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Transcript of San Jacinto Alumni Gazette ... 2016/04/12 آ  SAN JACINTO ALUMNI GAZETTE Page 2 San Jacinto...


    2045 South San Jacinto Avenue

    San Jacinto, CA 92583


    Family Engagement is Key: De Anza Elementary Parent/Teacher Home Visits

    Mini Grants The San Jacinto Education Foundation is marking

    its twelfth year of awarding mini grants. Each year the Foundation awards additional grants. Each

    school site receives a minimum of $500. Grants are awarded in the Fall. The recipients are recognized at a San Jacinto Unified

    School Board Meeting and at the annual Education Foundation Recognition Reception in the Spring. The 2019-2020 recipients were selected in December, 2019. Teachers are eligible to receive grants in consecutive years.

    To start the 2019-2020 school year at San Jacinto Unified School District in a slightly different way, a team of teachers at De Anza Elementary were inspired to personally deliver, and not just make phone calls, a special welcome to the 72 families of kindergarteners about to experience their first day of school. “We understand how many parents and

    kindergarten children feel on the first day of school,” said Tamra Simpson, TOSA Administrator for De Anza Elementary. “Most families are experiencing a mixture of excitement, nostalgia and anxiety—and the first day is filled with joy and tears from both parents and little ones,” Mrs. Simpson noted. Teachers shown in the photo to the right

    know this experience all too well as they have been teaching kindergarten for many years. This year the team decided they would exemplify a catch phrase at SJUSD called The San Jacinto Difference. Instead of phone calls from an auto-dialer or parent notifications by mail, they would personally invite families to kindergarten orientation. They personally visited 72 homes to greet their students and delivered a gift bag that contained the book The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn. “The book we shared with families beautifully

    illustrates the narrative of children starting school or facing separation from their loved ones,” explained Mrs. Phillips. The books were purchased with Scholastic Book Club points and the teachers’ personal contributions. “We wanted to help our families feel welcomed and

    comfortable on the first day of school,” shared Mrs. Long. “And we know this really worked because of the great increase in attendance at our kindergarten orientation session,” said Mrs. Boessneck. Orientation was held on August 7, and included a tour of the school campus areas that students would be frequenting. “I think our visit helped students not feel like they were

    being left with a stranger on that first day of school,” said Mrs. Johnson. By the time students arrived to school on August 8, most of them had already met with their teacher twice.

    (L-R) De Anza Elementary Kindergarten Teachers Ruth Phillips, Jessica Long, Kim Boessneck and Elaine Johnson


    San Jacinto Education Foundation/Alumni Association

    Board of Directors

    President Jerry Peebles Vice President

    Neal Conijn

    Treasurer Dee Cozart Secretary

    Charlene Stover

    Foundation Members Michael Luna Tony O’Neal Henriette Nieblas Carol Ott Ken Reed John Schouten Kim Schouten Nancy Warneke Kevin Walker Don Wickham SJUSD Board of Trustees’

    Representatives Deborah Rex John Norman SJUSD Liaison Members

    Sherry Smith

    Seth Heeren

    October is San Jacinto Heritage Month and San Jacinto Unified School District was very busy with plans and celebrating with annual traditions. “The Heritage Month light

    pole banners were once again put on display by the City,” shared Diane Perez, SJUSD’s Superintendent. “These banners depict the establishment dates for us, the City of San Jacinto and the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians – the big three entities that have remained steadfast in this community since the 1800s,” she noted. The school district’s Board of Trustees passed a resolution at their September meeting, once again declaring October as Heritage Month. The City of San Jacinto did the same with a proclamation at their regular meeting on October 1, 2019, and Soboba followed with steps to declare October as a month to celebrate local heritage, too.

    SJUSD Celebration of Heritage Month (October)

    On Friday, October 11, a little more than 40 entries in the San Jacinto High School annual Homecoming Parade made their way from the school along Ramona Boulevard, San Jacinto Avenue and Idyllwild Drive, back to

    the school stadi- um. “Our theme this

    year was ‘Lights, Camera, Action,’ and we had many expressive stu- dent floats and entries this year,” explained Antoi- nette Miles, San Jacinto High’s ASB Director, who oversees the activities for homecoming.

    “We appreciate the City’s help with closing streets for about an hour—this is such a strong community tradition,” said Miles. The final entry in the parade featured members of the San Jacinto High

    School Class of 1969, who held their 50th class reunion during this year’s Homecoming weekend. The group had special seating at the football game on October 11, to watch the Tigers beat West Valley High School Mustangs by the score of 41 to 0.

