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  • 1. Duties

2. Safety Committees --DutiesSafety Committees Duties Safety committees are a key part of safety in the workplace. Theyaccomplish several things: Central focus. A centralised Committee at corporate level. Sounding board. Site committee that is specific to the siterequirements and is a visible and approachable body for safety orhealth complaints, suggestions, and the like. Total participation. All sections including worker participation andconsultation is imperative to make the exercise purposeful andproductive. 3. Safety Committees --Duties Safety Committees Duties Management has the ultimate responsibility forOccupation related safety and health. Through itsField level Executives, managers and supervisors itestablishes the program and enforces safety rules.Safety committee also has an important role inensuring that confidence is installed among people employees, contract personnel and visitors. 4. Safety Committees --Duties Safety Committees Duties Organizations defines the role of the safety committee,that includes: Review of HIRA & Incident /accident - capturing and its Investigation Review, enforcement & monitoring the establishedsafety precautions and rules Review and investigation of near misses - unsafeconditions and acts PPE management & Enforcement Status for effectiveness of actions taken Safety suggestions, safety audit results. 5. Safety Committees --DutiesSafety Committees Duties Accident and Hazard Reporting Confined Spaces Fire Safety Emergency Procedures Ergonomics First Aid Walking/Working Surfaces Lockout/Tagout PPE Fall Protection Job Hazard Analysis 6. Safety Committees --Duties Safety Committees Duties Investigate accidents. Accident and Incident reports the findings andrecommendations to management. Identify the near misses. Selection of chairperson and a secretary prepared agenda Safety committees to meet at planned intervalssonce in Minutes Circulations 7. Safety Committees --Duties Safety Committees DutiesAn effective safety committee ensures1.Safety awareness2.Safety program3.Safety practices.4.Feedback mechanism to identify and correct new safety hazards. 8. Safety Committees --Duties Safety Committees Duties Set a good example. Committee members must set a good example. Be visible. Names of safety committee members should be posted prominently in their departments. Report unsafe conditions. What will the committees role be in reporting unsafe machinery and conditions and hazardous acts? 9. Safety Committees --DutiesSafety Committees DutiesThe Following Reports.1.unsafe acts and conditions2."open door policy" inviting safety members to come to him or her with their suggestions. 10. Safety Committees --DutiesSafety Committees DutiesMinutes: written summary of efforts names of attendees number of absentees responsibilities for implementation assigned timing of implementation assigned cost of implementation any approvals required completed recommendations uncompleted recommendations accident review safety training activities issued within 48 hours of the meeting 11. Safety Committees --DutiesSafety Committees Duties Departmental Safety meeting Competition Suggestion Audit Training including outsourced activities Safety day celebration