Sale of 7.5 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

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Sale of 7.5 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant Of Raymond Industries

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Transcript of Sale of 7.5 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

Page 1: Sale of 7.5 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

Conducted by mjunction services ltd

Sale of

7.5 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

Of Raymond Industries

Valsad, Gujarat.

Page 2: Sale of 7.5 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

valuejunction a business unit of mjunction services limited has been

appointed by Raymond Industries to sell their 7.5 MW Gas Turbine power

plant from Valsad, Gujarat.

About mjunction services limited: mjunction services limited, is a 50:50

venture promoted by SAIL and TATA Steel. Founded in February 2001, it is

today not only India's largest ecommerce company (having e-Transacted

worth over INR 5,56,858 crore till date) but also runs the world's largest e-

Marketplace for steel.

About the plant:

Raymond Industries installed this Captive Power Plant of 7.5 MW capacity

in the year 20011-12. This is a Gas based Turbine power plant. This plant

was setup with the purpose of a back-up power source for the Valsad Plant.

The plant is not in operation since 2013-14 due to the high price of Gas

making the production presently economically unviable. The power supply

from the grid is cheaper, hence the plant is sourcing its power requirement

directly from the Electricity Board & has installed a DG set in the plant as


Details of the plant:

Gas Turbine.


Model: m7a-03d (gpb80d)

Type: simple open cycle, single shaft type

Construction: 11 stage axial compressor , 6 can type combustor 4 Stage

axial turbine

Rev. speed: 13790 rpm

Fuel: gas fuel (natural gas)

Combustion method: gas fuel dle

Starting method: electric start by invertor motor

Ignition method: electric spark igniter

Bearing: tilting pad type bearing of white metal

Lubrication: forced lubrication of iso vg 46 turbine oil

Application: constant speed operation for ac generator drive

Page 3: Sale of 7.5 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

This package type Turbo Generating set is a well equipped with digital

synchronizing Control Panel (Main) with all parameters being displayed

system through C.R.T. screen with their controls efficiently with Nox level

reduced to <50PPM at 15% O2.

Alternator, 8489KVA, 11KV, 4 Pole, 0.9PG, insulation & temperature class

F/F with Brushless, Self PMG.

The turbine gen set is also made by KAWASAKI, Japan.

Gt model: kawasaki m7a-03d (gpb80d)

Type: td80a

Rated output: 7216 kw at 15 degree c

Output voltage: 11 KV

Current: 446 Amps

Frequency: 50 Hz

KVA: 8490

Pf: 0.85

Phase: 3 phase

Gas turbine: m7a-03d

Generator: ntakl-dc

Sr. no.: khi- 7617048

Date of mfg.: 2011-1


Type of flow: axial

Stages: 11

Pressure ratio: 01:16

The entire system is equipped with 0.3 micron filter, lube oil cooling

system, firefighting system, VFD starting system including HT panels gear

boxes etc. Running hours of the Gen. Set is 7819.59 hours only.

Air Compressor

Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor


Year of manufacturing: 2011

Page 4: Sale of 7.5 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

Air receiving tank


Pressure : 12.30 kg/sqm

VFD Driven Screw Air Compressor


Air receiving tank


Pressure: 12.30 kg/sqm

Cooling Tower with cooling water system

Cooling Water System:

a) Cooling Tower - FRP Type, GTG lub oil coolers and VAM

b) Cooling water pump with Motor & Strainer (1W + 1S)

c) Piping between Cooling Tower, Gas Compressor & Lub Oil Heat Exchanger

d) Pressure & Temperature Gauges at the inlet & outlet of Cooling Tower and VAM

e) Structural Support for piping

Cooling Tower Fan

Capacity – 30KW

Make- Kirloskar

Chillers – 2 Nos.

Steam Operated Chiller with the capacity of 250 TR

Hot Water Chiller with the capacity of 170 TR

Heat Recovery Boiler

Capacity- 30T

Fuel CNG

Containing boiler of 16.5 TPH, damper, economizer, De-aerator, 2 nos. chimney (ht.

28.634m and 28.878m respectively)

a) Steam drum / Water drum with necessary Drum Internals / Separators

b) Evaporators with risers & down corners

c) Economizers.

d) Deaerator with storage tank

e) Make up water Heater (MUWH)

Page 5: Sale of 7.5 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

f) Deaerator mountings, fittings etc.

g) Hot water heat recovery system

All the motors, control valves, flow transmitters, pressure transmitters and control

panels are in good condition and are available along with composite unit.

For more details, please contact Mr. Rajdeep Datta, mjunction services limited.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-8336925974