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Legacy of the past Childhood years of water woes Leaking taps brought back childhood memories Plumber cost to fix taps: RS. 100 or more Problem of affordability in poor households Saving 6 million litres of water single-handedly

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Birth of Drop Dead Foundation

One drop a minute means1000 liters of water wasted in a month

Birth of DDF One man NGO with a plumber. Difficulty in

getting access to homes Addition of lady volunteer, a welcome change Clockwork process Drop Dead a great impact on people

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No strings attached No problem of funding. God is my fund raiser I welcome no strings attached funds only DDF is global today Fortunate to have received funds through

Nature Forever Society (Sparrow), Indian Plumbing Association, Rotary Club, etc

A step further: 2000+ student ambassadors


1666 houses visited 414 leaking taps fixed free of

charge and ~4.lakh 14 thousand liters of water saved

~6 million liters saved till date

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Inspiring others

Many across India have been inspired and want to join DDF I ask them to start on their own From youngsters in Kalchini West Bengal to

Bollywood stars, the movement has spread across the country

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Be the change you want to see People are waiting to see an angel; launch

this program in your neighborhood Simple and easy for anyone to do. I give only

my Sundays Come out your cocoon and inspire people If I can, so can you!

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Pictures source: DDF website

Aabid Surti Drop Dead Foundation

C-16 / 003, Anuroop, Shantinagar Sector: 11, Mira Road ( E ) Mumbai: 401 107. (India)

Cell: +91-9820184964 E-mail: [email protected]