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Strategic Marketing Partner for Promotions
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SCA partners with advertising agencies, big brands, and other ROI-minded clients to implement the most effective, high-return promotions, sweepstakes, games, and contests in the industry. SCA offers an entire suite of classic promotions and cutting-edge digital promotions from which to choose, each proven through years of successful implementation to meet or exceed client marketing objectives.

Transcript of SCA Promotions - Your Source For Promotions That Motivate

  • 1. Strategic Marketing Partner for Promotions

2. Who is SCA? For 27 years, SCA has been the go to resource for both Agencies and Brands to assist with their Promotional Campaigns. Core differentiators lie in Promotional Risk Management and Technology Solutions. 3. SCA Family 4. With offices in United States, London, Canada, Germany*, China*, Australia*, G reece*, South and Central America* *Partner Distributors 5. Agencies use SCA to partner To create a promotion tied to a much bigger advertising or marketing campaign. We only handle promotions (digital and traditional). Behind the Scenes Or at the Table 6. Brands use SCA to Handle the heavy lifting for their promotional marketing. Work with the in-house creative team or their creative agency to assist in promotion strategy and execution. 7. CMOs, CFOs & VPs use SCA to Provide strategic Redemption Forecasting when there is a fear that the promotion is going to be too successful negatively impacting the overall budget. 8. Hmma money back offer would be great! Call SCA to create a Redemption Model! We need more Sales in 2014 but that promotion is just too risky. See case study in Appendix But what if its too successful?!? 9. Capabilities Strategic Services Promotion Campaign Ideation Game Development Motivating Prize Structures Analytics & Reporting Game Piece Seeding Promotional Risk Analysis Full service management Digital, Mobile, Social & Traditional integration Sweepstakes, Contests & Games administration Prize Coverage, Sourcing and Fulfillment Legal Services (In-House) Contest Judging Promotion Marketing Social Media Promotions Digital Promotions Event Promotions Twitter YouTube Instagram Pinterest Facebook Foursquare Google+ Photo Contests User Generated Content Contests Instant Win Site Design/Development Sweepstakes Registration Page Mobile Promotions Text and SMS Campaigns Sports / Skill Contests Kiosk Rental with Custom Campaigns Handheld Tablet Campaigns Money Machines Jackpot Machines Vault Promotions 10. Some of the Companies SCA partners with. 11. Technology Solutions SCAinteractive is an SCA Company and full service Promotional Digital Agency offering custom solutions. Affordable event marketing kiosks Great for customer acquisition and list generation. Photo contests via Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, eMail and Website entries can be activated in less than 3 days. The prize SDK tools streamline promotional incentives for mobile and online allowing for quick implementation. See additional information in Appendix 12. Our team of in-house developers builds, hosts and manages custom promotions using Responsive Design to work on all devices. SCAs patented DrawServer has delivered over two billion fully auditable contest results. Custom Digital Promotions 13. Responsive Consumer Experience for Promotions 14. Prize Solutions Stretch promotional dollars by integrating insured prizes in your campaign along with guaranteed giveaways. Within your current promotional budget, SCAs Contingent Prize Contract covers the risk of awarding the large prizes while consumers win smaller, guaranteed prizes. Engage consumers with exciting prizes: Win a Tesla Model S Win $1,000 / Week for Life Gas for Life New Home Promotion Examples in Appendix 15. Redemption Strategy and Protection Solutions Our experience in assessing and managing promotional risk enables you to embrace creativity and BIG IDEAS! Add our Fixed Fee or Over-redemption protection to cap your budgets so you can sleep at night. Protected by SCA! The offer fell so short of our goals, should have called SCA The offer over- redeemed and BLEW my budget! Should have called SCA Promotion Examples in Appendix 16. We want to partner with your marketing team! Thank You Julie Davis Sr. Account Manager SCA 214-860-3746 [email protected] Learn more about SCA at: Julie Davis @ LinkedIn 17. Appendix: In 27 years we have handled thousands of promotions with expertise and proficiency. We are proud to have been a partner on the following promotions. 18. Online Pin n Win 19. Online Collect & Win Game 20. Social Media Promotions 21. Redemption Protection 22. Valspar Fixed Fee Coverage Case Study Looking to become the paint of choice for homeowners, Valspar launched the Love Your Color Guarantee. The program assures consumers that if they dont love their new paint color once it is on the wall, they can receive a rebate for a free gallon of Valspar paint in another color. Valspar also had reason to feel confident; the promotion was backed by SCAs Fixed Fee coverage, which covers the cost of rebates. OBJECTIVES Drive sales of Valspar Signature Colors Interior Paint, sold at Lowes and independent retailers. Foster consumer loyalty via social media. CHALLENGES THAT WERE OVERCOME Launch a marketing campaign advertising through television, print, and Web. Drive consumer excitement with a sweepstakes offering a personal color consultation with designer Genevieve Gorder. Offer consumers rebates for up to two gallons of Valspar paint if they are not satisfied with their original color. Invite consumers to visit for directions on obtaining the rebate. RESULTS Valspars Love Your Color Guarantee attracted national attention and was so successful that Valspar extended their contract with SCA. Consumers feel confident choosing Valspar paint, knowing they can obtain a free gallon of paint if their original color is not what they wanted. 23. Bigger than Life! 24. Current Event Tie-In: Earned Media Agency achieved over four billion Brand Gross Impressions through Internet stories, radio, and TV Mentions! 25. Sports Tie-In 26. Corporate Sponsorships 27. Special Events 28. Skill Challenges 29. Leveraging Sponsorships 30. Driver Bonus Incentives 31. $3,000,000 in performance award money to driver, charity and fan 32. PrizePad Kiosks Displays There are a number of display options available. From floor stands, to table Top, to handheld, each display can be skinned with a foam core board or Graphic wrap of your choosing. The PrizePad is a lead generating Super Tool that connects Consumers to prizes, and Sponsors to data, all in real-time 33. Kiosk Promotion Solutions 34. Social Media Photo Contests Multiple ways to collect photos, curate and display on 1 site. Includes a voting platform or random winner selection all in one solution! 35. Sample sports photo contest