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  • 1. A Project Presentation on Customer Perception of Home Loan Product of State Bank of India 16-Sep-2013Presented by P Sunil Kumar (A13020) Ashish Ranjan (A13004) Vaibhav Jain (A13021) Maruthi Nataraj K (A12009)

2. AGENDA History and Evolution of SBI Positioning of SBI Advertising and Sales promotion Market Segmentation SBI Home Loan product Competitive strategies adopted by SBI Distribution Strategy of SBI Analysis and Inference Recommendations Future directions for SBI 3. HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF SBI Amalgamation of Presidency Banks on 27-Jan-1921 Nationalization of Imperial Bank of India on 1955 Birth of State Bank of India State Bank of India (Subsidiary Banks) Act, 1959 Logo of SBI Slogan The Bank to Every Indian Mission Statement Vision Statement 4. HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF SBI Structure Current Board of Directors As on 14 January 2013, there are fifteen members in the SBI board of directors: Pratip Chaudhuri (Chairman) Hemant G. Contractor (Managing Director) Arundhati Bhattacharya (Managing Director) A. Krishna Kumar (Managing Director) S. Visvanathan (Managing Director) S. Venkatachalam (Director) D. Sundaram (Director) * Thomas Mathew (Director) S.K. Mukherjee (Officer Employee Director) Rajiv Kumar (Director) Jyoti Bhushan Mohapatra (Workmen Employee Director) Deepak Amin (Director) 5. HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF SBI 6. POSITIONING OF SBI SBI as centuries-old brand Emphasis on Pure Banking Entry into many businesses with strategic tie ups - Pension Funds - General Insurance - Mobile Banking etc 7. ADVERTISING AND SALES PROMOTION ADVERTISING Participation in various consumer exhibition and meetings Tie-ups with builders / car and other vehicle dealer Festive loan products Advertising in TV and Newspapers Oral Marketing Ads at various display boards CSR Initiatives Social Media 8. ADVERTISING AND SALES PROMOTION SALES PROMOTION Loyalty Rewards Program Online Banking SBI Cards Cash Back Offers 9. MARKET SEGMENTATION Geographic Segmentation - Metro, Urban, Semi Urban and Rural branches Psychographic (social class/lifestyle) Segmentation 10. MARKET SEGMENTATION Demographic Segmentation 11. MARKET SEGMENTATION Segmentation on the basis of wholesale market 12. SBI HOME LOAN PRODUCT SBI Home Loan- SBI Easy Home Loan for Loan 30L Features Purpose Eligibility Amount - 40 to 60times of NMI Other variants 13. COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY SBI Porters five forces model for SBI 14. COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY SBISBI SWOT Analysis 15. COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY SBISBI SWOT Analysis IT Plan by KPMG (consultant) - 2001 Business Process Reengineering 2004 BaNCS (core banking software) by TCS Effective training methodology - National level Apex Training Institutes - State level learning centers - Case studies, Group Discussions, Project Work etc - E-learning for enhancement of employees skills 16. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY OF SBISBI SWOT Analysis Branches ATMs Internet banking Mobile banking POS Kiosk banking 17. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE List of Hypothesis to be tested - H1: All the features of SBI Home Loan including interest rates are in public domain making it the most preferred Home Loan provider. - H2: SBI offers customer centric services pre and post disbursal of home loan. - H3: TV and Newspaper advertisements are important sources of awareness on SBI Home Loan. Sampling plan and Sampling Size - Sample Size - 63 - Sample plan - Random Sampling Plan 18. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 19. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 20. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 21. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 22. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 23. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 24. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 25. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 26. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 27. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 28. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 29. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 30. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 31. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 32. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 33. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 34. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 35. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 36. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 37. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 38. ANALYSIS AND INFERENCE 39. FeaturesRECOMMENDATIONS Try to ease the documentation burden on the customer (within the regulatory framework) Focus more on process automation for efficient Home Loan sanction procedure and reduced TAT Customer Service Provide essential training for employees to be more responsive organization in terms of customer service Advertisements Come up more creative and innovative ways to advertise Home Loan product in TV and Newspapers Create more awareness on Home customersLoan variants among potential 40. FUTURE DIRECTIONS FOR SBI Go closer to people further more as banking habit spreads (Reach masses with customized products) Sustain customer loyalty Give better value to customers on deposit side too Take corrective measures to ensure % of bad loans is below the industry average Make mobile banking more popular Think strategically on Data mining/CRM based campaigns. 41. BIBLIOGRAPHY SBI_ANALYST_PRESENTATION_FY13 Report Retail Banking : Challenges Ahead in Distribution Channels in Urban/Rural India* - RBI Bulletin STATE BANK OF INDIA: BATTLING FOR SHARE (Case) Customer segmentation in retail banking- Adkit Research Retail banking Strategies for the future Mrs Soundara Kumar (SBI) Self Marketing Breaking Dawn of SBI (case)