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  • 1. Svetlana Svetikova Russian actress and singer
    Svetlana was born 24 November 1983 in Moscow.
    From her first years music surrounds her everywhere, as her mother said she sang at any occasion offered. Thats why at the age of four her parents sent her to a childrens pop-group-Multik (Cartoon), then she went to Moscow Variety theatre for Children and sang in the rock group Papa Karlo. Everywhere the teachers were impressed by her appearance, manners, gestures, plasticity and a striking ability to work. But the most marvelous was her voice pure and strong as a one of the nightingale.

2. Sveta and her family
3. The First Role
Musical Metro
At the age of 15, Sveta won the international vocal contest for teenagers and as a prize she got a tour to Miami to continue her further music education there. But she heard about the casting into new Russian musical Metro and stay in Moscow to take part in it. She got a role of a girl from achildren's home, who escape in the search of better life. The audience liked the littleactress for her youth, beauty, talent and contagious love of life.
4. Notre-Dame de Paris
From the 21 of May2002 Sveta began to play a part of Esmeraldain the Russian version of this musicalbased on, the world-famous novel by victor Hugo Notre- Dame de Paris It was an absolutely new and different role for her - a character of the young gipsy who love the freedom. It was a deep and tragic role, but as always she managed to play it at her best.
5. Notre-Dame de Paris
6. Notre-Dame de Paris
7. Notre-Dame de Paris
8. Notre-Dame de Paris
9. Notre-Dame de Paris
Svetlana and other artists Of Notre-Dame de Paris
in the game Forte Bayard
10. Notre-Dame de Paris
11. Notre-Dame de Paris
12. Notre-dame de Paris
13. Star Academy
After the success of Notre-Dame de Paris Svetlana was a participant of the reality Show
The factory of Stars.
14. Star Academy
15. And after the Academy of Stars where Svetlana who was among the finalists took the third prize she became known not only in Russia. She sang in duet with such international Stars as Toto Cutugno and Garou.
16. In 2007 she shot in a new Russian thriller Nas Ne Dogonish ( They dont gonna get us)
17. And her current occupation is a new musical performance, a rock opera Star and Death of Hoakin Mureta" where she plays the leading part ofTheresa