Saigon Hoai Co

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Saigon Colonial Architects

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Saigon Colonial Architects

Saigon Capital In 1943Cathedral

Town Hall Bonard Boulevard Municipal Theatre

Saigon-Capital of South Vietnam Never Forget Saigon! The Heart of Vietnamese Father Land

Chi Hoa battle in 1861

Gia Dinh Map in 1790 Before Under French Domination

SaigonMinh Huong Village under French Domination (Cho Thiet Phu Tho later) in 1862-1955 French attacked to Gia Cholon under French Domination Saigon Early 1802-1859 Dinhin 19th Century Citadel in 1859

Saigon early in 1698-1802 with wild land covered by dense forests, swarms, rivers

French attacked tounder Cholon Market The Former Tau 1859 Saigon Early 1698-1802 Gia Dinh Citadel in Hu Canal French Domination

Saigon Capital In 1943Governor General Palace

CathedralCentral Post Office Taberd High School.

Justice Palace Prison Cochin-Chine Governor Palace Town Hall

Continental Hotel Casino

Bonard Boulevard

Municipal Theatre

Immigration Office

Saigon Map Under French Domination

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Khanh Hoi Side

Indochine Bank

Swing Bridges

Arroyo Chinois canal (Ben Nghe Canal)

De La Somme Boulevard (Ham Nghi Blvd.) Customs Office

Saigon River

Municipal Theatre

Charner Boulevard View toward River

Tax Shopping Center

Bonard Boulevard View toward Ben Thanh Market

Hotel of Ville - Rex

Town Hall

Old Saigon

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Saigon Town Hall in 1924 (1898-1909)

Bonard Boulevard view toward Ben Thanh Market

Charner Boulevard view toward Saigon River

Charner Boulevard seen from the Charner Boulevard and Vannier Street Charner Boulevard Near Saigon River waterfront on the Saigon River

Tax Shopping Center in 1924

Hotel of Ville Rex In 1924

Municipal Theatre Built in 1898-1900

The Square in Front of The Municipal Theatre in 1923The Catinat street view toward the Cathedral

The Theater Square view toward the Bonard street

The Theater Square view toward the Cathedral

The Catinat street from near the Multiple Theater to the Saigon River

Catinat Street seen from Saigon River

The Catinat street from near the Cathedral to the Saigon River in 1923

The Norodom Boulevard view toward The Colonial Government Palace

Independent Palace of South Vietnam President in 1954

Norodom Palace of Governor General in 1935 (1868-1873)

Cochin-Chine Governor Palace in 1918

The Notre Dame Cathedral(1877-1880) and Statue of the Bishop of Adran after 1918

The Notre Dame Cathedral (1877-1880) before 1918

The workers of post & Telegraphy department In 1862

The Post & Telegraph Office (1886-1891)

After 1731, First Ben-Thanh Market located on Lon canal bank. The Circle was next location of New Saigon Market 1911-1914

The Central Market, Ben Thanh in 1925 (1911-1914)

Palace of Justice

Gia Long High School

The Saigon Cholon Tramway Station was built in 1881

Saigon Electric Tramway Station

Saigon My Tho Railroad was built in 1882

Saigon Railway Office was built in 1882 The Saigon My Tho Railroad was built in 1882

Indochine Bank on Saigon River North bank

Phu Tho Race Track

Cho Quan Power Station was built in 1896 on bank of Saigon river & Sol canal

Saigon Zoo

Adran Street (Vo duy Nguy Sg.)

View of Adran Street (Vo duy Nguy Sg.)

View of Adran Street (Vo duy Nguy Sg.)

Saigon Barracks Pellerin Street 1904

Early Cau Ong Lanh Fish Market Saigon Fish Market

Binh Trieu Bridge

Trinh Minh The Street around K Docks

Dragon House (1860-1864)

Saigon Port on Khanh Hoi side, just across the Ben Nghe canal Saigon, Patent Slip and Dry Dock at the Quai de L'ArgonneSaigon Trade Port in 1860 Khanh-Hoi Wharf of Saigonacross Port The First Crane System of View to Dragon house Trade The Former Saigon Port Ben Nghe canal The First Stores on the Former Saigon Trade Port River - Looking Downstream Saigon

Ships at the old Saigon docks. Nha Be Oil Storage Depots

Le Van Duyet Temple

Tu-Duc Temple in Saigon

Pagoda near Cau Ong Lanh market

An Annam Pagoda at Neuve Street

A Mosque in Saigon

Tau Hu canal & market in Cholon of A canal in Cholon the 18th century A Rice Barge on a Canal at Cholon

A canal in Cholon

A bridge on the canal in Cholon

Khanh Hoi, in 1967-1968 there was a lot of swamp and canals only a few blocks west of Trinh Minh The Thu Thiem Transportation Sampan on Saigon River

The Bridge is over the Ben Nghe Canal (Arroyo Chinois canal)

Cong Dung Ngon Hanh of Vietnamese young Lady In 1947

Vietnamese Life under French Domination in 19th Century, Before Vietnam War 1954-1975

(To Be Continued)

Saigon in Vietnam War 1954 1975