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Rush of Rune Product Introduction

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Rush of Rune is a strategy game which innovatively combines city building, TD and classic miniatures wargaming in one. It presents you an immersive medieval fantasy world with its gorgeous Pixar-style animation, and thrilling storyline. Rush of Rune is a thinking man’s game, which involves skill, strategy and calculation: Map out strategies on the collocation of dozens of unique units; destroy the lairs of those monsters inhabiting it; unite with allies to have guild mercenaries supporting you; battle with global players in the strategic gameplay of TD and classic miniature.

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  • Rush of Rune Product Introduction
  • Product Informations Game Features Major selling points Five Features II. User Analysis III. Profit Model IV. Team V. Our Goal VI. At the End 2014 WILD HAMMER Co.Ltd. All Rights Reserved. I. Introduction
  • Rush of Rune is an innovative tower push SLG game. Prototype of this fantastic game is conceived as a classic game with a integration of COC, defense and construction of the city, together with fierce battle of PVP/PVE. Built on European medieval fantasy story, with many different monsters in game world. Users are warm welcoming a completely innovative offbeat gameplay which is imaginary but simple and fun. Wise coordination skills, combination and stimulation which is deeply attracting our users. The most prominent is the international game art picture. Our artists are maximizing the imagination as "legendary" style strategy, with a comical which does not lose the cute Pixar style. Graphic defense class play will bring to the game player first-class game experience, "legend" will be the strategics for a hot COC! Product Introduction
  • Operate system: IPhone, iPad compatible, ios4.3 or higher and Android phones Charge mode: Charging fees, the sale of VIP service and props Current status: Released Online time: Middle of August 2014 Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later and Android phones Rush of Rune Basic Information
  • First innovation of defense graphic mode SLG game The "hopscotch" defense graphic styles of fighting Fight agains other players, plunder them or combat differen monsters in main City construction City construction in multi scene simulation like grassland, desert, snow & lava Build your resource fascilities, appoint your guards, set up fortifications and deploy a powerful force to combat agains othersAbandon the human-computer interaction model, and the real contest All players can challange each other in PVP mode and they can join league activities to obtain more fun in gameplay Game Information
  • Supports localization into many countries and regions, Asia, Europe and the middle east...... Players can play game in own language A hero to develop, with combination of different heroes battle Kung Fu Panda, barbarian warrior, priest, rogue, elves...... Different heroes in Combat role are acting different, every step is like the next war chess It is a "startling step by step". Players need a constant exploration and they should learn from each other. Make full use of various heroes expertise to gain combat victory and find a way to completely use various heroes to gain a victory in a combat. Pixar" of the international game art style, exquisite pictures Rich western magic style, "lighting" + "particle effects" Game Features
  • Multi-line system SLG first play Pixar Style Major Selling Points
  • Tower Defence Development Town Development Hero Development Buildyourmaincity ofRome Multi-line System
  • SLG First Play
  • Pixar Style Design
  • Five Features
  • Revenge mechanism! Check reports! Introduction Battle
  • TheCity CombatMode
  • Fight Combatprocess
  • War chess RPG Magic Urban construction The Magic Hero War Hero Destro y Plunde r Strategy Magi c TrapPower The fame of victory The first innovation of defense graphic mode SLG game
  • City construction is fun & playing is very easy Building Upgrade Research technology Soldiers Expedition City Construction Raise your Guards
  • Abandon the human-computer interaction m and the real contest PVE model PVP model: At the beginning of the first level, players can challenge the PVE After completening levels, players are going to fight specific boss With good battle tactics, player have a chance to drop good drop - In online mode players can challange other players - Will the strength of the warriors be able to break through hostile - If offensive strength is strong, the territory would easily be comp - If defense strength is strogn, attacking soldiers will be easily de Battle Aspect
  • Destiny Angel Monomer career with high damange. Protects the complete humanity. Only Queen Angela can summon him. After the upgrade he gains ability to reduce the targets attack. Remote monomer occupation, health and attack damage. After the upgrade, small groups can be easily damaged. Elf Archer High Priestess Pure secondary occupation, no attack ability, can increase the value of his life. In the hero team, she is equivalent to a "wet nurse" role. Archdemon Single jump attack occupation, can jump to the target before the attack. After the upgrade he will gain fear target ability.
  • 80 main players Male players are dominating 18-30 Years Love PK POTENTIAL MARKET PLAYERS ASSOCIATION FREE PLAYERS HEAVY PLAYERS OPINION LEADERS Players Features User Analysis
  • Persistent category fee - Chest open - Ressources buy - Physical buy - Experience doubled props Consumer impulse Faster construction buildings Ressurection place Fixed fee category Consumer impulsivity Avatar category Building category Persistent category fee Others Fixed fee category Passion players will invest into game to build and level faster, each character will buy basic charge Profit Model
  • IV. TEAM
  • Product Operations Operations Operations team from the grand Ninetowns, gold cool companies such as "strategic legend" is a perfect operating solid foundation. Commerce Department Business department has established good cooperative relations of its contact with the channels, and has a strong overseas business relationships and operational capabilities. Customer Service Department Advanced call center system and improved humane care is creating a Wildhammer sophisticated customer service team in order to create the most attentive customer service for users. Marketing The department staff has a rich project experience and a successful promotion of the industry over different of well-known online games such as "Zodiac legend," "Devil 2" and so on. Operation Team
  • Research & Development Team
  • Dream of the planet (Co3g) is a leading online game developer and digital publisher. Businesses is involved in the mobile Internet games and web games. Development team includes technical strength UDK, Co2D, U3, such as engine, iOS, Android and other mobile Internet complete solution. Company is adhering to the "customer first, so that all innovation have more fun. Products are "Wrath of God of War," "Moe Demons" and Strategic Legend" and so on. Thousands of domestic and foreign companies and mobile Internet channels and media have a good working relationship. Company Introduction
  • Our goal is to offer our players games that provide both long- lasting entertainment and continued satisfaction. We achieve this through our dedication to development, permanent system monitoring and excellent support done by a large and active team of moderators. All of our online games are free to use without restrictions or time limits. Players have the option to purchase premium accounts or items that offer additional advantages in the games. We strive to make sure that all players regardless of the standard or premium account / items, have the opportunity to experience an optimal gaming satisfaction. Our Goal
  • Shanghai (Wildhammer) created in 2013, is carrying the original (gold cool game) dreams. One of core development members is a ten-year veteran who joined the game set up. He is most respected and served as senior producer of gold cool game developers, with a variety of fame masterpiece issue. Philosopy: Make everything more fun !!! Innovation-oriented, sophisticated research and development, cool atmosphere which build global quality and the dreams will lead the team to become a rising star of the mobile gaming! At the End
  • Marketing and overseas We always hope that over the market and channels for a wide range of cooperation, to provide more comprehensive products and better service for users. Contact: Mr. Zhang Tel: 15216780470 E-mail: [email protected] Media and channels We sincerely hope to establish contact with the all- round cooperation with overseas companies, overseas team, welcome various enterprises, agents, distributors. Contact our sales for cooperation. Contact person: Eleen.Liu Tel: 18321526108 Welcome To Cooperate