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Presentation at COSCUP 2010, Taipei.

Transcript of Sahana Taiwan Development

  • 1. SAHAHA @

2. Begin with a tweet 3. Bobs Lightning Talk COSCUP 2009 4. retreat 5. Sahana Taiwan 6. For the whole story, see 7. The 4 Communities of Sahana 8. Perspectives of the Elephant 9. Whats New ?A Python based rewrite usingMVC frameworks and highly-interactive Web 2.0 UIs. 10. Sahana Software FoundationAgasti Eden (PHP) (Python)LGPLv3 MIT 11. Why a Rewrite ? The old code is hard to maintain and hard to integrate GIS and Messaging Using a framework allows to focus on the user-facing application. An experimental branch within the main project rather than a fork. 12. Python Advantages Agile Web2Py 13. Haiti Response and Relief 14. Rapidly-changing Requirements Missing Person Registry Mapping Organization Registry Hospital Management Volunteer Registry WFP: Food Request Portal 15. PFIF PeopleFinderInterchangeFormat 16. Mapping High-resolution Satellite Imagery (available 26 hrs) OpenStreetMap volunteers used this & old printed maps to quickly cover Port-au-Prince These were made available as basemaps on handheld GPS 17. Open Street Map 18. Mapping+SMS+ GPS 19. Deployment Perspective Select Modules according to the Response and Relief Needs Leverage the Experts and Volunteers GPS / GIS / SMS / PFIF / Crowdsourcing Early Deployment helps Trust Relationship established 20. Eden Integration to Sahana Taiwan 21. Sahana Camp 1.1 Taiwan Michael Howden and Fran Boon 22. Sahana Eden Stack OverviewServerClient BrowserSahana Eden (S3)HTMLWeb2Py CSSPythonJavaScript Database OpenLayerEclipse Firebug 23. S3 is Built on Web2py REST CRUD SQLFORM FORM 24. Community-based Development 25. Sahana SMS Android App Embeds GPS coordinates withinSMS messages to Sahana Allows users to send and view dataon maps Similar apps planned for otherphones 26. Project-based Development Prioritized tasks assigned to team members Sponsorship from III and IBM Tasks Auth/Role/Permission Integration for Agasti and Eden modules Mapping Integration and Enhancement 27. How Can You Help Software Development and Deployment JavaScript / Python / PHP Linux / Apache / MySQL Promotion Spread the words with Blog / Social Network RSS / Testing / Simulation / Translation Join the Mailing Lists 28. Its your contribution to make dreams grow great Please contact us :