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  • 1. San Antonio B-CycleMunicipal Bike Share System Julia Diana City of San Antonio Office of Environmental Policy Cindi Snell San Antonio Bike ShareTexas Trails & Active Transportation Conference February 2, 2012 1
  • 2. San Antonio Statistics 7th LARGEST city in U.S. Population 1.2 million 368.6 square milesAmong largest 50 cities in U.S.:45th in bicycling to work at 0.1%0.4 miles of facilities per square mile in San Antonio (vs. avg. 1.6 mi/mi2) 41st out of 50 for total walking and biking levels 36th out of 50 for per capita funding for bicycle and pedestrian facilities 2/3 population is obese or The Alamo overweight 2
  • 3. San Antonio B-Cycle Bike Sharing Providing alternative transportation options that reduce traffic congestion while improving public health American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funding: Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant (EECBG) $920,866.00 Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) Main Plaza $339,880.00 3
  • 4. Getting to Bike Share Central Library 4
  • 5. If you build it, will they come? La Villita 5
  • 6. Procurement Feasibility study Write RFQ3mos. Post & advertise RFQ Pre-submittal conference Proposal evaluations Interviews Take Away: Write a flexible document8 Proposal selection within the confines of agency legalmos. requirements and funding stipulations, Contract negotiation and allow plenty of time for review and City Council briefings comment! Federal $ comes with lots of strings! City Council action 6
  • 7. Approvals, Permitting, Site PrepLetters of support * Historic Designand Review Commission *Construction permits * Electricalpermits * Permission and agreementsbetween San Antonio Bike Share andproperty owners * Site prepTake Aways: San Antonio Museum of ArtNot everyone thinks Bike Share is a great idea!Permitting bike share stations is a novelty andprobably doesnt fit within existing municipalguidelines.Keeping lines of communication open isessential; Weekly site prep meetings establishedwith conference call option 7
  • 8. Program Details 200 bikes located at 20 popular origins/destinations downtown Smart kiosks are customer friendly and accessible in English or Spanish. Bikes are theft-resistant and equipped with GPS devices. Kiosks are graffiti and vandal- resistant, made in the USA. Challenge: What is Bike Sharing? 8
  • 9. Program Details Maintained and operated by San Antonio Bike Share 501(c)3 For residents AND tourists Business model: memberships, advertising, corporate sponsorships to support expansion Goal: 350 bikes, 35 stations Mayor Julian Castro 9
  • 10. Program Details La Villita Specially trained mechanics service and redistribute the bikes daily. Affordable memberships are available bythe year at $60, week at $24, or day at $10.(Special grant-subsidized $25 annual passes beingpromoted for 1st year.) Bikes are designed to adjust to users from52 to 64, have baskets, and built-in Central Hubbike locks. 10
  • 11. Operations & Maintenance A few things to think about everyday Website * Customer service * Operating hours * Bike maintenance * Kiosk maintenance * Marketing * Promotion * 11
  • 12. Sponsorships & Advertising 12
  • 13. Central HubOne-stop resource for questions,directions, helmet check-outs, water,accessories, rentals (longer term),tour sign-ups B-Cycle Central Hub 13
  • 14. Results Launched March 26, 2011 In the first 9 months, San Antonio B-Cyclers: took over 22,709 trips by bicycle logged 82,740 alternative transportation miles burned over 3.5 million calories generated a carbon offset of 85,044 lbs. Annual Passes 941 Ellis Alley Transit Center is solar- Day passes 4,336powered and promotes multi-modalism 14
  • 15. Results Cumulative and Monthly Membership Sales1200 Cumulative Annual 1078 Passes 9741000 Monthly Annual Pass 938 Sales 911 849 827 824 Monthly Day Pass 807800 Sales 724 691 662 578600 508 498 485 434 410400 298 294200 168 84 83 62 62 20 22 27 36 0 Pre-Launch April May June July August September October November December Sales 15
  • 16. 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 Mar W4 Apr W1 Apr W2 Apr W3 Apr W4 May May May May Jun W1 Jun W2 Jun W3 Jun W4 Jun W5 Jul W1 Jul W2 Jul W3