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  • 1. Bullying Blocks Academic AchievementRobert D. Grant Jr

2. Students who are bullied regularly do substantially worse in school, UCLA psychologists report in a special issue of the Journal of Early Adolescence The UCLA study was conducted with 2,300 students in 11 Los Angelesarea public middle schools and their teachers. A high level of bullying was consistently associated with lower grades across the three years of middle school. 3. The students who were rated the most-bullied performed substantially worse academically than their peers. Projecting the findings on gradepoint average across all three years of middle school.We cannot address low achievement in school while ignoring bullying, because the two are frequently linked," said Jaana Juvonen, a UCLA professor of psychology and lead author of the study."Students who are repeatedly bullied receive poorer grades and participate less in class discussions. Some students may get mislabeled as low achievers because they do not want to speak up in class for fear of getting bullied. Teachers can misinterpret their silence, thinking that these students are not motivated to learn. "Students who get bullied run the risk of not coming to school, not liking school, perceiving school more negatively and now based on this study doing less well academically," said Juvonen, who is also a professor in UCLA's developmental psychology program. 4. Videos on bullying within the Baltimore-City Public School System Q4M t=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=88183 83 mer-actor-from-the-wire-launches-antibullying-hip-hop-campaign/ p48 5. According to the Maryland State Department of Education, there were 3,818 incidents of bullying in Maryland schools during the 2009-2010 school year, and reports of bullying have been increasing over the past three years. The harmful results of this increased bullying are more than just bruised arms and hurt feelings.Maryland law requires school staff to report bullying. As the state Department of Education noted in its model policy to address bullying. Heres an example why:One family found out that their son was running out of school and taking a shortcut home to avoid the bus. They discovered that, as he walked home from the bus stop, a mob of other students followed him, taunted him, and dared him to fight. Another student from the school showed up at the family's door one day, asking if the boy would come out and fight. The boy eventually began avoiding school altogether. When the family told school administrators about the problem, the school treated the matter as just "boys being boys." 6. Baltimore City like many urban school systems has the mammoth task of reducing the dropout rate and eliminating the academic achievement gap of African American students. Unfortunately, the system like many others across this nation have not really effectively connected the dots related to drop out rates and academic success to the ever escalating bullying and violence in schools. 7. The Superintendent Dr. Alonso says that national statistics related to bullying suggest that 21,250 students are bullied in the Baltimore City schools. Educators know that most fights that occur in school are the result of some form of bullying. Lastly, urban school systems like Baltimore City must understand that the lack of justice and protection does affect dropout rates and academic achievement and if this serious problem is not dealt with effectively the statistics will never change significantly 8. Baltimore City Public schools have a well structured reporting policy for bullying in the school system. ault.aspx?PageID=399