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  • Saint Barnabas Roman Catholic Church

    Saint Barnabas Roman Catholic Church 109 Crescent Hill Drive PO Box 39, Arden, NC 28704 Telephone: (828) 684‐6098 Fax: (828) 684‐6152 [email protected]

    Front Office Hours: Mon, Thur, Fri: 9:30 am ‐ noon and 1 pm ‐ 4 pm Tues: 9:30 am ‐ noon and 1 pm ‐ 2 pm Wed: Closed

    Diocese of Charlo e Most Reverend Peter J. Jugis, J.C.D., Bishop Father Adrian Porras, Pastor Rev. Mr. Mike Stout, Deacon Rev. Mr. Rudy Triana, Deacon

    PASTORAL SCHEDULE CONFESSIONS Saturday 4:00 pm ‐ 5:00 pm Sunday 7:30 am ‐ 8:00 am

    VIGIL & SUNDAY MASSES Saturday 5:30 pm, Vigil Mass in English Saturday 7:15 pm, Vigil Mass in Spanish Sunday 8:30 am & 11:00 am in English

    HOLY DAY MASSES Vigil and Holy Days (See inside of bulle n)

    DAILY MASSES (Check bulle n and web for changes) Monday, Thursday, Friday: Morning Prayer (Lauds) 8:45 am Mass 9:00 am Rosary a er Mass

    Tuesday: (Distribu on of Holy Communion) 9:00 am Wednesday: Evening Prayer (Vespers) 5:45 pm Mass 6:00 pm Benedic on of the Blessed Sacrament 6:45 pm

    ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT IN THE CHAPEL Monday thru Friday 7 am un l 10 pm Saturday 7 am un l 4 pm Sunday 1 pm un l 10 pm Wednesday in the Church at 6:45 pm

    New Parishioners are welcomed and invited to join in our wor- ship and many activities. Please register after Sunday Masses or stop by the office. Parishioners who move are asked to notify the office so we can say a fond farewell and assure you of our continued prayers.

    8th Sunday in Ordinary Time - February 26, 2017

    “St. Barnabas Roman Catholic parish, a welcoming and diverse Eucharistic community of faith and

    stewardship, empowered by the Holy Spirit and in response to Christ’s call to love and serve one another, seeks to bring all people

    to the knowledge of and union with God our Father.”

  •    St. Barnabas Catholic Church · Arden, NC · February 26, 2017 THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM ‐ Bap sms are celebrated on Sundays a er the 11:00 am Mass. Parents must be registered in the Parish and have a ended a Bap smal Prepara on Class, held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Oscar Romero room, D Hall. Pre‐registra on for this class required. Call the church office to register. Bap sm should be conferred in the first few weeks a er the birth of a child. Godparents must be prac cing Catholics.

    THE SACRAMENT OF FIRST CONFESSION AND FIRST HOLY COMMUNION ‐ Second grade is the normal me. One year prior Religious Educa on is required.

    THE SACRAMENT OF HOLY ORDERS ‐ Men should call the parish priest or the Diocesan Voca on Director to help them discern their call to the Diaco‐ nate or Priesthood.

    THE SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY ‐ Couples should make an appoint‐ ment with the priest or deacon at the me of engagement and at least six months in advance of any wedding date to begin prepara ons. No date should be set before that mee ng so all canonical requirements are met. One party must be registered and an ac ve Catholic. All weddings take place inside the Church.

    THE SACRAMENT OF THE ANOINTING OF SICK ‐ The anoin ng of the sick can be administered to anyone suffering from a serious or chronic illness. Please call the church office to make arrangements to be anointed. In an emergency, please use ext. 1, leave a message with your name and phone number. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

    HOLY COMMUNION AT HOME ‐ Please call the Church office to make arrangements.

    Buildings and Facili es Larry Schmi Community Ministries & Peace and Jus ce Susan Chitwood Ecumenism Open Educa on and Forma on Donna James Evangeliza on/Communica on Rob Girardi

    Liturgy and Worship Kerry Jambon Parish Life Open Finance Council Ken Marino Pastoral Council Chris Messino

    Commissions and Council Heads

    Knights Corner Council 8923

    Grand Knight: Jim Ellis ‐ 828‐772‐9063 ‐ The Knights meet the 2nd Tuesday evening of each month in JXXIII.

    4th Degree: Arthur Carder, Faithful Navigator ‐ 828‐398‐9689

    Saint Barnabas Couples Club The Saint Barnabas Couples Club is a social organiza on that meets the first Tuesday of the month between 7:00 and 7:30 pm in the Saint John the XXIII conference room (followed by refreshments in the social hall). The purpose of the organiza on is for Couples that are members of Saint Barnabas to join together socially at different venues. If interested in joining the Club or ge ng more informa on contact Don and Donna Hendricks, this year’s presidents. You can contact them at 828‐684‐0883 or email them at [email protected]

    St. Barnabas Staff & Contact Informa on 828‐684‐6098 (p) ‐ 828‐684‐6152 (f)

    Fr. Adrian Porras Pastor Ext. 301 [email protected]

