte Phrases : "Ruh-roh" and

    "Scooby Snack"

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    Creating a believable ScoobyDoo (described inchapter fIVe) for the big screen was just

    the beginning for the special effectsstaff working m the ScoobyDoo movie . They wantedto make the movie asvisually exciting andactimpacked as the cartorn ,and to do that, they knew they

    would have to come up with the wildestpossible special effects .

    THE GHOSTS,DEMONS,AND GHOULIESBill Kent , the animation supervisor for WamerBros., and his staff worked tirelessly to createthe many demons and ghosts that haunt theMystery , Inc. gang in the movie . The first partof putting together believable demons is creat

    ing their look, which has to be similar tothe look of the movie 's setting . The

    darker and more mysterious thesetting , the darker and more

    menacing the demon .Next , says Kent , is

    giving the demonstheir personalities . "Whatwe bring to the table is humor and

    character animation ," Kent explains."We 're hoping to get real performances - the

    puzzled look, the physical look, the ferocious look.We try and make them frightening but not overwhelming ."

    The studio created plaster masks of thedemons to give Kent and his crew a base fromwhich to operate when incorporating them intocomputer graphics . That went a long waytoward making them look as real as possible -and as terrifying as possible l

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    says . "In some scenes , we have so many lay-ers to put together. Our biggest challenge isto make them not look just inserted into the__ scene , but make them part of the scene ."

    Action scenesinvolving the demonshad many steps.

    For example , in onescene , the demons flyinto Dead Mike 's bar,breaking a wall and awindow , and theScooby gang all runsaway . So first , the film-makers had to shoot the wall and

    window intact - that is, unbroken.Then windscreen machines were set upbehind the wall to help shatter the plaster andthe fake window glass , and blow it in one direc-tion, to give the illusion that something was fly-ing through it from one side . Aller that, thedirector had to film the actors being chasedaway and then film just the demon crashingthrough the wall. Once all the filming was

    done , all the different layers were piecedtogether to make it look like one flUid scene .And that's just one scene in a movie filledwith cool special efFects l

    "It becomes complex at times ," Kent

    "The most challengingaspect of being an actor is

    to perform with a char-acter who isn't physi-cally there ," Freddie

    Prinze , Jr. (FredJones) says ."Your eyes have

    to focus on some-thing that isn 't

    there . I always saythat if you played

    cowboys and Indiansyou can be an actor."

    Aclor Mguel ANunez. who played the Voodoo Maestro. withspooky-lookIng totem from the movie.

    The Spooky island hotel has a 1Ilique I

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    One scene set on Spooky Island , the creepyamusement park where most of the movietakes place , required the kids from Mystery ,Inc . to stretch their imaginations to the utmost .When they encounter an evil force that sWitch-es all of their souls, Fred becomes Velma ,Shaggy becomes Fred , Velma becomesDaphne , and so on . A digital eFFect of thegang 's souls swirling around the actors , jump-ing in and out of their bodies , would be addedlater. The scene required the actors to impro-vise quite a bit - they had to act like theirsouls were flying out of them and sWitchingaround while nothing was really there . Then.the special eFFects team had to digitally

    generate the souls circling the actors , chore-ographing their every move with that of theactors to make it look like it was a completelynatural thing to happen .

    While all of these complicated eFFects tookalmost a year to complete , Kent says it is ulti-mately rewarding and fun . "We 've got somefunny gags in the movie . We 've got a shotwhere Velma [linda Cardellinil is actuallypicked up by a demon , and she tries to standon his mouth and pull on his ears ," Kent says ,laughing . The shot was filmed with a largeblue screen behind Velma , while she hungon a wire to make it look like she was interacting with the demon . Later on , computer

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    graphics of the demon were added to complement Velma 's range of expressions andactions .

    E 5 U 6Many of the special effects scenes wereenhanced by hooking the actors onto cablewires . In one scene , Daphne (Sarah

    Michelle Gellar) has to fight the evil Zarkos(played by actor Sam Greco) . As their face

    off intensifies , Daphne engages in a series of

    complex martial arts maneuvers , enhanced bya wire technique made popular in the filmsCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Charlie 'sAngels.

    Stunt Supervisor Guy Norris says the sceneultimately worked well becauseof Sarah 's skills and determination . "Traditionally , you have tohave a situation where youhave your leading actress oractor walk in and do a couple ofclose ups , and the rest of it isleft to the stunt crew ," Norrissays . Stunts can be so difficult- and dangerous - for actorswho are not trained in how toperform physically withoutgetting hurt . But in this case ,it was a bit different ."fortunately, because of theamount of training we had todo with Sarah, and her ownphysical ability , we could puton wires, have her swingthrough the air doing somer

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    "It was a two-hour boat ride out fromBrisbane ," Matthew explains. "It's a solarpowered island , so the electricity would goout all the time . There are only like , eighteen people who live there, on the other sideof the island from where we were shooting .We basically had to haul out everything that amovie set needs - habitation for one hundredand fifty people , food , generators to run thelights . We made this small Village."

