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SAP Business Workflow & WebFlow OverviewCarla Girtzfrom Product Management BPT

SAP AG SAP AG 1999 /1 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow



l Introductionl Positioning & Architecture - SAP Business Workflow l Tools & Techniques - SAP Business Workflow l User integration & endusers interface l Process Reporting l Benefits & Conclusion

SAP AG 1999 /2 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow


Business Process Technology (BPT)

Better ProcessesSAP Business Documents


TechnologySAP Business Communication

SAP Business Workflow SAP AG 1999 /3 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow

l SAP Business Workflow is the perfect solution to automate and improve business processes within R/3, including: l Seamless integration with the R/3 business applications l A powerful development environment including a graphical workflow editor l Integration with the organizational management component of the R/3 Basis System l Predefined workflow templates for almost all applications, representing best practices for rapid workflow implementation l Workflow Wizards for fast development of individual solutions l Workflow Log (both alphanumerical and graphical) for process tracking and drilldown to single activities l Workflow Information System (WIS) for process review and Continuous Process Improvement l Object-oriented approach based on the Business Object Repository (BOR) of the R/3 System l Universal Inbox for work management, integrating e-mail, work items, business objects, fax, and phone messages l Universal Inbox available in SAPGUI, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes or as Web-Inbox environment l Tight integration with SAP Business Communication and SAP Business Document solutions



l Introduction - Workflow Management

l Positioning & Architecture - SAP Business Workflow l Tools & Techniques - SAP Business Workflow 4.6 l User integration & endusers interface l (Live) Scenarios and solutions l Process Reporting l Benefits & Conclusion

SAP AG 1999 /4 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow


Groupware vs. Workflow ManagementWorkgroup Computing (Computer supported cooperative work) Groupware E-Mail Joint Editing Calendar Conferencing shared documents and data unstructured, ad hoc, unique process types User

Workflow Process Model Organizational Model Runtime / Desktop Monitoring / Reporting facilities structured, frequent process types System


support of: Driven by:

SAP AG 1999 /5 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow

l The applications supported as part of activity processing include Workflow Management Systems as well as groupware systems such as MS Exchange/MS Outlook, or Lotus Notes/Domino. l The supported activities (usually ad-hoc activities) include telephone calls, deadlines, document management, address management etc., most of which are provided by special groupware systems that are independent of Workflow Management. The operational sequences are not permanently defined or controlled by the groupware in question. l A Workflow Management System generally supports structured, routine processes with fixed responsibilities. l Groupware , on the other hand, provides the functions for IT based teamwork and supports unstructured, i.e. project-specific and ad-hoc, processes. l Although SAP Business Workflow allows you to deviate from the predefined sequence of operations at runtime, it is not a groupware solution as such. l These types of applications must be integrated in a logical manner. SAP Business Workflow, therefore, supports integration with both SAPs own messaging solution (SAPoffice) as well as other MAPI-compatible interfaces. In other words, the user is guaranteed a standard interface for carrying out ad-hoc activities and processing structured workflow tasks.


SAP Business Workflow - Goalsl Management of both Organization- and Processes


Ease-of-change for Processes and Responsibility

l Enhancement of R/3 Standard Business Processes

w w

additional, different sequence and elimination of activities Integration of Non-R/3-Components

l Active Support for the End-User

w w

automated Control and Flow of Information Reducing complexity and providing of process knowledge

l Process Knowledge

w w

Information on the process for continuous process improvement

SAP AG 1999 /6 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow


Advanced Integration: PDAs

E.g. Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS)

Live with SAP Business Workflow

3 1


Synchronization with R/34

Workflow based approval procedure


l Personal Digital Assistant integrated with business applications l Workflow as driver of business process l Notifications via e-mail

SAP AG 1999 /7 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow


Advanced Integration:


Live with SAP Business Workflow


2 3

Incoming customer call


Universal Inbox


Next Generation Service Management

Help customer 47115


SAP AG 1999 /8 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow


Area of Application (1)Active flow of Active flow of Information Informationl Automatic notification of people depending on certain conditions l Push of information rather than pull l e.g. new customer entered into system l e.g. material master changed l e.g. release of purchase orders l e.g. payment release

Approval Approval procedures procedures

l Automation of approval procedures based on well defined business rules l Better transparency in approval procedure l Elimination of tasks that can be handled by the system l Support of casual users

Process Process Automation Automation

l e.g. search for approver/substitute l e.g. direct execution of needed task

SAP AG 1999 /9 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow


Area of Application (2)Cross AppliCross Application Process cation Processl Automation of processes involving multiple apps. l e.g. EVG (lease) l e.g. Real Estate

Handling of Handling of Documents Documents

l Starting of processes due to documents (scanned, fax) l Automatic forwarding of documents l Automatic reaction on problems in processes l Pre-defined handling of exceptions

l e.g. early archiving for incoming invoices (FI) l e.g. recruitment procedure (HR) l e.g. ALE distribution e.g. EDI inbound l e.g. incoming calls e.g. Approvals

Exception & Exception & Error Handling Error Handling

SAP AG 1999 /10 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow


Area of Application (3)Deadline Deadline Monitoring Monitoringl Definition and ensuring of deadlines l Automatic reactions incl. defined escalation procedures l e.g. release of payments l e.g. order handling

Driving of Driving of Non-R/3-Apps Non-R/3-Apps

l Ensuring the entire Business process l Invoking of needed function l Automatic reaction on problems

l e.g. order entry in an heterogeneous environment

And More! And More!

l process help l e.g. Process Log l e.g. Process Monitoring

l e.g. task description l e.g. Status of process l e.g. duration

SAP AG 1999 /11 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow


Workflow Management Architecture

Roles Tasks

Persons Org. Units Jobs

Organizational Management

Business Applications


Business Object

E.g. Purchase Order


Business Object

Business Object Repository Workflow Builder & Manager

SAP AG 1999 /12 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow

l Modeling (Workflow Builder) essentially entails defining tasks, based on object type methods (e.g. invoices) from the Business Object Repository, time or context-related process conditions, users responsible from the Organizational Management, subprocesses etc.

l At runtime (Workflow Manager): process conditions are evaluated in the background, object methods are converted to workflow tasks, which can be executed by the end user, the users (user groups) determined from the Organizational Management or role resolution receive their tasks in their inbox, relevant processes are synchronized, process data and any errors are collected.

l Business Workflow is a database-based as opposed to an email-based workflow system. As a result, you can easily use all of the data created during a process to control and analyze the process itself or monitor its status (also graphically). The data collected can also be exported to MS Excel or analyzed with the SAP Workflow Information System (WIS) using the functions in the LIS (Logistics Information System).12

WebFlow - Dimensionsn tio a niz a rg O

s es c ro P

Business Community

Internet / Business Applications Monitoring

SAP AG 1999 /13 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow


Usage of the Organizational Management

Flexible adjustment of responsibiltiesl Tasks assigned to roles, positions, jobs or other organizational units l Workflow refers to actual organization l Automatic routing adjustments made for employee changes or reassignments l High flexibility with respect to organizational changes l Automatic substitution (e.g. illness, vacation) l Extended role resolution (e.g. purchase value exceeds $ 200) l Part of R/3 Basis / No HR required! SAP AG 1999 /14 Carla Girtz / SAP Business Workflow

n Alternatives: n assignment of users n distribution lists n manual routing

l As already mentioned, business Workflow refers to the org