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Transcript of Safe and Supportive Schools - MASA Safe and Supportive Schools Legislation Passes • Governor...

  • Safe and Supportive Schools

    Rose Hermodson Minnesota Department of Education

    August 7, 2014

    “Leading for educational excellence and equity. Every day for every one.”

  • Safe and Supportive Schools

    Legislation Passes

    •  Governor Dayton signed HF 826 (Chapter 160) into law on April 9, 2014.

    •  Effective for the 2014-2015 school year. •  All school boards required to adopt a local district

    and school student bullying policy that complies with the requirements of the new law.

    •  Twenty-three member council to provide leadership. •  School Safety Technical Assistance Center

    established. 2

  • •  Establishing norms and standards for prevention, intervention and support around issues of prohibited conduct.

    •  Advancing evidence-based policy and best practices to improve school climate.

    •  Development and dissemination or resources and training for schools and communities.

    •  Developing policies and procedures for services provided by the School Safety Technical Assistance Center.

    Safe and Supportive Schools

    Council Leadership Role 3

  • •  To help districts and schools provide a safe and supportive learning environment.

    •  Assist schools and districts in crafting their student anti- bullying policies.

    •  To aid districts in resolving issues arising under the new policies.

    •  To be a repository of best practice and research-based resources, activities and training materials.

    •  Develop effective prevention strategies including how to deal with social media and cyber bullying.

    •  Support school and district planning, schools recovering of incidents of violence and violence prevention education.

    Safe and Supportive Schools

    School Safety Technical Assistance Center 4

  • State agencies: –  Education, Health, Human Rights, Human Services, Public

    Safety, Corrections and Higher Education

    State associations: –  Minnesota School Administrators, Association of Charter

    Schools, School Boards Association, Elementary School Principal Association, Association of Secondary School Principals, and Education MN

    Other members: –  Two from each group appointed by commissioner of education

    – support personnel, parents and students –  Appointed by Public Safety – two local law enforcement –  Appointed by Judiciary – court personnel

    Council Membership 5

  • Council •  Letter sent to designated agencies and organization

    requesting them to appoint council representatives.

    •  Education commissioner initiated open appointment process for six seats (parents, students and support personnel).

    •  Council established as of August 1, 2014. •  First meeting of Council to be held by October 1,


    Update on Work to Date 6

  • Staffing

    •  Center will be housed at MDE within the Safety, Health and Nutrition Division.

    •  Center director will supervise and develop additional positions to assist with training, technical assistance and data reporting functions.

    •  Interviews for director position are scheduled for July 24 and July 25.

    •  Selection expected before first Council meeting.

    Update on Work to Date 7

  • Start up Staffing--- •  Project consultant for website and creating

    framework for accessing technical assistance •  Youth Engagement Specialist

    Ongoing Staffing--- •  Center Director •  Education Specialist

    ü  Training, Evidence Based Practices ü Outreach and Support

    •  Administrative Assistant

    Next Steps

    Staffing 8

  • Support Activities •  To be presented at first Council meeting:

    §  Q and A on legislation. §  History/Background on legislation. §  Why it matters (impact). §  What need to be done (action). §  Inventory of MDE programs.

    Establish Goals •  Train and provide technical assistance to school

    personnel, parents, students and community members.

    •  Develop and disseminate tools, policies and models to cultivate safe schools.

    Update on Work to Date 9

  • Other •  MDE staff communicated with previous task

    force members on work to date.

    •  MDE staff develop Q & A. •  MDE staff doing needs assessment with

    outreach to districts and schools seeking input. •  Presentations upon request by organizations

    and education groups.

    Update on Work to Date 10

  • Collaboration and Values 11

    Center   Preven)on  

    Preparedness   Response   Recovery  


    Students  &   Parents  

    MDE  &   Agencies  

    Schools  &   Staff  


  • Values Honor the work of everyone involved in developing the legislation.

    Quick access to relevant tools, training and processes. Build with sustainability in mind.

    §  Tools (videos, case studies, books, etc.) §  Technical Assistance Processes §  Support §  Research §  Information §  Policies §  Training

    Collaboration and Values 12






  • Partnerships 13

    School   Center  





    Safety   Center   (PS)  

    Partnership between Departments of Education and Public Safety to address

    all aspects of creating a positive and safe school climate.

    MDE has applied for a federal grant to work with Public Safety to

    support schools in developing and/or enhancing their Emergency

    Operations Plans (EOP)

  • Model Policy •  Division staff reviewed national “Safe School

    Climate” policies and other policies and drafted a model policy.

    •  Being reviewed by MDE compliance staff to assure consistency with requirements in statute.

    •  Policy to be presented to the Council for adoption.

    Update on Work to Date 14

  • Model Policy •  Outreach to stakeholders to review model

    policy prior to presentation to Council for adoption and dissemination.

    •  Will provide technical assistance to districts, if requested.

    •  Currently accepting policies that school districts have adopted.

    Update on Work to Date 15

  • Building a Sustainable Infrastructure Stakeholders helping determine priorities, goals and activities.

    Sustainable Infrastructure 16

    School  Safety  and   Technical  Assistance  

    Center   Council   Sub  CommiDee(s)  

    Students,    Parents,      Educators,      Community  Organiza)ons  &   Partners  

    MDE  Staff  Work  Groups  to  Support  Council  Ini)a)ves   w      Safety       w    Interpersonal  Rela)onships   w    Teaching  &    Learning   w  Ins)tu)onal  Environment  

    Supported  by     Department  of  Educa0on    SH&N  Division  and  Other  MDE  Divisions  

  • For Districts, Schools, Communities •  Technical assistance. •  Drafting of policies. •  Evidence-based workshops. •  Staff development and support. •  Program materials, publications. •  Conferences and workshops. •  Website, webinars. •  Facilitating networking among schools,

    communities and agencies.

    Options for Support 17

  • For Students and Parents •  Developing skill sets to support safe, healthy

    learning environments.

    •  Develop understandings of evidence-based practices and strategies.

    •  Accessing supportive materials and publications. •  Facilitating networking among schools,

    communities and agencies. •  Webinars, videos and other educational


    Options for Support 18

  • Timeline August/September: §  Center director hired. §  Council membership


    §  First meeting of Council. §  Development and

    adoption of model policy.

    §  Council establishes priorities and direction.

    2014 School Year §  Outreach to schools and

    districts begins. §  Website developed. §  Additional staff in