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I NF O @ R U N S I G


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AGENDAPartner Program OverviewExample Partners – Timers, Running Stores, Event

Management, Race Series, Industry GroupsCross Race Management & MarketingRD Go - Race Day Features


“What has happened over the last five months has surpassed my expectations. I'm constantly learning of the various dashboard applications, on the pre and post event side of things. It absolutely makes my job as an event director easier, especially in those moments prior to a race where time is of the essence. Most of all, I want to thank you all for the dedicated support, user friendly applications, and integration with timing systems.”

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PARTNER PROGRAMFor Timers, Race Series, Event

Managers, Large Running Sites

Enables multi-level access and control of races

Multiple Races and Race DirectorsMulti-Race ControlsStrong Race Day Features20% Revenue Share with

Partner Capability to Set Pricing per Race Self Managed Pricing Volume Pricing








Race …





“As someone that has been involved in planning a lot of events, I have to say, I LOVE RUNSIGNUP. Might even get a shirt made up that says that!”

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PHILOSOPHYTens of Thousands of Micro-CommunitiesGoal: Provide technology to help these micro-communities serve runners better collaboratively

Strategy• We don’t own the data• Open• Latest Technology• Easy to Use• Listen to our customers

Built by Runners for Runners

“RunSignUp has emerged as a real innovator in the running community. We have been working with them for over two years now on how to make races easier to find and more accessible to runners.” 4

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RUNSIGNUP SERVICESRace RegistrationResults & ScoringRaceJoy Mobile GPS Tracking AppRace Calendars for Clubs, Stores & TimersClub ManagementVolunteer Management


Open Approach• Free Services• Open API• Widgets

“As a runner - every time I plan to register for a race and I see that the registration platform is with RunSignUp I say 'Oh Thank Goodness!!!'”

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RACE SERIESBlackLight Run and Foam Glow• 30+ Entertainment Runs each across the US with many cities having

10,000+• Tight Widget Integration for registration on their website• Facebook & others Ad Integration for ROI Analysis (2.5 Million

Facebook Likes)• Reduced Customer Service load by >50%, Increased Processing Fee

Revenue Share significantly by setting $5.00 processing fee• Cross-Race Charity Fundraising raised over $200K in just 4 months

from donationsHealthy Kids• 60+ races across the US, with a franchise-type model of local people

operating each race with guidance from central organization• Consistent Race setup with RunSignUp, Cross Race Promotion tools,

Cross Race Administration and Participant Management, Cross Race financials and payments

"You guys are awesome! I recommend you to EVERYONE! RunSignUp has made my life so much easier this season and the Coordinators are raving about it! Way to go!”


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RUNNING INDUSTRY PARTNERSRoad Runner Club of America• Running Club Membership creation

and management• Create Race Widget• Coaching Education and

Certification on RunSignUp• Premier Race search site in the US• Download all race changes each

week and auto-populate their calendar

• RunSignUp is the white label race creation widget on their website

“Also, I wanted to let you know how great you are…we’ve been using … for a few months now and every time I’ve had an issue or problem and send off an email I’ve gotten a response within an hour or so. It’s very refreshing!” 8

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CROSS RACE MANAGEMENTReports & DashboardsFinancial Payments and ReportingParticipant Search & ManagementRace Copy and RenewalCouponsEmail MarketingEmail NotificationWidgetsProcessing Fee Customization

“I have been organizing, race directing and timing races for over 25 years and finally there is an online registration system that is very user friendly but still offers a lot of information and that system is RunSignUp, with their friendly staff and tremendous support, it is the best online system on the market. ” 9

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REPORTS AND DASHBOARDSDashboards• Live View – Participants, Race

Revenue, Partner Revenue with 1 and 7 day and yearly comparison

• Comparison Views (see next page) with Monthly, Weekly or Daily Year over Year comparisons or Week over Week comparisons

• Payments quick graphical view of payments

Participant Report• Similar to Race Participant

Reports, but across all races• New search via zip code radius

“Holy crap thats awesome you implemented all of those changes already. Default report view is super cool and giveaway inventories/projecting. Thanks.”


