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  1. 1. Savita Wakhlu Facilitates Wholesome Individual and Organisational Learning
  2. 2. Jagriti Communications Amalgamation of two powerful words Jagrut , a Hindi word that signifies awareness and communications, an English word that forms the basis of constructive, nurturing and healthy human relationships Logo of the Sun, portrays light, hope and brightness My name Savita symbolises Suns rays in Sanskrit Founded in 1998 in Jamshedpur India. Registered in New York in 2003 Started operations in New Delhi in 2008
  3. 3. Savitas underlying philosophy I am of the view that a wholesome, comprehensive solution to people issues at the individual or the organizational level - can only be obtained in a lasting manner, if the Whole Person is involved in the solution. This implies working with the mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as the manifest aspects of the personality. My training and coaching inputs and insights are blended with inner- dimensional, spiritual work. Meditation, mindfulness, soulful music, body awareness and movement and insightful words from enlightened speakers are shared. This helps in making the learning all-encompassing. Applying the learning to live, real-time situations becomes easier, and the solutions that emerge are sustainable.
  4. 4. The Bottom line With my unique approach, Performance of employees as individuals and collectively - improves dramatically, and that influences the responsiveness, the innovation-ability and hence the bottom line revenues of organizations. An important consequence is creating joyful workplaces, where everyone sees himself / herself as an important part of the organization. This even helps in retaining the best talent.
  5. 5. Firm Belief /Conviction We all have unlimited potential Learning is a continuous process .Change is possible at any age, anytime and anywhere We all are work in progress The right environment and relevant insights and interactions nurture new attitudes, skills ,abilities and learning A supportive coach, facilitator, teacher(Guru) is a powerful resource, guide and a change- agent
  6. 6. Mission and Vision Vision : Create a peace-loving world where conflicts are resolved with empathic, respectful and constructive interactions . Mission : Make individuals , families, organisations and nations aware about the importance of communicating with compassion.
  7. 7. Objectives of learning offered Enhancing skills of building rapport and positive relationships with colleagues and business associates. Reducing friction and conflict that can arise out of not understanding the other, especially his/her behaviour. Honing the rough edges that can influence business negatively and also hurt others. Developing respect for individuals in a national and international/ cross cultural context.
  8. 8. Methodology Workshops use a variety of learning techniques Assessments and exercises Caselets Video clippings Simulation scenarios / Role play and Experience sharing, based on principles of learning by doing. The sessions are highly participatory with ample use of group work Mindfulness and meditation practices Use of music, movement and body awareness
  9. 9. A few signature offerings Cross-cultural Communication and Sensitivity Presentation Skills and Public Speaking, Global Business and Social Etiquette Executive coaching and mentoring skills, Emotional Intelligence Assertiveness, Interpersonal Communications and Teamwork
  10. 10. Clients served Vodafone, Hitachi, Morgan Crucible , Howden, SAP, Barclays, Bombardier, ASQ, E&Y, JCB India, INautix technologies , Merrill Lynch, Proctor and Gamble, PWC, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, JP Morgan chase, IBM, Morgan Stanley GM, BP, GE ,Glaxo SmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, RBS, Dunhumby, SBI (North America), HSBC, Jet Airways, Ranbaxy, Tata Steel, IBM, Tata International, Rotary International, IDBI Bank, Haldia Petrochemicals, Jindal Steels, Life Insurance Corporation and PSUs such as NTPC, NDPL, EIL, Power Grid Corporation of India, IFFCO and ONGC and the Labour Ministry Keynote speaker at various professional associations such as IAAC ( Indo American Chamber of Commerce), FBLA (Future Business leaders of America), NYSIA ( New York Software Industry association), ASTD (American Society of Training and Development), SHRM, SIETAR (NY) and many others.
  11. 11. Approach with a difference Dialogue, discussion and interaction (two-way), and not a lecture monologue Talking to as against talking down Ambience is warm, accepting, safe /non-threatening, supportive and non-judgemental Learning is mutually inclusive and equally celebrated by all Insights and inputs are balanced with moments of silence, mindfulness and reflection
  12. 12. CO-ORDINATES Email : Phone : +91+11+41641155(Business), +91+9871131407 (cell)