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Rx17 is the latest discovery made by a Medical doctor & Cancer Survivor, Dr. Noordin Darus. Rx17 work on the informational level and can also affect issues on the energetic biochemical & structural levels. It helps to rectify the "INFORMATIONAL IMBALANCE" of your self healing system.

Transcript of Rx17 PPT (English) Sahana

  • 1. Welcome To If you think Wellness is expensive, try Illness

2. Self-Healing-System Rejuvenation The Self-Healing-System A Wellness Messages In A Bottle First Of Its Kind 3. 4. Some of the Our Products including Rx17 Aura Healing Water & CopycatProject Achievements covers in local Newspapers 5. i)PHISICAL (x7) Bio-Photonic, Minerals, Magnet, Rx-Water, Clay & Aura Therapy Distinctive Elements 6. ii) INFORMATION(x179) Healing Herbs, Color Therapy, Crystal & Water Therapies, Flower Essence, Honey, Enzymes & Hormones and Schuessler Salts. i) PHISICALS (x7) Bio-Photonic, Minerals, Magnet, Rx-Water, Clay & Aura Therapy Distinctive Elements 7. PPF : P oly P ropylene F ibre KDF:K ineticD e gra dat ionF luxionAURA CONVERTER 1st Cartridge Highest Quality Ceramics To filter contaminants, rust & other minute particles (> 0.9 micron) & Protozoan bacteria. 2nd Cartridge Activated Carbon Ceramic & Natural Mineral StonesTo remove odor, unpleasent testes, soften raw water, release minerals & enhance plesant testes. High Density PPF Fiber Blocks hundreds of bacteria & organic pollutants. Highly Activated Carbon Ceramic & KDFProcess Media Conform to US EPA & FDA National Safety Standards to eliminate hard minerals & Radioactive substances! 3rd Cartridge 4th Cartridge Aura HT High Energy Ceramic Fiber breaks down water molecules into smaller clusters . Vortexian Energizer enhances the water energy to improve overall health. Calcium Ionized Clay Helps release Calcium Ions, cleanse the water and provide unique natural energy Wave. Formula GeMaMiT or WaMaMiC (Wave, Magnetic, Minerals & Clay) 8. Rx-Water Lingzhi Green Tea Olives Spirulina Ginseng Rosehip Bamboo Salts Red Beet Wild Rose Selenium Vitamin A Germanium Vitamins B1-12 Purple Colour Green Colour Orange Colour Geranium Anti-Toxins Honey Birds Nest Amethyst Energy & Health Peace Of Mind Grateful Purpose Of Life Love Dates 179 INFORMATION 9. Rx17 is the Epitome of Rx-Water & uses a tribid of RxWater Aura Healing Vibrational Technology, Energy Medicine & Informational Medicine focusing on selected 7 Physical Remedies, 17 groups of Wellness Intentions & 179 Health information ingredients. RxWater is a provenLivingwater with therapeutic values and have a very strong memory. Dr. Noordin has put 179 nutrients & Spiritual intentions information by usingHologramtechnology without changing the characteristic of these water and he named it Rx17. If we test theweight of Rx17 with normal RxWater, Rx17 is heavier because of these information. It will be transfer to our body and blends with it to heals faster. It will remarkably rejuvenates your Self-Healing System functions (SHS), which is the highest& best form of Mind, Body & Soul (MiFiRo) Healing System which is the gift from GOD. You will feel the healing process taking place quite fast as to compare to original Rx-Water. You will also notice that your mind will become more calm after consuming Rx17 everyday.Best taken with empty stomach. Never boil Rx17 & keep it in cool place. Can also be refrigerated. Never have doubt about the power of SHS. For better results, take withRxTra&RxSalt 179 INFORMATION 10. Scientific Research in Japan Prof Emoto Living Water Have Soul & Feelings? Water molecule crystals can changed Scientist & Scholars agreesOnly well formed, cleaned Living Water can record Messages & Memorized it.But it is important to respect it if its to be use for healing purposes. RxWater is a Living, Aura Healing Water found by Dr. Noordin thru inspirations from theAlmighty (of a special Clay) while battling with Blood Cancer. Rx17 is RxWaterwith full of Positive embedded Wellness information. 11.

  • Beautiful Water Crystals
  • Living Water have Souls
  • and able to
          • * Record
          • * Memorized
          • * Transfer