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FINANCIAL REPORTSSummaryRace Payments with Drill

Down• Payments for each race• Transactions for each

Payment and RaceRace Totals• Download Excel

Spreadsheets• Per race and event

summaries• Transaction DetailsTop Race List


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FINANCIAL PAYMENTSRaces and Charities can each have their own Payment Accounts• RunSignUp makes all payments without you in the middleConsolidated Payments• Multiple races can share a Payment Account• Detailed reporting to allocate to each raceDaily, Weekly, Monthly PaymentsFast Payments – Transactions up to Monday at 5PM Eastern are in your bank account Wednesday morning

“My timing business has exploded and I like to handle online registration for my races. RSU is a great company to work with.” 13

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PARTICIPANT SEARCH & MANAGEMENTSearch Across RacesSearch on Every Page from Upper Right CornerAdvanced SearchParticipant Management direct links

“In my first year of using RunSignUp (after 10-15 years of using another registration company) I’m quite pleased with the site and it’s features. I’ve especially liked how easy it is to modify a registration or refund money to a participant.” 14

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RACE COPY AND RENEWALFast Race ListQuick view of Participant

CountsQuick Access to Common

Actions• Edit / Renew / Copy /

DeletePowerful search for large number of races

“I really like working with you guys. I can't wait until later this year when I can start pushing the "renew" button for all my races. I like your service a lot. Thanks” 15

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COUPONSCross-race and Single Race coupons% and/or $Start and end datesOptions like minimum cart value,

limit # of uses, new customers only.

Set “Tags” to reports across all similar coupons like “Sponsors”

Useful for Elite athletes, sponsors, running clubs, etc.

This is only the 2nd year for our event, and the first time I’ve used With that said, I have noticed a definitive difference in the amount of registration traffic compared to last year. I’m no expert with, but I have had a lot of success utilizing the coupon feature.” 16

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EMAIL MARKETINGFree Email MarketingCross-Race Email Lists• Pick Multiple Races• Zipcode Radius across all racesTightly Integrated with RunSignUp Database• Quick pick of Participants, Teams, Captains, etc.• “Mail Merge” with many of the database fields like

Name, Shirt Size, Bib #, Registration ID#, URL for updating participant info, etc.

Easily upload participants into listsAuto-logos for Partner, Race and SponsorsUpload your custom HTML

“Both my timing company and RunSignUp are great and we will definitely use both companies next year (and tell others about you). The Email Marketing feature worked like a charm! Thanks!”


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CROSS RACE MARKETINGReferral Marketing• Create Referral Codes for Partners to use for tracking registrations across

all racesIncomplete Registration Reports Across Races• Automated follow-up Email capabilityMore to come moving from per race to across races:• ROI Tracking for Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Adroll• Loyalty Programs for Races and Running Clubs• Custom URL’s• Special Group and Team Pricing• SEO Optimizations• Sponsor Rewards • Google Analytics Summary info

“I tripped across the incomplete registrations report this year - this was great because I was able to get in touch with people that had experienced a problem and get them straightened out before the online registration closed.” 18

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EMAIL NOTIFICATIONSConfigure Emails Sent to Race• Renewal Emails sent to

Partners and/or race directorsSet notifications you receive• New Race Created (useful

when you have a race creation widget on your site)

• Daily Registration Summary• Daily Store Purchase Summary• Daily Club Registration


“You are so easy to work with and I do want to tell you how much I appreciate all your help. I also love how you notify me when someone registers. It is so easy. I have highly recommended you all to a friend for an event they are doing. Hope they take my advice! :)” 19

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WIDGETS AND PRIVATE LABELINGUpload Logo• Header on your Dashboard (like this page!)• Appears in all Emails (automated and Email Marketing)

instead of the RunSignUp logoWidgets – Many Cross Race Widgets• All Partner Race List• Race Calendar• Small Upcoming Races for a sidebar• Top Referrers across all races• Add Race – either Quick Calendar add or full race creation• Club Creation• Login using Oauth for access to your site and RunSignUp

with shared password

“I like RunSignUp because they give a little "widget" that I can paste directly onto a webpage on my site that makes it look like runners are signing up at Ohio Race Day. It is sort of like a portal directly to RSU through my site.” 20

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RACE CALENDARSRace Calendar Widget• Display only your races• Display races within an X mile Radius• Exclude and Include specific races• Configure color and font to match your websiteCreate Race Listing Widget• Let race directors create their own race listing• Useful for Stores, Clubs & Race Listing sites• Auto-updates the race calendar widget

Playmakers uses RunSignUp for our community online calendar. We have 100's of events add their information to the community calendar on our website seamlessly with little involvement from the store. It has saves us 50+ hours a year in managing our calendar and continually updating everything. We also use RunSignUp for our store events. We host upwards of 20 events a year.


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RACE DAY GOScoring and Timing Software IntegrationsCheck-In AppResults KioskRegistration KioskResultsSeries ScoringRaceJoy

“RunSignUp makes it easy for participants to register for the Mike Hike and support our fundraising efforts. Online donations increased 57% when we switched to RunSignUp!” 22

Bringing Race Day Together

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Finish Line



Timing System

Chronotrack, MyLaps, Agee, etc.

