SAP S4HANA : Learn From Our Implementation Journey

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Transcript of SAP S4HANA : Learn From Our Implementation Journey

  • SAP S/4 HANA

    Wise Men Confidential | [email protected] | +1 281-953-4500

    Vinod Kumar R H Head SAP HANA COE

    29th June, 2016

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Wise Men Confidential


    Wise Men Overview

    Introduction of Speaker

    SAP S/4 HANA- Insight

    Migration Options

    S4HANA/Simple Finance features

    S4HANA/Simple Logistics features

    S4HANA/Fiori App

    Our experience

    Questions and Answers


  • Wise Men Confidential

    Wise Men Demographics

    Wise Men: US-based WMBE

    Established in 1997

    Technology solutions

    HQ: Houston, Texas, US

    Canada & Dubai

    India: Hyderabad and Pune

    18+ Years in the industry



    Vertical specializations

    3 Locations across the globe

    Employees globally

  • Wise Men Confidential 4

    Vinod brings a vast experience of 14+ years in the IT Industry. He has worked with top tier

    companies engaging global clients of various industry verticals like Manufacturing,

    Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Retail and many more. He heads the SAP HANA CoE at Wise Men.

    Speaker Profile

    Vinod Kumar Head SAP HANA CoE

  • SAP S4 HANA- An Insight

    7 Wise Men Confidential

  • Wise Men Confidential

    SAP S/4 HANA- Insight


  • Wise Men Confidential

    What is HANA?


    HANA stands for High Performance Analytical Appliance

    HANA is an In-Memory DB which means the main storage is not a hard-drive, its the MEMORY i.e. RAM itself

    Transactional Data is stored in the memory

  • Wise Men Confidential

    Why HANA is so FAST?

    Benefits of HANA

    Make Decisions in Real-time: Access to real time analysis; fast and easy creation of ad-hoc business statistics.

    Accelerate Business Processes: Increase speed of information processes such as planning, forecasting, pricing, offers..

    Unlock New Insights: Remove constraints for analyzing massive data volumes, trends, data mining, predictive analytics

    Improve IT Efficiency: Manage growing data volume and complexity with lower cost of ownership

    In-memory Database

    Column Database MPP(Massive

    parallel processing)

  • Wise Men Confidential

    Difference between SAP Suite on HANA & S/4 HANA


    SAP Suite on HANA S/4 HANA

    Traditional ECC solution available on HANA

    Nearly all of the SAP transaction codes are available and there is no concept of data simplification

    Access to the HANA live studio gives an ability to create real-time reporting.

    The solution also boasts amended transactions to utilize the HANA database

    Additional performance benefits.

    The route to Suite on HANA is simple.

    Upgrade to ECC6 Enhancement Package 7 and then perform a database migration from your current database to HANA

    Rebuilt to capitalize on the significant simplification that the HANA platform provides

    It is a packaged solution that has SAP ERP at its core (simplified) optimized to run on HANA platform

    Simplified version of SAP ERP

    Integrates and leverages various solutions and technologies in SAP arsenal

    Simplified Data. This is achieved by replacing the core tables within certain processes into a single table.

    Designed with SAP Fiori for richer user experience Easily configurable and deployed on Cloud and On


    Integrate with SAP ECC with CRM, SRM, SCM, PLM and BW

  • Wise Men Confidential

    SAP S/4HANA versions


    1. SAP S/4HANA Finance

    2. SAP S/4HANA On premise edition 1511

    3. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Enterprise Edition Private option

    4. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Enterprise Edition

    5. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Professional Services Edition

    6. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Marketing edition

    Cloud Versions

    On premise

  • Wise Men Confidential

    S/4 HANA Migration


    Scenario 1 - System Conversion: Existing SAP Business Suite Customer who wants to move to SAP S/4HANA

    Scenario 2 - Landscape Transformation: Existing SAP Business Suite Customer who wants to optimize their system landscape and move to SAP S/4HANA

    Scenario 3- New Implementation: New SAP customer who wants to move from legacy systems to SAP

    To keep it simple, on premise edition can be installed by professional services vendor on SAP certified hardware (something like a TDI) whereas cloud edition will be installed by SAP itself and the overall support/maintenance would be done by SAP for which the customer has to pay subscription fee.