    Set deSigners transformed the island into adark and mysteriOUS amusement park settingfor the two weeks the cast and crew werethere . It went from typical tropical resort toMondavarious 's Spooky Island . "Every morningI would ride to work , my buddy Scott wouldcome pick me up in a Jeep , and we would ridealong the beach and crashing waves for twenty minutes ," Matthew recalls . "We were on the

    island for two weeks . Every night these wilddolphins would come into the bay and we 'd geta chance to feed them ."

    "The island that stands in for SpookyIs land was a paradise ," linda says . "I lovedmy life in Australia . It was beautiful. I wasso close to the beach at all times and thebeaches there are so vast and gorgeous .The sunsets are beautiful. One night , wehad a huge lightning storm . You could see for

    miles whenever the lightning bolts came crashingdown . They lit up theentire sky and came all

    , the way down to theground ."T ngalooma was theperfect setting for amovie , and it was alsothe perfect spot for thecast and crew to get toknow one another . "On

    Aposter ror Spooky Island .

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    weekends we 'd all get together and eatbig meals and rent movies ," Freddie says .It's rare for a group to work so hard and

    yet have so much fun . But the Scooby crewwas different, Raja says. "Because of thecomedy , it's nice if there's a sense of humoron the set . Oflentimes , it was Matthew orFreddie keeping it light on the set, makingeveryone laugh and lifling the spirits ," Rajasays , smiling. "I would not want to make a

    movie where people aren't allowed to laugh onset. It's not worth it. You work too hard notto have fun when you can ." As themonths wore on , the group becameeven closer. "I think they did a lot ofweekend outings . They are just a verytight-knit group , and it shows in theperformance ."

    While they all got along well ,Matthew confesses that there was amoment when he and Isla Fisher ,who plays Shaggy 's girlfriend MaryJane , had a bit of a rough start . Thescene involved a bunch of demons chasing

    Shaggy and Mary Jane ,who Jump on a motorbiketo make their escape . Theirony of the situation?Matthew had never ridden a motorbike before

    . . . iiiiii. . he arrived in Australia .But afler a lot of practice ,

    he felt confident enough he could handle thedriving . But Isla wasn 't so sure .

    "I picked it up pretty quickly ," Matthewexplains . "Every time she got on the back ofthebike she reminded me a hundred times 'pleasedon 't go too fast .' And then we start to get to

    Matthew wi th hisonscreen love

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    the speed where we 're supposed to be andshe 's screaming in my ear. She 's hurting mefrom behind , choking the wind out of me ,screaming 'Oh my god! Please slow down! '"Matthew recalls , laughing . "I had to stop oneday and tell her, 'Isla , the only thing that'sscaring me is you screaming in my ears! '"fortunately , they both made it through withflying colors - no bodily injuries or damagedeardrums.

    But that doesn 't mean the gang didn 'tencounter any other scary moments . "Thefirst day I came onto location , we were at theWow-O Toy factory set, which was a powerplant in the middle of a desolate area ofAustralia ," linda explains. "I looked above meand there's these giant fruit bats flying overhead . You know the screeching of the batsat the beginning of the Scooby-Doo episodes?I thought , 'How perfect!' I felt like Iwas in thecartoon ."

    Sarah and linda Jokng arolJld on set .

    The bats were the least of the crew 'sworries . Because they were shooting in some

    remote locations , they were warned tobeware of the country 's many poisonous spiders , snakes, bees , and jelly fish , as well asto steer clear of other abundant AustralianWildlife like kangaroos and wombats . "It's avery deadly continent , Australia ," Matthewdeadpans .

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    Producer Charles Roven. director Raja Gosne ll , and actors Matthew Li llard. f reddie Prlnze. Jr., Sarah Mchelle Gellar. and Lin cks Caa press conference .Luckily , the crew of native Australians

    steered the production away from any questionable situations . "The people are generousand kind and welcoming ," says Sarah , who

    fell in love with the country years ago whenshe first traveled there .

    And according to one fellow , the food isamazing. "I ate meals there I have neverexperienced anywhere else ," Freddie

    says . 'The people have aton of pride in their coun-

    try and are willing to tell you all the tales over agood meal. The chefs were wonderfully creativeand do things with fish you can't get in the States ."

