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Transcript of San Jacinto Alumni Gazette - Edl ... SAN JACINTO ALUMNI GAZETTE Page 2 San Jacinto Education...


    2045 South San Jacinto Avenue

    San Jacinto, CA 92583


    SUPERINTENDENT’S CORNER The fall season is rapidly closing, and before we know it, we will be on break for the winter holiday.

    This school year has picked up momentum and great things are happening with our students and staff. One of our recent undertakings was adoption by our SJUSD Board of Trustees of our single unified

    plan entitled The San Jacinto Difference. The San Jacinto Difference includes our new Mission, Vision, Core Values and Student Profile along with the Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP). It was developed through a large contingency of staff, parents, community members and most importantly, students — yes, we listened and took to heart student voices that were articulate, powerful, and insightful. I couldn’t be more proud of our team for their work on this new comprehensive plan that will usher SJUSD’s progress towards college and career readiness for all

    students by transforming our culture into the “Disneyland of schools,” where excellence and results are the norm, learning is fun and engaging, clear pathways for student success are developed, and passion is ignited.

    Additionally, numerous (CTE), Career Technical Education programs at San Jacinto High School had an amazing presence at this year’s Southern California Fair in Perris, California. We continue in our commitment to expand CTE options for SJUSD students in not only high school but also elementary and middle school.

    We appreciate the readers of the San Jacinto Alumni Gazette and all the amazing support from the San Jacinto Education Foundation. To continue to stay connected to SJUSD, please d o w n l o a d o u r m o b i l e application SanJacintoUSD, follow us on Twitter @SanJacintoUSD, “Like” and “Share” our new Facebook page, visit our website

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    TIGERS RETAIN THE BELL San Jacinto High School football

    reigns as Champions of the San Jacinto Valley as the Tigers defeated Tahquitz, West Valley and Hemet during competition this past Fall. The first victory came with a 26-10 victory over Hemet which allowed the Tiger to retain the bell. This game was also the fist in Mountain Pass League competition for the year. Tahquitz was the next to fall by the score of 62-6, the highest lopsided victory for the Tigers

    over the Titans since they began to compete in 2008. West Valley was the final victory and the final game in regular season play. The score was reflective of the rest of the league play as the Tiger won handily 52-6. The Tigers finished the regular season with a 9-1 overall record and a league record of 4-1 with their only loss coming at the hands of perennial champion Perris Citrus Hill. The Tigers went on to defeat the Riverside Poly Bears in the fist round of CIF but they fe l l to San Bernardino Cajon by the score of 13-24. The victory over Riverside Poly was the first CIF victory since the 2007 season when the Tigers went to the finals but lost to league rival Citrus Hill.

    San Jacinto Unified School District Board of Trustees:

    President: John Norman Clerk: Willie Hamilton Member: Deborah Rex Member: Trica Ojeda Member: Jasmin Rubio

    Superintendent: Diane Perez


    San Jacinto Education Foundation/Alumni Association

    Board of Directors

    President Jerry Peebles

    [email protected] Vice President

    Neal Conijn [email protected]

    Treasurer Henriett Nieblash [email protected]

    Secretary Charlene Stover

    [email protected] Foundation Members

    Dee Cozart [email protected]

    Michael Luna [email protected]

    Tony O’Neal [email protected]

    Henriett Nieblash [email protected]

    Carol Ott [email protected]

    Ken Reed [email protected]

    John Schouten [email protected]

    Kim Schouten [email protected]

    Nancy Warneke [email protected]

    Kevin Walker [email protected]

    Don Wickham [email protected] SJUSD Board of Trustees’

    Representatives John Norman

    [email protected] SJUSD Liaison Members

    Diane Perez [email protected]

    Seth Herren


    The Hemet / San Jacinto Student of the Month Program recognizes 12th grade

    students from seven schools in the Hemet and San Jacinto school districts that

    demonstrate character, integrity, a love of learning, involvement in school

    activities, athletics, and community service, or the ability to overcome

    challenging life circumstances. without compromising their education. These

    students make a difference in their home, school and community.

    These high school seniors were recognized on October 28, 2015, at the monthly breakfast awards ceremony held at The Sizzler Restaurant, 4762 W. Florida Ave., Hemet: left to right; Tahquitz High: Kyle Pagdayunan, HUSD Educational Options School (ACE Academy): Adrian Minijarez, West Valley High: Ben Jones, Hemet High: Sofia Vivanco, Hamilton High: Clint Packard, San Jacinto High: Joshua Scruggs, and Mtn. View High: Nathalie Campos.

