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  • 1.Media A2

2. Introduction from Film CompanyJumps straight into the scene and fades inThe scene starts off when they are showing a pan shot of thetwo main leading characters, the camera will move as apan shot, it will start from the left and end on the right ina 30 degree angle, this same process will be for the othercharacterMusic will play along the background throughout this scene 3. This scene starts where the detectives stacking money while the triad is on the phone, the triad is stating where they should meet and what time he expects itThe shot used in this scene include a childs eye view where the detectives are stacking money and a wide shot of the triad where he is speaking on the phoneDramatic music will play along the backgroundThe scene will last 4 seconds. 4. It will jump into the next scene Carter will be on the phone to the triad assuring him thatthey release the kidnapped daughter, this shot will be amedium close up and the scene will last 4 seconds 5. This scene will be narrated Action packed , this shot willbe zoomed in so that the viewer feels like they areexperiencing it live. The duration of this scene will be 3seconds. 6. In this scene carter and lee break into a derelict buildingwith extra detectives, as this place could be where thetriads are based, the shot is a wide shot and it last 3seconds 7. In this scene the triad is on the phone stating where theyshould meet and what time, this scene is taken place in hisoffice and is a close up shot, the duration of this scene willbe 3 seconds. 8. It will cut to the next scene A wide shot will be shown when the triads are taking thekidnapped daughter into the van, the shot will last for 3seconds While the triad is running towards the van, the camerawill move from left to right 9. This scene will start off where lee starts off singing andcarter responds to his awful singing and says repeat afterme, the shot in this scene will be a profile shot, in thesame scene lee is teaching carter kung fu and he repeatsafter him this scene will last for 5 seconds, this shot will bea wide shot . 10. It will cut into the next scene A narration will flash onto the screen, this will say thebest dynamic duo, dramatic sound effect will be used inthe background for extra effect, the scene will last for 4seconds. 11. In this scene they enter a bar, to see of they know thistriad in person, they also mention if they have seen orheard of the kidnapped daughter, the shots used in thisscene include a wide shot and a close up, the scene willlast for 3 seconds. 12. This scene is shot at a restaurant where they believe thetriads are based, carter mentions to lee before he enters Iwill go first and you will come later the scene lasts for 4seconds , the shot used in this scene is a wide shot and aestablished shot. 13. This scene is where carter is told to go upstairs and meetup with the triad, soon as he enters the room theysurround him, and states what a wonderful room thisisone of them instantly kicks him and he replies backwhich one of you just kick me, this scene lasts for 3seconds and a wide shot is used 14. In this scene Carter, finds the van which the kidnappeddaughter is in, he fools the guard and leaves him unable tod0 anything , this scene consist of a mid shot of thevehicle and the scene last for 5 seconds 15. In this scene they go into a social club, they think the club owners may have links with the triads, however in further investigation they know nothing, a high angle shot is used while some people are gambling and the shot last for 4 seconds 16. In this scene lee and carter are walking down a street and quarrelling about the heroic lives of their father, a long shot is used within this scene and the scene lasts for 5 seconds. 17. In this scene carter will be talking to lee when he firsts arrives and joins the force, in this scene a over the shoulder shot will be used and will last for f seconds 18. A narration will flash onto the screen this year and last for 4 seconds from this scene it will jump straight onto the next 19. This scene is a fighting scene where they are surrounded by triads and telling each other what should they do and how they can resolve this problemthe camera pans around and lasts for 5 seconds. 20. Another narration coming soon with music in the background, 13th February, letter effect, must see