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Presentation covering software as a service (SaaS)

Transcript of SaaS AmCham SME Committee_022009

  • 1.
    • Software as a Service (SaaS):
    • Buy or rent your business software solution?
    • presented by
    • Wolfgang Peter Prenosil MSc MBA
    • Sen. Business Advisor Vigorous Co. Ltd.
  • 2. Outline
    • What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?
    • Why are companies using it?
    • How can SMEs benefit from it?
    • What kind of solutions are available?
    • On-Premises vs. SaaS
    • What is driving SaaS?
    • Is it expensive?
  • 3. On-Demand Software as a Service Application Service Provider Hosted Software Application
  • 4. Hosted software services provided on-demand will grow 21 per cent to US$ 5bn next year (2009), according to analyst Gartner . Sales of Software as a Service (SaaS) in the enterprise market will continue to grow to US$ 11.5bn by 2011, says the report. SaaS Global Market Customers do not buy any software or hardware. The services are offered on a monthly subscription basis. The approach is very flexible as customers can start with a small set of functionalities and add more as they move along. A leading SaaS provider may charge US$ 65/ month & user.
  • 5.
    • SaaS adoption is highest in applications that support simplified, common business processes or large, distributed virtual workforce teams, said Mertz.
    SaaS Global Market Ease of use, rapid deployment, limited up-front investment and a reduction in management responsibility all make SaaS a desirable alternative to on-premises software.
  • 6. Gartner defines SaaS as software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely by one or more providers. SaaS Global Market The model is gaining popularity in areas such as compliance, risk management, office administration, sales and service automation and procurement optimization.
  • 7. Howcan SMEs use hosted business software solutions to their advantage?
    • By deliveringan integrated, real-time business management application,which enables you to manage rising costs and position your company for long-term growth.There is athree-strike approach to cutting costs out of yourbusiness. How? Monitor, streamline, manage.
  • 8. Monitor
    • Monitor. You areconnected to all your business processes, from accounting to inventory to order fulfillment. Through a wide range of monitoring tools,you canproactively manage costsbefore they become regrets. Here's how:
    Detailed visibility into variable costs lets you keep close watch on your expenditures. Real-time management of key financial data, including revenues and costs, helps you understand the impact on your margins. Key performance indicators on data such as inventory, orders, shipping, delivery, and fuel costs, put your business metrics at your fingertips. Real-time notifications appear automatically on your Dashboard when it's time to take action on a pressing business issue. Comparisons of budget to actual spending let you manage your costs proactively, rather than identify problems after the fact.
  • 9. Streamline
    • Streamline. With a fully hosted solution, all you need to access broad functionality is a Web browser. You no longer have to rely on disparate systems - or worse, piece those systems together.Youcan reduce risk andreceive the following benefits:
    Use a secure Web-based browser to give employees "anywhere, anytime" access, and reduce unnecessary driving time and office overhead. Achieve a true online business by managing every operation and process online. Shift the burden of costs by leveraging flexible business practices and cost-cutting tactics. Reduce headcount. As a hosted solution,hosted applicationsreduce the need for expensive IT resources. With integrated fulfillment, cross-channel sales and support, and simpler management tools,theyoffer the increased productivity that will reduce your need for costly staff.
  • 10. Manage
    • Manage. A hosted business solutionlets you manage your business processes from end to end - across departments, and among customers and suppliers.You'll run your business with greater productivity and higher service levels:
    Manage the entire quote-to-cash process in one integrated system. Once a sales inquiry is entered, you can directly convert it to a quote or sales order. You can also report on all inquiries for better, smarter follow-up. Drive purchasing costs savings to your bottom line. Fully automate the procure-to-pay cycle, saving time and money. Real-time visibility. View everything from stock levels and reorder points, to orders, shipments, returns, and expenses in real time. Supports your business, it doesn't define it. Tailorsuch hostedapplications according to the roles, departments, and practices of your particular business. Reduce costs and IT complexity. Shift the burden of IT, including hardware, networks, and IT staff, toa world-class, securedata center.
  • 11. Motivation for SaaS Adoption
  • 12. Most Popular Solutions
  • 13. Driver for Future SaaS Deployment
  • 14. Move from On-Premises to SaaS
  • 15. Move from SaaS to On-Premises