Salesforce Design System for Native Apps

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Lightning Design System for Native Apps Bruno Fonzi, Ivan Bogdanov & Doug Lowder Salesforce

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  • Lightning Design Systemfor Native AppsBruno Fonzi, Ivan Bogdanov & Doug Lowder Salesforce

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  • Bruno FonziDirector of UX Engineering

    + Geek at heart!


  • Ivan BogdanovPrincipal UX Engineer

    + Astronaut at night!


  • Doug LowderEngineer, Sales Cloud (Notes)

    + Musician at Irish pubs!


  • Our touch points

    How we work at Salesforce: Design/Engineering workflow

    Cross Platform development challenges

    Introduction to Lightning Design System

    Tools and libraries

    Demo: Sample Apps

    Whats next? The future


    Give away
















  • Support Multiple Platforms & Devices

  • Redlines

  • Redlines

  • Better Designer + Developer Communication

  • Design PrinciplesIntentionally ordered by priority

  • clarityEliminate ambiguity. Enable people to see, understand, and act with confidence.

  • efficiencyStreamline and optimize workflows. Intelligently anticipate needs to help people work better, smarter, and faster.

  • consistencyCreate familiarity and strengthen intuition by applying the same solution to the same problem.

  • beautyDemonstrate respect for peoples time and attention through thoughtful and elegant craftsmanship.

  • Lightning Experience

  • Design TokensThe basic atoms of the Design System

  • Types of Design Tokens

    Font Families, Sizes, & Weights

    Line Heights

    Colors for Background, Text, & Borders


    Spacing & Sizing

    Animation Durations

  • Theo

    Open source tool by Salesforce UX to generate Design Tokens

  • Theo JSON file converts to:





    JSON (iOS)

    XML (Android)

    Style Guide

    Color Swatches (Photoshop & Sketch)

  • Theo


    "name": "COLOR_TEXT",

    "value": "#000",

    "category": "text-color",

    "comment": "Body text"




    // Body text

    $color-text: #000;

  • No more hard-coded values

  • Icons and FontAssets

  • Icons

  • Font

  • Lightning Design System

    Guidelines and design patterns

    Consistency with the Salesforce UI

    HTML components, CSS

    Assets: Icons and font



    Open Source!

  • CocoaPods: Dependency manager

  • CocoaPods: InstallCocoaPods :Install cocoapods:

  • CocoaPods: Create or update Podfile text fileCocoaPods :Create or update Podfile text file:

  • CocoaPods: run pod install command

    CocoaPods :run pod install command:

  • ZERO configuration

    no need to modify plist automatically loaded fonts icons helper classes

  • Under the hood: Compiled static classes with enumUnder the hood:compiled static classes with enums:

  • Under the hood: UIFont, UIColor, UIImage CategoriesUnder the hood: UIFont, UIColor, UIImage Categories

  • XCode Auto CompleteXCode Auto Complete:

  • Sample

  • Demo


    Limited demo showing Notes (new feature in Winter 16)

    List of recent notes Can edit title and content Works offline High performance list

    view using ComponentKit Sync and offline storage

    uses Salesforce Mobile SDK

    UI elements (fonts, icons, styles) from SF Design System

  • Notes Demo App overviewRoot view

    Collection view

    Component Data Source Components

    Data Manager

    Salesforce Mobile SDK (SmartStore, SmartSync, REST API)

    Detail/edit view

    SF Design System

    SF Design System

    SF Design System


    ComponentKit + POPAnimation

  • ComponentKit

    An Objective-C++ view framework for iOS Heavily inspired by React Functional, declarative approach to building UI Built to power Facebook's News Feed Now used throughout the Facebook app

  • More Demo!

  • What is Next?Tinkering of

    Android library open-source Windows 8 support Components for iOS and Android (and web) Swift integration React Native integration

  • Documentation and

  • GitHub repo and sample


    Question little give away...



  • Design HQCome to the 2nd floor of Moscone West to chat

    with some of the worlds best designers, researchers, and UX engineers.

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