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San Jacinto. Lessons of the Alamo and Goliad. Santa Anna had everything going his way. Battle of the Alamo: Delayed Santa Anna, giving the ad interim government time to draft a constitution and Sam Houston time to build the army. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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San Jacinto

San JacintoLessons of the Alamo and GoliadSanta Anna had everything going his way.Battle of the Alamo:Delayed Santa Anna, giving the ad interim government time to draft a constitution and Sam Houston time to build the army.Santa Anna had hoped the defeat at the Alamo would cause the rest of the Texans to give up.Opposite effectBattles convinced Sam Houston that cooperation was needed between volunteers and the regular army.Soldiers knew that the would not be spared if they were defeated in battle fought more desperately.Santa AnnaAfter the fall of the Alamo and Goliad, Santa Anna ordered his troops to burn every town and settlement in their path.Anxious to return to MexicoGoal was to capture David G. BurnetSome of Santa Annas commanders were afraid this tactic would cause the Texans to fight more stubbornly. Houston Builds the Texas ArmyHouston appointed Commander in Chief.Had 400 untrained troops when the Alamo fell.Ordered a retreat east to the Colorado River.Also sent a message to Fannin at Goliad to retreatBy the time he crossed the Colorado River, Houston had 1,400 troops.Ordered another retreat, to the Brazos River, after Fannin is captured and killed.Soldiers wanted to fight now.Houstons strategy?

Houston Trains His ArmyMarch 29, 1836 Houstons army reches San Felipe de Austin on the Brazos River.Spent two weeks at Groces Plantation training the army in the fundamentals of warfare.President Burnet sent a letter to Houston urging him to attack.Houston refusedHendrick Arnold posed as a runaway slave while acting as a spy for Sam Houston.The Mexican Army Moves EastApril 5, 1836 Santa Anna crossed the Colorado River.Left slower units (artillery) behind in an attempt to overtake Houston.Santa Anna split his army, one group chasing Houston and the other chasing the Texan government.Houston received a gift from Cincinnati, Ohio.The Twin Sisters (two six-pound cannons)Houston took his stand at Buffalo Bayou.Eve of the BattleApril 20, 1836 Texan and Mexican armies camped three-quarters of a mile from one another.Santa Anna camped in the open, thinking the Texans would not attack.Houston destroyed the bridge to the southwest, cutting of the retreat for both the Texans and the Mexican Army.Battle of San Jacinto3:30 pm, April 21, 1836 Houston ordered his troops to attack.Tejanos in the Texas Army, led by Juan Seguin, put pieces of cardboard in their hats so the other Texan soldiers would know they were on their side.Texans took the Mexican army by surprise.Some had slept in, others were doing chores.Texans defeated the Mexican Army in 18 minutes, but had to keep hunting down soldiers who fled until dark.AftermathTexans: 10 killed, 30 wounded (including Houston)Mexican Army: 630 killed, 730 taken prisoner.Santa Anna among the prisoners.Tried to pose as a common soldier but was singled out by one of his own men.The Texas NavyOnly 4 ships.Able to control the coast.Brought supplies to the Texas Army and cut off the Mexican supply lines.Forced the remaining Mexican troops to withdraw from Texas due to lack of food and ammunition.Treaties of VelascoAfter San Jacinto, President Burnet moved the government from Galveston Island to the town of Velasco.May 14, 1836 two treaties signed.

Public Treaty:Santa Anna promised to end the fighting in TexasAll Mexican troops to be withdrawnAll prisoners exchangedAll property taken by the Mexican forces would be returned to their rightful ownersSecret Treaty:Mexico would recognize Texas IndependenceSanta Anna would be released with an escort back to MexicoThe Rio Grande River would be the southern border.