    De. Mike Stout Deacon Ext. 373 [email protected]

    De. Rudy Triana Deacon Ext. 314 [email protected]

    Mrs. Marilyn Jensen Business Manager Ext. 312 [email protected]

    Ms. Sheryl Peyton Director of Religious Education Ext. 302 [email protected]

    Mr. Simeon Willis Director of Youth Ministry Ext. 303 [email protected]

    Ms. Tiffany Gallozzi Director of Music Ext. 310 [email protected]

    Mr. John Psychas Organist [email protected]

    Ms. Suzanne Daley Secretary of Special Projects/Events Ext. 307 [email protected]

    Mr. Dan Alvarez Receptionist (Habla Español) ‐ M/Tu Ms. Mary Ogle Receptionist ‐ Th/Fr Ext. 311 [email protected]

    Mr. José González Tribunal Advocate (annulments) Ext. 305 [email protected]

    St. Vincent de Paul Society or Compassionate Callers Ext. 308

    Collec ons and Financials Weekend of Feb. 18 & 19, 2016 217 Families using envelopes (of 1,054 registered families) Total A endance for weekend: 1,142

    Offertory Collec on Budgeted

    Weekly Offering + or ‐ to Offertory Budget

    Totals for Feb. 18 & 19 $11,549 $13,635 Envelopes and Checks

    Electronic Giving Youth Envelopes

    Non‐Envelopes & Visitors Holy Day

    $7,391 $2,595

    $46 $1,517


    Offertory Total $11,549 Building & Facili es $0

    Diocesan $0


    This month a por on of  the above  will be donated to:   Catholic Chari es  Diocese of Charlo e, Asheville  Vicariate Hispanic Ministry  St. Barnabas Charity Fund  St. Vincent de Paul  Main Stay in Hendersonville  St. Andrews the Apostle, Mars Hill

    2017 DSA Pledge Progress Report: February

    Goal: $80,320 Amount Pledged: $9,510 Pledges Paid: $6,070 Pledge Balance: $3,440 Diocesan‐Wide % to Goal: 27% St. Barnabas % to Goal: 11.8%

  • We encourage those who request Mass Inten ons (Vigil and Sunday Morning) to present the Offertory Gi s at that Mass. Please sign in at the Liturgical Ministers’ (round) table and let a Greeter know you would like to bring up the Gi s.

    Sat ‐ 02/25 5:30 PM 7:15 PM

    Vigil: Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time † Nora John & Agnes Cleary (by Rob & Noreen Goulding) For the Hispanic Community

    Sun ‐ 02/26 8:30 AM 11:00 PM

    Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time † James Sprinkle (by Linda Sprinkle) † Red Si on (by Linda Sprinkle)

    Mon ‐ 02/27 9:00 AM

    Weekday in Ordinary Time † Vernon Synan (by Ruben Slife )

    Tues ‐ 02/28 9:00 AM

    Weekday in Ordinary Time Distribu on of Communion

    Wed ‐ 03/01 7:30 AM 9:00 AM 7:00 PM

    Ash Wednesday Distribu on of Ashes Int. of Hannah Faith Mitcheltree For our Parishioners

    Thur ‐ 03/02 9:00 AM

    Thursday a er Ash Wednesday Int. of Taffy Souphab (by the Souphab Family)

    Fri ‐ 03/03 9:00 AM

    Friday a er Ash Wednesday † David & Catherine Paskwietz (by Catherine Holzworth)

    Sat ‐ 03/04 5:30 PM 7:15 PM

    Vigil: FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT Int. of Eddison Wong (by the Souphab Family) For the Hispanic Community

    Sun ‐ 03/05 8:30 AM 11:00 PM

    FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT Int. of Pope Francis (by Father Adrian) Special Int. of Bob & Jill Varney (by Joe & Paula Bollick )

    The Miraculous Medal Novena prayed each Mon. a er Mass

    READINGS FOR THE WEEK: Feb 26 ‐ Mar 5 Sunday: Is 49:14‐15; Ps 62:2‐3, 6‐9; 1 Cor 4:1‐5; Mt 6:24‐34 Monday: Sir 17:20‐24; Ps 32:1‐2, 5‐7; Mk 10:17‐27 Tuesday: Sir 35:1‐12; Ps 50:5‐8, 14, 23; Mk 10:28‐31 Wednesday: Jl 2:12‐18; Ps 51:3‐6ab, 12‐14, 17; 2 Cor 5:20 — 6:2; Mt 6:1‐6, 16‐18 Thursday: Dt 30:15‐20; Ps 1:1‐4, 6; Lk 9:22‐25 Friday: Is 58:1‐9a; Ps 51:3‐6ab, 18‐19; Mt 9:14‐15 Saturday: Is 58:9b‐14; Ps 86:1‐6; Lk 5:27‐32 Sunday: Gn 2:7‐9; 3:1‐7; Ps 51:3‐6, 12‐13, 17; Rom 5:12‐19 [12, 17‐19]; Mt 4:1‐11

    Liturgical Schedule 

    Saint Barnabas Ac vi es This Week 


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