    At their October regular meeting, the Board of Trustees adopted The San Jacinto Difference, a new united, single District plan that includes updated/new Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Graduate Profile with courses of action centered on the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) through the collabora- tion and team work of Action Groups. Unlike any other plan or presentation of late, The San Jacinto Difference features student voices — the ‘why’ our District educate and empower all students to achieve academic excellence, per- sonal growth and social responsibility.



    Membership in the San Jacinto Education Foundation/Alumni Association runs from January 1 to December 31 each year. The Alumni Association encourages members to renew early and to contact fellow classmates to join the Association. All membership dues goes toward making a more positive school environment. If your name does not appear on this page, it is time to renew. A life membership would be the ideal way to go as members receive all communications coming from the Education Foundation/Alumni Association and once you join as a life member, you won’t have to worry about sending in any more money.

    Gertrude “Mapestead” Milligan ‘35 Robert “Bud” & Jewel “Tripp” Roberd ‘38 Mary Ellen Brown Friend Dorothy “Roberds” Henry ‘40 Mary “Blodgett” Wick ‘40 Oscar Ross ‘42 Lorraine “Tripp” Richartz ‘44 Clifton Powers ‘45 Janice “Record” Hale ‘46 Donald Irving ‘46 Betty Jo Dunham ‘47 Ella Mae “Quandt” Record ‘47 Donna “Viele” Gindorf ‘49 Doris Harvey Friend Charles Lockwood ‘49 Donald T. Sawyer ‘49 James & Barbara “Dunham” Walsh ‘49 Beverly “Livesay” Harvey ‘50 Joanne “Cremer” Solomon ‘51 Mary Ellen “Clark” Garbani ‘53 Mary Lou “Howe” Powers ‘53 Jeannie “Estrada” Stockton ‘53 JoAnne “Barbarick” Cain ‘54 Marian “Valdez” Chacon ‘54 Samuel Goodwin ‘54 Ralph Hulstrom ‘54 Gilbert Lockwood ‘54 Albert Reed ‘55 Jim Quast ‘56 Virginia “Grutzmacher” Reich ‘57 Frances “Apolonio” Borras ‘57 Frank Apalonio ‘58 Patricia “Tate” Calfee “58 Virginia “Ingalls” Coate ‘58 Sid & Peggy “Northrop” Fisher ‘58/61 Bob & Ann “Robinson” Roenicke ‘58/61 Steven Olivas ‘58 Dorothy “Schweizer” Raby ‘58 Carol “St. Clair” Ott ‘58 Janice “Quast” Welch ‘58 Charles Grutzmacher ‘59 John Laffey ‘59 Kenneth Smith ‘59 Betty “Gadberry” Daniel ‘60 Vernon & Susan “Hulstrom” Phillips ‘60/63

    Harvey & Rosalie “Ruiz” Resvaloso ‘60/63 Mary Lou “Plana” Brennan ‘61 Kenneth & Georgia “Prater” Reed ‘61 Carl Schweizer ‘61 John & Jai “Handcock” Forney ‘62 John & Mary “Johansen:” Lewis ‘63/62 Karole “Pierce” Romeril ‘62 Patsy “Boutcher” Yountchi ‘62 Mr. & Mrs. Marc Divine ‘63 Mr. & Mrs. Robert “Toby” LeBorgne ‘63 Susan “Andrews” Miller ‘63 Bonnie Anderson ‘64 Lawrence Cutting ‘64 Henrietta “Dykstra” Dorner ‘64 Robert Jones ‘64 Mr. & Mrs. Scott McOwen ‘64 Charley J. "Skip" Childs ‘65 Doug Glover ‘65 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goar ‘65 Lorraine “Salgado” Maciel ‘65 Ken Rumfelt ‘65 Terry Williams ‘65 Kathy “Peebles” Donnell ‘66 Terry & Caroline “Vivanco” Post ‘66 Sandy “Plaster” Van der Linden ‘66 Robert & Susan “McOwen” Wilson ‘67 Vicky Arres ‘68 Sandy “Adams” Kasper ‘68 Clayton & Michelle “Schain” Record ‘68 Desi Zamudio ‘68 Henry Hafliger ‘70 Janet “Evans” Maldonado ‘70 Tom Wilson ‘70 John Hafliger ‘71 Ron & Barbara “Mangabat” Harvey ‘72/75 Ted Hussey ‘72 Sergio Ochoa ‘72 Scott & Deanna “Green” Cozart ‘73 Robin “Hafliger” Pay ‘73 Jerry & Mary “Mack” Peebles ‘73 John & Nanci “Record” Norman Coach/’74 Darrell & Becky “Directo” Elam ‘77 Casilda “Wickham” Eisenberg ‘77 Cor & Kim “Plantinga” Schouten ‘78/80 Steven McCormack ‘79


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