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Scanner installation with ARM 160/ARM165/ARM 205

Prequest for installation.1. ARM 160/ARM165/ARM 205 is installed and photocopying is ready. Network card is connected to the printer. 2. Reserved IP address (like 192.168 .9.55) and SUBNET mask (like assigned to Sharp Printer and it is printing in network. 3. PC with network connection and CD ROM drive. 4. Reserved IP address for Computer (like 192.168 .9.53) and SUBNET mask (like This should be taken from network administrator. This is the System where the scanned images will be transferred from Sharp machine.

Scanner installation procedure1. Insert Sharp desk LT in the CD-rom.

2. Note down the Sharp desk License no from the first page of the Manual supplied along with the CD. This LICENSE IS UNIQUE to customers. Keep them safe after installation.

3. Choose language on the next screen as English (united states)

4. Sharp desk application will start getting installed as shown.

5. On the next screen click Next to continue the installation.

6. Click next on the read me screen as shown.

7. 8. 9. 10.

Type the following. Name: name of the sharp printer (like ARM160) Company: Customer name.(like reliance) Serial: Sharp desk license number (step 2).

11. Accept the software license by clicking Yes.

12. Click this on next screen.

13. Accept on the Location and click yes.

14. Installation begins as shown.

15. Around 90% imaging will get installed. Installation should not be cancelled this time. Wait for 100% to complete.

16. Dont uncheck the read network scanning tool installation. Click finish to complete the sharp desk installation.

17. On next screen will show the read me content of Sharp desk. Also the Popup window requests you to check the Sharp printer is switched on and active in the network.

18. Type a name for identifying the destination. We can have simple names like Scan or Test here with an initial.

19. Choose Sharp desk Desktop and dont choose the others in the following screen. Click Next to continue the installation.

20. The search for installed scanners will start as shown. Whatever identified will be displayed during process.

21. On identification of new Sharp copiers the search will end with a note as shown aside.

22. The next screen will show the available scanners as shown. Click the name of the scanner as shown.

23. On clicking Properties the screen will show the details as shown. Click Ok and close the screen. 24. This concludes the installation of sharp desk software and network scanning tool. 25. Next step we need to configure the Sharp scanner. 26. Open INTERNET EXPLORER and type the IP ADDRESS of the sharp printer as shown. To open Internet Explorer double click on the icon shown below.

Type the IP address here.

27. Click on network scanning.

28. During first login of the session USER NAME and PASSWORD need to be given by the users. Type the user name and password as shown. Please note user name and password is case sensitive. a. User name: admin b. Password : Sharp 29. Click OK.

30. Click Network Scanning again.

31. screen will show the default attributes of scanning as shown in fig. i.e. A3 color, A3,full color, 75 dpi, off ,JPEG etc. 32. Click Submit (S).

33. Next we need to check the Destination. Click the Destination as shown in scan management Menu.

34. In the Destination list we will find the destination we have configured for the PC will be displayed. We have configured in the destination with Sharp desk at step no 18(test). 35. Please note the IP address of the PC also will be displayed here at address. 36. Dont alter anything here. 37. Next step will assign the Button manager to the destinations

38. Click the Button Manager in Scan Management Menu

39. The following screen will be displayed now. Please note that the button numbers starting from ScanMenuSC1 to ScanMenuSC6 (six buttons) refers to the six buttons on the control panel of the printer.

40. Note 1:when user chooses scan menu 1 and scanning the document, the scanned image will be stored at destination assigned to Scan menu1. Maximum we can have 6 destinations. 41. Note 2: At locations it is advisable to configure one scanning destination and share the folder in network. All the users can access the scanned image from their PC. 42. Note 3: Please instruct the network administrator that the IP address of the destination PC should have static IP i.e. IP configured permanently.

43. Select ScanMenuSC1

by clicking it and click.

44. The Sharp desk destination we have created at STEP 18 will display. Select the destination and it will get highlighted as shown 45. Click Submit (S).

46. Following message will give the successful updation status.

47. Now ScanMenuSc1 in button list will be assigned to a destination as shown.

48. Please ensure this symbol is always available in the task bar. This indicates Network scanning tool is running in the PC. This will start automatically every time the PC is switched on. 49. This concludes the successful scanning installation with the Sharp Multifunction device. 50. Now we have to check the scanning is functioning properly. a. Place a document on the glass in the Sharp MFD.

c bb. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. Press scan button. st Press the 1 button on the control panel as shown. Press the Start green Button to initiate the scanning. Now the image would have got transferred to the PC. Return to PC and open Sharp desk icon in the desktop Sharp Desktop window will be as shown below. Scanned images will be seen as Icons. Double click the image to open.



This concludes the scanning installation with Arm160 sharp MFD.