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  • 1. Religion: FeaturedArtworksThe 7 wonders of theancient worldSession 10

2. 7 wonders of the ancientworld 3. Function:Commemorate the dead THE GREAT PYRAMID ATGIZA Oldest of the 7 Wonders (c. 2560 BCE) Only Wonder left standingtoday! Was the tallest man-madestructure until 19th century! Pharaoh Khufu 4. Function:Commemorate the dead TOMB OF MAUSOLUS Persian King of Caria Constructed 353-350 BCE. Cultural Collage Egyptian Style Greek Style Persian Style Destroyed 1494 (stonesused to construct a castle). Mausoleum 5. Function:Place of Worship TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS Constructed c. 550 BCE Greek Goddess of Fertility Destroyed by HerostratusJuly 20, 356 BCE Alexander the Great? Reconstructed 323 BCE Destroyed c. 262 (byGoths) 6. Function:Place of Worship STATUE OF ZEUS In his honor (at Olympia) Constructed c. 430-422BCE by Phidias Ivory! 13 meters tall Emperor Caligula Later destroyed orplundered (uncertain). 7. What Religious function? If you were to create amonument of somesort, what would itsreligious function be? Work together as a team todesign an epic monumentthat should be listed as oneof the Wonders of theWorld! Will yours be destroyed?How it be protected?