  • S4HANA Simple Finance: Features & Benefits

    7 Wise Men Confidential

  • Wise Men Confidential 13

    Key Features and Benefits

    Built on HANA

    New Fiori for any device

    Guided Configuration


    1/10 Data footprint

    3-7 times higher throughput

    Up to 1800 times faster analytics

    ERP,CRM,SRM,PLM,SCM in one system

    No locking

    Predict, recommend, simulate etc.

  • Wise Men Confidential

    Migration is Fast and Easy


    The duration and effort is relatively small. It can be

    executed at any period end

    It is supported by a migration guide and monitor

    Factors that could influence the duration

    Support from the customer ( how many people,

    how quickly can you set up a test system

    Experience of Project Members and consultants

    Quality of Data, size of the system etc. ( Migration

    of a system with Go live 2013 might obviously be

    easier than a system with Go live 1996)

    Impact of Migration


    Data Warehouse

    Authorization profiles


    Training manuals

  • S4HANA: SAP Fiori App

    7 Wise Men Confidential

  • Wise Men Confidential

    Simple Logistics Fiori App


    Implementation and extensibility of fiori apps.

    250+ apps across SAP(SFin, SD, MM, PS, GRC)

    Real-time report/data access for all key business users including top management

    Helps in taking some key strategic decisions

    Key fiori apps tested in a quick time of 2-3 weeks

  • S4HANA: Simple Logistics Features & Benefits

    7 Wise Men Confidential

  • Wise Men Confidential

    Simple Logistics - Features and Benefits


    MRP Fast MRP run and new working model for MRP controllers based on decision support

    Inventory Management

    Simplified data model resulting in better throughput. Granular reporting

    Material Valuation Principle of one scalable material valuation utilizing material ledger

    ATP and Backorder processing

    Advanced ATP capability which is faster and considers alternate plant and substitutable material

    Capacity Planning New deployment option for bringing PP/DS on ERP

    Order to cash End to end monitoring in one place

    Procure to Pay Increased efficiency in the P2P process

  • S4HANA: Our Experience

    7 Wise Men Confidential

  • Wise Men Confidential

    Case Study Oil & Gas Industry


    Reimplementation/Green field implementation

    Implemented Simple Finance on S/4 HANA

    Deployed Fiori apps of Different categories in different modules

    Industry specific IS-OIL

    Version 1503

  • Wise Men Confidential

    Case study Oil & Gas Industry


    Existing configuration not upto the


    Migrating of existing reports to S4

    HANA, compatibility

    Existing PI to Java stack


    Key Benefits

    It covers the functionality of SAP ECC 6.0, including the industry specifics,

    and secondly new application components will be added in cooperation with

    the customers and the user groups

    Real time analytics

    Better visibility for management which enabled management to take

    informed and timely business decisions

    Provided solid platform for growth

    Greater operational efficiency from day one

    Faster reporting times

    Industry-specific functionality

    Flexibility to grow and change without requiring major IT overhaul projects

    World-class solution at a competitive price

  • Wise Men Confidential

    S/4 HANA Key Benefits


  • Wise Men Confidential

    Wise Men: Your S4 HANA Transformation Partner

    We have a capable dual shore team hardened with the experience in an unknown technology

    Met the expectation of meeting client deadline

    Came up with right onsite-offsite mix to optimize project spending

    Built sufficient knowledge base to cover bigger projects

    Well versed with aggressive time line and meeting critical milestones


  • Differentiators

    Broad Range of SAP Services

    On-time on- budget

    Depth of Solutions

    LOB / Industry Verticals

    Proven Expertise of our


    Our Proven Methodology and Success Track Record

    24 Wise Men Confidential

  • Wise Men Confidential

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Is SAP marketing/selling the software or the hardware?

    SAP has partnered with leading hardware vendors (HP, Fujitsu, IBM, Dell etc.) to sell SAP certified hardware for HANA. SAP is selling licenses and related services for the SAP HANA product which includes the HANA database, easy to use data modeling tool called HANA studio and other software to load data in the database

    What are the deployment options offered?

    SAP currently plans to offer on premise, cloud (public and managed), and hybrid deployments to give real choice to customers

    Is it possible to migrate company specific customizations

    Yes, when this was developed particular care was taken to ensure that it would be backward compatible, the customer can keep customizations and continue to use them after the migration.

    Is there any upgrade available for ECC6 to S/4 HANA

    No there is not upgrade available, this has to be achieved by system conversion.

    Is there any particular sequence that client should implementation in the same fashion as it is evolved.

    No, not necessarily, but depend on business requirement. Client can go to S/4 HANA Enterprise management, as this is complete business suite on HANA

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