Sarah Rock Oct 2013. Health Visiting in Shropshire Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust North...

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Sarah Rock Oct 2013
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Transcript of Sarah Rock Oct 2013. Health Visiting in Shropshire Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust North...

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Sarah Rock Oct 2013 Slide 2 Health Visiting in Shropshire Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust North Shropshire South Shropshire Shrewsbury and Atcham North Telford South Telford Shropshire Council Telford & Wrekin Council Slide 3 Why is the Healthy Child Programme important? The HCP is the early intervention and prevention public health programme that lies at the heart of our universal service for children and families. The HCPs universal reach provides the opportunity to identify families that are in need of additional support and children to reduce health inequalities and improve health outcomes. Slide 4 An Emphasis on Integrated Services HCP is to be led by a Health Visitor and delivered by a range of practitioners across the health service and wider childrens workforce. Health Visitors support early years staff in their role to promote the health of children. With a positive partnership working approach there is the opportunity for early identification of children and families requiring additional support. Slide 5 Why Are the Health Visitors Lead on the HCP ? The HCP includes activities that require clinical and public health skills and knowledge Health Visitors are a regulated and registered practitioners who are accountable for their practice. Health Visitors are notified of all pregnancies and births, and are responsible for the registered population Health Visitors are trusted and listened to by the public especially during pregnancy and around the time of childbirth Health Visitors have the necessary skills to co-ordinate the HCP Slide 6 We all have a part to play Slide 7 What Health Visitors offer. Slide 8 What Health Visitors Offer Universal Offer Health Visiting Core contacts Antenatal Contact 11 14 days Primary assessment 6-8 week contact Maternal mental health assessment & development of baby health 3-4month -Maternal mental health & weaning advice 8-12 months- Growth Development /public health? 2 year Developmental Review Slide 9 What Health Visitors offer Universal Plus Health Visitors can offer extra help if there are additional needs ie. for example with feeding, sleeping, behaviour, postnatal depression, and childs development Slide 10 What Health Visitors offer Partnership Plus Sometimes families may need help from other agencies to meet their childs needs. for example with Domestic abuse, children with disabilities, isolation mental health Issues, substance misuse, and many others Slide 11 2 year Health Assessment Reasons for: An assessment of current health status and promote the health of two year olds through community public health actions Assessment of the childs development of speech and language, emotional and cognitive skills development, support positive relationships in families and target obesity prevention Continue to Work effectively with mothers and fathers to empower them to make Positive health choices Reduce unequal outcomes for children Slide 12 Engaging with Parents/families Personal Universal invitation sent to ALL 2 year olds in Shropshire 2 year Assessment is done in a variety of settings Parent-led assessment Includes Public health Anticipatory guidance Accident prevention Parenting capacity Prevention of obesity HV can assess a childs development in depth using ASQ development tool Slide 13 Similarities Offered at the same time Assessing some similar domains Parent involvement important Differences Child Vs. family focused One focused on readiness for school Vs. Holistic public health focus Statutory Vs. Offer All Children in Shropshire are offered HV 2 year check Slide 14 EYFS 2 year Review Assessment of personal, social and emotional development Physical Development Communication skills Educationally based Slide 15 Where are we now? Reviewing our delivery in current form to enable maximum uptake to benefit all children. (Awaiting audit results). Maximizing partnership working with Sure Start Childrens Centres. Slide 16 Moving forward EYFS 2 year assessment recommended in Healthy child Programme to be done prior to the 2 year health Assessment. Working more collaboratively in delivery of 2 year assessment causing maximum uptake and less confusion for parents and families Maximizing uptake of 2 year check /Not all 2 year olds attend nursery settings Acknowledging that both EYFS and Health Review are both valuable contacts