    Tigers Celebrate Homecoming

    Tigers Retain

    Victory Bell

    San Jacinto Tiger once again proved mightier than the Bulldog as San Jacinto retained the victory bell by a score of 28-5. This is the sixth straight year that San Jacinto has been victorious over Hemet and it is the ninth victory out of the past ten years since the schools resumed competition.


    Membership in the San Jacinto Education Foundation/Alumni Association runs from January 1 to December 31 each year. The Alumni Association encourages members to renew early and to contact fellow classmates to join the Association. All membership dues go toward making a more positive school environment. If your name does not appear on this page, it is time to renew. A life membership would be the ideal way to go as members receive all communications coming from the Education Foundation/Alumni Association and once you join as a life member, you won’t have to worry about sending in any more money.

    Beryl Lawell Andrews ‘35 Gertrude “Mapestead” Milligan ‘35 Robert “Bud” & Jewel “Tripp” Roberds ‘38 Doug & Mary Ellen Brown ‘39 Dorothy “Roberds” Henry ‘40 Mary “Blodgett” Wick ‘40 Oscar Ross ‘42 Lorraine “Tripp” Richartz ‘44 Clifton Powers ‘45 Janice “Record” Hale ‘46 Donald Irving ‘46 Betty Jo Dunham ‘47 Ella Mae “Quandt” Record ‘47 Donna “Viele” Gindorf ‘49 Charles Lockwood ‘49 Donald T. Sawyer ‘49 James & Barbara “Dunham” Walsh ‘49 Beverly “Livesay” Harvey ‘50 Larry & Doris Harvey ‘50 Joanne “Cremer” Solomon ‘51 Mary Ellen “Clark” Garbani ‘53 Mary Lou “Howe” Powers ‘53 Jeannie “Estrada” Stockton ‘53 JoAnne “Barbarick” Cain ‘54 Marian “Valdez” Chacon ‘54 Miriam “Mimi” Goodwin Chitty ‘54 Samuel Goodwin ‘54 Ralph Hulstrom ‘54 Gilbert Lockwood ‘54 Albert Reed ‘55 Jim Quast ‘56 Virginia “Grutzmacher” Reich ‘57 Stan & Patty “Schrader” Bottom ‘57/58 Frances “Apolonio” Borras ‘57 Frank Apalonio ‘58 Patricia “Tate” Calfee ‘58 Virginia “Ingalls” Coate ‘58 Jerry & Betty “Gadberry” Daniel ‘58/60 Sid & Peggy “Northrop” Fisher ‘58/61 Larry & Marianne Russell Kuglar ‘58 Steven Olivas ‘58 Carol “St. Clair” Ott ‘58 Dorothy “Schweizer” Raby ‘58 Bob & Ann “Robinson” Roenicke ‘58/61 Janice “Quast” Welch ‘58 Charles Grutzmacher ‘59 John Laffey ‘59 Ernie Salgado ‘59 Kenneth Smith ‘59 Vernon & Susan “Hulstrom” Phillips ‘60/63 Harvey & Rosalie “Ruiz” Resvaloso ‘60/63 Mary Lou “Plana” Brennan ‘61 Kenneth & Georgia “Prater” Reed ‘61

    Carl Schweizer ‘61 John & Jai “Handcock” Forney ‘62 John & Mary “Johansen:” Lewis ‘63/62 Karole “Pierce” Romeril ‘62 Patsy “Boutcher” Yountchi ‘62 Lynn “Dittmer” Corwin ‘63 Mr. & Mrs. Marc Divine ‘63 Mr. & Mrs. Robert “Toby” LeBorgne ‘63 Susan “Andrews” Miller ‘63 Bonnie Anderson ‘64 Lawrence Cutting ‘64 Henrietta “Dykstra” Dorner ‘64 Robert Jones ‘64 Mr. & Mrs. Scott McOwen ‘64 Carmen “Snooky” Miranda ‘64 Charley J. "Skip" Childs ‘65 Doug Glover ‘65 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goar ‘65 Lorraine “Salgado” Maciel ‘65 Ken Rumfelt ‘65 Terry Williams ‘65 Kathy “Peebles” Donnell ‘66 Terry & Caroline “Vivanco” Post ‘66 Charles Sepulveda ‘66 Sandy “Plaster” Van der Linden ‘66 Robert & Susan “McOwen” Wilson ‘67 Vicky Arres ‘68 Sandy “Adams” Kasper ‘68 Clayton & Michelle “Schain” Record ‘68 Desi Zamudio ‘68 Henry Hafliger ‘70 Janet “Evans” Maldonado ‘70 Tom Wilson

    ‘70 John Hafliger

    ‘71 Ron & Barbara “Mangabat” Harvey ‘72/75 Ted Hussey ‘72 Sergio Ochoa ‘72 Scott & Deanna “Green” Cozart ‘73 Robi