Disintegrated, deformed Water Crystals Rain Water Crystal Water Crystals after PrayerMineral water Zam-Zam Water molecules like sparkling Crystal 12. Dead Water (None Living) Boiled water Distilled Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Deionized water (D.I Water) Recycle Water Living Water Well Water Spring Water Rain Water Water from SnowEnergy Water (Pi) Water Hexagon Water Alkaline Water Oxygen (02) Water Healing Water Zam Zam Water (Mecca, Saudi Arabia) Hunza Spring Water (Pakistan) Equador Highlands Water Okinawa Water (Japan) Lourdes Spring Water (France) R x -WATER (Malaysia) Types of Water 13. iii) SPIRITUAL (x17) 17 Good IntentionsWellness, Happiness & Harmony. ii) INFORMATION(x179) Healing Herbs, Color Therapy, Crystal & Water Therapies, Flower Essence, Honey, Enzymes & Hormones and Schuessler Salts. i) PHISICALS (x7) Bio-Photonic, Minerals, Magnet, Rx-Water, Clay & Aura Therapy Distinctive Elements 14. Rx17 helps to prevent & improve conditions relating to: Cancer, Asthma, Allergy, Eczema, Hypertension, Diabetes, Gastritis, Auto immune, SLE, Kidney problems, Migraine, Joint pain, Idiopathic diseases, Epilepsy, Gout, Insomnia, Paralysis, Mental problems, Obesity, Stroke, Sinus, Fibroid, Hair Loss, Hyperthyroid, Constipation and many more iii) SPIRITUAL (x17) 17 Good IntentionsWellness, Happiness & Harmony ii) INFORMATION(x179) Healing Herbs, Color Therapy, Crystal & Water Therapies, Flower Essence, Honey, Enzymes & Hormones and Schuessler Salts i) PHISICALS (x7) Bio-Photonic, Minerals, Magnet, Rx-Water, Clay & Aura Therapy DistinctiveElements 15.

  • 1.Drink (before brushing teeth)0.5liter Rx-Water (withRx-Tracell food concentrate)
  • 2. Rx-Salt(a small pinch)*+ 0.5liter Rx-Water
  • 3.Rx-Salt(a small pinch)*
  • + 0.5liter Rx-Water
  • 4.Rx-Salt(a small pinch)*+ 0.5liter Rx-Water
  • 5.Rx-Salt(a small pinch)*+ 0.5liter Rx-Water
  • (withRx-Tracell food concentrate)

Consumption Method (Rx-Water/Rx17 Therapy ) Total Rx-Water a Day = 2.0 2.5 liter *Put a tiny pinch of Rx-Salt at your tongue 16. Pak Gunawan, Jakarta, 54 tahun. Frozen shoulder I had a bad fall while attending aMorning exercise a year ago. Since then, I have been having a severe pain on my right shoulder and was diagnosed to have a Frozen Shoulder. I tried all kinds of therapy until finally the doctor suggested that I may need an operation. Not wanting to give up, I sought Dr. Noordins help and was introduced toRx17therapy. Within days, I can lift my arms and now I am almost normal again. So, goodbye to the surgery!Rx17really have a remarkable effect on my problem and my overall health also. 17. Testimonies from RX-WATER Therapy This 2 children suffers from an acute skin disease that left scars all over their bodies. His children had problems with wearing clothes and going to school because of this disease. En. Alias was then introduced to Rx-Water, and he decided to try it on his children. After constantly using Rx-Water, The pain and itchiness synonymous with the childrens disease subsided and they are now in the process of recovery.This young man with a bright future suffered for 31/ 2 years after a chemical mishap at a factory and he was certified BLIND by eye specialists. Nevertheles, through to his nature, he refused to mourn his loss and instead tried to improve and heal his condition. He was introduced to Rx-Water, and after drinking it for 4 weeks, Eye Specialists confirms that the nerves in his eyes have started to grow again. Now, his eyesight is improving and he is a National Paralympic Athlete.I was diagnosed with bone Cancer and had a surgery in Sept 2004 at USM Hospital, Kelantan but the pain came back just after 2 months. Doctor said that I can only survive for another 3 more months. I had to take Steroid & it gives a painful side effect. In Mei 2005, I started to consume Rx-Water & Rx-Tra. The first positive reaction that I got was that of my eyesight getting better. Doctor also has reduced my Steroid intake.In June 2005, USM Hospital specialist had confirmed that I have recovered 80%from Cancer 18. Another Testimonies From Rx-Water Therapy The left side of my body cant move for 2 years. I had tried many medications but still no effect. After 45 days consuming Rx-water & Rx-Tra, my hand & leg can be move and I feel more energetic. I also use together with Rx-Salt by applying on my body and I bathed with Rx-Water and let it dry by itself. Now I can start to move by using the walking stick I had a severe burn on my body after the cooking Gas canister at my home exploded. I drinks Rx-Water,Rx-Tra & apply it on my skin. After only 17 days, I have Recovered while doctor said that it might take at least1 month for me to recover. Thanks Dr. Noordin Ihad a blood Cancer (Lymphoma) when I was13 years old. After I use Rx-Water & Rx-Tra, I have been confirmed by the Specialist that I recovered totally. Thanks to God 19. Before Contact with Tar En. Nawar b. Razali Johor Bahru 20. Before 21. After Day - 25 Day - 50 Day - 100 Mr. Nawar shows a remarkable recovery after he apply with Rx17 And also drink. On the 100 thday, new skin has been fullydeveloped and he can walk as normal. This results has made is doctor truly shocked since he only predicted that he can only walk and resume to work only after 1 year with hospitalsMedications. 22. Rx-Water History Begins Here..University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur April 2001 23. Dr. Noordins success has been covered in Television & Mass Media 24. 25. Newspaper Coverage 26. Ex-PM Abdullah has bought 1 set of Rx-Water System 27. PM N