    Indeed , the experience left everyone with anappetite for more . "We are set for a sequel ifthey want us to ," linda says . "We stayed in aplace called Surfer's Paradise . If I have to workfor half a year away from my loved ones , it

    might as well be in aplace referred to as par-adise ."

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  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    SARAH (DAPHNE):1. Mystery , Inc.2. NASA3. Blue , green , orange , andpurple4. William Hanna &

    Joseph Barbera5. Velma6. Hmmm . . . wasn 'taddressed in thecartoon that I

    know of.7. Norville Rogers8. frank Sinatra .

    I don't knowthe song .9. CaseyKasem

    10 . An ascot11 . Shaggy12. Kellie Martin ,

    but she wasnot in theoriginalScoobycartoon .

    fREDDIE (FRED)1. Mystery , Inc.2. In the film , they say she goesoff to do some work at NASA .3.The Mystery Machine is blueand green and has orange letters. 1That Is one groovy car . They

    actually had us driving around ina real one in the film . Matt lovedthat car . I bet he wishes hecould have stolen that.

    4. Don Messick came up withthe idea originally .5. Velma .6. I guess they are made

    at the Scooby SnackCompany 's factory .7. Norville Rogers8. frank Sinatra got pretty famous

    for throwing in that phrase andothers like it into songs. I thinkhe sang it in a song called"Lean Baby ."

    9. Casey Kasem .10 . An ascot . I had the insidetrack on that one .11 . I'd say Velma was thevegetarian. But that's aguess .12. I really don't know .

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    MATTHEW(SH GG )1. Mystery , Inc.

    2. NASA3. There are a lot of

    colors ... green and goldand some orange , too .I lived in it.

    4. Hanna-Barbera5. Velma6. I don 't know

    7. Norville Rogers8. I don 't know . . . oh ,right . "Strangers in the

    Night . "9. Casey Kasem

    10 . An ascot11. Shaggy12. I have no idea . That'sa stumper . That's new

    school Scooby-Doo, we 'reold school.

    LINDA (VELMA):1. Mystery, Inc.2. NASA3. Blue. The letters areorange and lime green .4. Hanna-Barbera5. My character, Velma. I alsosaved that as a souvenir .I say it a lot these days .6. Daphne makes them .7. Norville Shaggy Rogers8. Frank Sinatra . He saysthat phrase in the middleof "Strangers in the Night ."9. Casey Kasem10 . Fred wears an ascot . It's red.11 . Shaggy12. Kellie Martin

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    1. What did the gang name their investigating agency?Answer: Mystel1l, lne.2. When the group disbanded , where

    did Velma go to work?, Answer: NASA

    3. What are the colors of the Mystel1lMachine?Answer: The letters are orange. therest of the van Is hrquolse andgreen .

    Who created Scooby-Doo?Answer: The Iegendal1l anImation team Joseph H8M!I andWllIl!lm Barbera . alsoknown as Hallll!l-Barbera.They also created theFllntstones and theJetsons .

    5. Which characteralways says "Jinkies"?Answer: Velma .6. Where are Scooby Snacksmade?Answer: The Scooby Snacks factol1l.7. What is Shaggy 's real full name?Answer: Norville Rogers.8. What well-known singer had thewords "scooby-dooby-doo" ina song?

    (Bonus question : What is the name of thesong?)Answer : Frank Sinatra 58I1g the words "scooby-dooby-doo' In the song "Strangers In theNight."9. Which famous radio OJ was the voice ofthe cartoon Shaggy for 22 years?Answer: Casey Kasem .10 . What type of tie does fred Jones wear?Answer: An ascot.11 . Which of the characters is a vegetarian?Answer: Shaggy. (All thoseburgers you see him eatingare veggle burgers .)12. One of the Scooby-

    000 cartoon voiceactors was nominated for anEmmy for a rolein the teleVisionseries Life Goes On.Who is it?

    Answer: Keille Martin ,who also appeared on fRoShe voiced Daphne In APc.p Nflmed Scooby-Doofrom 1985-1986.

  • 7/28/2019 Scooby Doo the Complete Movie Scrapbook


    bring Daphne, Fred, Velma,for the first time!RELIVE THE MYSTERYl Over eighty full-colphotos, and amazing facts from the movie.

    J ~ J j ! ! j J ; ; GO BEHIND THE SCENES Find out~ 1 ; ; J J : J J. '" V!ljJiJ)JB is really like on a movie set.

    LEARN SPECIAL EFFECTS SEjr:,Discover how the "real" Scoobyand much, much more.