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Russia Marketing by Berger & Severyuk

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  • As a dedicated full service agency, the Berger & Severyuk Media Groupoffers a 360 view of the customers business to effectively create acompetitive advantage, The Berger & Severyuk Media Group is the leading marketing agency for ethnicmarketing, drawing on its experience and profound special skills for handling therussian media market as well as the russian speaking target audience. The Berger & Severyuk Media Group deals with the strategic and sales-orientatedplanning of marketing campaigns for its customers on every available mediaressource. Our services includes all available media ressources from the classic TV & radioadvertisement up to digital campaigns - though our focus lies with TV & Internetadvertisement. Within the Russian Federation the Berger & Severyuk Media Group primarily offers itsmarketing services for the following mass media: TV, digital & analog PrintmediaWeb campaigns classic PR campaigningWEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • TV RESSOURCES The Berger & Severyuk Media Group is the exclusive partner of severalrussian TV stations, including: TV stations of the federal mediaholding company VGTRK STRANA SARAFAN Rossija 24 Moskva 24 Moja Planeta Nauka 2.0WEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • VGTRK: TV- station STRANA STRANA the new russian TV station with everything Russia 24 hours, 7 daysa week. STRANA is for those whod like to know how the country changed overthe last 20 years. STRANA offers significant insights and ideas, events, andreports on the more important people both from history and of course today. National Award STRANA is one of the stations main activities, being anannual and open award ceremony honoring the works of russian directors,producers and music talents. Broadcasting area: Russian Federation, former GUS countries Audience More than 4.5 million viewers in Russia (over 350 cities)WEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • SARAFAN the entertainment channel for the whole family Mainly SARAFAN tries to entertain everyone and spread joy andhappiness, and to appeal to the old tradition of the family watchingTV together Broadcasting area: Russian Federation, several former GUScountries Audience: Reaching over 2.2 million viewers within Russia aloneVGTRK: TV- station SARAFANWEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • Moskwa 24 (Moscow 24) News channel, reporting 24-7 around the year Moskwa 24s mission is to keep moscovian population informed all daylong from metropolitan news, traffic reports to weather forecasts,available anywhere in Moscow. It took Moskwa 24 only 2 months to easily surpass the ratings of the formerleading news channels, Rossija 24 and EuroNews. Audience: About 5.5 million moscovian households.VGTRK: TV- station MOSKWA 24WEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • VGTRK: TV- station Rossija 24 Rossija 24 (Russia 24) Russian news channel, reporting on allimportant news and events around Russia and the world. The channels business card are the live reports on Russias and theworlds biggest and most important events, like economic forumsand -congresses, press conferences, along with all major importantevents about music, literature, cinema, architecture or the modernarts. Audience: about 50,75% of the russian population monthly reach: about 29.3% of the russian populationWEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • VGTRK: TV- station MOJA PLANETA Moja Planeta russian educational channel, covering geography, the sciences as a whole, history and society. Thechannel offers its target audience only the best of documentaries and reports both national and international. Moja Planeta is currently the leading educational channel in Russia. Audience: by sexes: Males 66,2% Females - 33,8% by age: 26-34 13,9 % 35-44 25,1% 46-64 24,1%WEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • Nauka 2.0 (Science 2.0) offers its audience a broad spectrum ofreports and documentaries on everything science related. The channelbroadcasts everything science from cutting edge technologies, thevery latest innovations to the latest scientific insights. The task of Nauka 2.0 is to raise the level of general knowledge of itsaudience as well as to promote the sciences within the RussianFederation. Nauka 2.0 tries to elevate the sciences beyond the point ofjust being useful for teaching a smartphone new tricks, but to positionthem as one of humanities (and Russias) key interests as they shouldbe considered. Audience: More than 0.5 million subscribers (which is considerable, asthe channel only started broadcasting april 2nd 2012)VGTRK: TV- station NAUKA 2.0WEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • PRINT RESSOURCEN The most popular and most-read newspapers in Russia: Moskowski Komsomolez (MK) Komsomolskaja Prawda (KP) Argumenty i Fakty (AiF) Semj Dnej (7 dnej/ 7 Tage) Speed-Info Kommersant Antenna - Telesemj Telenedelja as well as a multitude of magazines covering lifestyle, male / female content, economy, etc.WEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • MOSKOWSKI KOMSOMOLEZ (MK) Moskowski Komsomolez is a popular daily socio-politicnewspaper, founded 1919 for the communist youth. The papersslogan as well as the slogan of its publishing house: Relevanceand reliability are not just a slogan, but basic principles ofexistence. # of copies: up to 750.000 (MK being the 2nd largest newspaperin Russia) The audience for each issue reaches up to 1.022.100 people. Available in 83 major regions of the Russian Federation, formerGUS countries as well as internationally.WEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • KOMSOMOLSKAJA PRAWDA Komsomolskaja Prawda the biggest and most popularnewspaper. Founded as a newspaper for the communist youth in1925 by the state, it quickly developed into a boulevardnewspaper after the fall of the iron curtain. Nowadays it coversentertainment, the life of the VIPs and the latest rumours aboutRussias media elite. The paper is available as regional edition in 62 regions of Russia,as well as eastern europe and middle asia. # of copies: Edition Moscow 160.000 copies Regional editions 650.000 copies Weekly edition Komsomolskaja Prawda Tolstuschka 3,1 million copiesWEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • ARGUMENTY I FAKTY Argumenty i Fakty (AiF) is a very popular socio-politicweekly paper. The Guiness Book of Records listed the paper asthe most read paper in 1990 with a whopping 33.5 millionnumber of copies. Today the AiF is the most popular weekly paper by segmentwith every edition reaching apprx. 3 million copies. The papers being distributed in over 57 countries around theworld, even the United States, Japan or Thailand. Readers: Every edition is read by more than 7 million people(about 13% of the russian population). Readers of the special editions: AiF Health 1,5 Millionen AiF Gardening 581.000 AiF Superstars 484.000 AiF Mums & daughters 434.000WEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • 7 DNEJ (7 DAYS) 7 dnej is a colored russian weekly magazine containing theweekly TV program. Within its segment, 7 dnej is the most popular. Every edition is being printed inRussia as well as Germany andeven Finland. The publishing house of 7 dnej ranks among the biggestpublishers of the Russian Federation, regarding the number ofcopies for each edition. The magazine covers events on national TV as well as the latestnews about sports, cinema, theatre, etc. 7 dnej is clearly mainstream-oriented. The number of copies for each edition: about 60 million.WEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • KOMMERSANT Kommersant is a nationwide socio-politic daily newspaperwith an emphasis on business / economic news The paper is considered to be the leading source for objectivereports on business / economic issues by TNS MediaIntelligence for the russian speaking population. Segments: Politics, economy, sports, culture, international newsand crime reports. # of copies: 115.000 ExemplareWEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • SPEED INFO Speed Info unique magazine on life, love and family. Reports on: Life of the stars / VIPs, Crime Reports and familydrama. The magazines most popular issues deal with health relatedissues, as well as answering intimacy related questions of itsreaders. Readers: Apprx. 6 millionWEB: WWW.BS-MEDIAGROUP.COM E-MAIL: [email protected] TEL.: +49 (0) 341 863 82 96 1
  • Antenna Telese