Scoring System




Your Website

ResultsResults and Notificationson Website, Mobile, TXT,

Email, Facebook and Twitter.Results

Check-In App

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THE RACE DIRECTOROne of the Two (along with RunScore) market dominating Scoring

platformsOver 500 Timers use The Race Director to time, score and manage

thousands of racesWorks with all chip timing systemsSupports Road Race, Triathlon, Relay, Team, Lap, XC and more types of

racesMerged with RunSignUp in January, 2015Very tight integration between RunSignUp and The Race Director to sync

participant information (edit on either side), upload results and send notifications via TXT and Email. Advanced integration points like teams, triathlons, etc.

Combined companies will create a next generation Cloud and Mobile scoring platform which will work with RD PC.

“I am very happy to merge our business with RunSignUp. This combination provides a stable place to continue to support and enhance The Race Director in an open fashion. RunSignUp shares a similar vision for open platforms that are inclusive. I am particularly excited to begin work on a Next-Generation platform with the RunSignUp team.” – ROGER BRADSHAW, THE RACE DIRECTOR FOUNDER


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RUNSCORE RESULTSRunScore Results works for any RunScore race• Without any changes, post results online• Uses existing listing files for printing results to

put those fields online and make them searchable

• Add TXT and Email results messaging• Add YouTube Video to results• Embed results easily on multiple sites with

WidgetRunSignUp Integration• Also works with any RunSignUp Race• Bi-directional syncing of participant data – make

changes in either RunSignUp or RunScore and those changes are synced to the other system

• Can share Results Credits with RunScore Results

“RunScore Results is the result of a tight integration between RunScore and RunSignup Results, but allows RunScore users to use RunScore Results for any race and completely controlled from RunScore. RunScore Results is an integral part of RunScore.” ALAN JONES, RUNSCORE FOUNDER 25

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AGEE TIMINGAgee Timing is a timing and scoring

software platform that works with many vendors hardware ( Impinj, Alien, Motorola/Zebra, Thinkify and others)

Tightly integrated with RunSignUpParticipant Syncing with editing on

either sideFull Results publishing to

RunSignUp ResultsEnables real time Notifications via

TXT and EMail

“I use RunSignUp as my online registration vendor already. I like them because they give a little “widget” that I can paste directly onto a webpage on my site that makes it look like runners are signing up at Ohio Race Day. Now that RunSignup integrates with Agee Race Timing, I’m really excited.” 26

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CHECK-IN APPAuto-Sync with Offline modeFast Local Searching & Check-InDynamic Bib AssignmentWaiver Check-InBar Code Reader SupportLabel & Receipt PrintersCustomize Check-In DataLinked Registration for fast family check-

inTeam Check-InTeam Bib AssignmentReporting per Check-In StationSave to USB for emergency sync with

Scoring SoftwareFree and Open


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“Just uploaded my first set of results. Oh my goodness! How easy!!!! I usually put off uploading results to our previous registration site because it was so difficult. Thank you for making this simple.”

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Enable Mobile Phone, and Kiosk Registration on Race Day

Race Director and RunScore can download the new entries incrementally

No more data entry and paper!Take cash and/or credit cardsUse as Results Kiosk after the



“I used the kiosks at a small race this past weekend too. First time using it, everything went great. After walking the volunteers through a couple of registrations they picked it up easily, super easy to use.”

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RUNSIGNUP RESULTSEasy, Open Results Upload from The Race Director, RunScore, Agee, CSV, HTML or APISimple collaboration between Race Directors and TimersFull searchable Results Display• Individual Results, including custom URL and QR Code for bib printing• Customize column order and content• Splits and Triathlon support• Auto-pace and Age % calculations• Finisher Certificate• Video Results• Mobile Results• Kiosk Results• Custom Bib & QR Code• Notification and Runner Tracking• Quick Widget for embedding searchable results on any website• Free TXT of results if registration done on RunSignUp and inexpensive TXT and free

email notifications for other races

“We added video to two of our results pages from the weekend: super easy to set up on the RSU end (YouTube is another story), and a huge hit with the masses. THANK YOU for making this feature available. It's something I didn't know I would ever use, but greatly appreciate you all thinking outside the typical registration/results box to provide what I consider the leading product in the marketplace. Kudos.”


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FINISHER CERTIFICATESelect from our standard TemplatesUpload your Own Background ImageAdd TextAdd Custom Fields• Name• Time• Place• Pace• Etc.


“Just wanted to say thank you for doing a kick ass job with results and certificates. Finally figured out how to quickly upload results from RD to RSU and stoked how easy it was.”

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“My husband, son and a friend were able to track my whole race from home and from two different states!! Thanks RaceJoy!!!”


Transform the phone into a tracking deviceReal-time tracking on the course mapTrack up to 20 people at a timeReceive Mile Splits and AlertsParticipants Cheer Runners during the raceOn average, seven hour battery life optimizationWill merge GPS Timing Data in RunSignUp Results in 2016

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REVENUE SHARERunSignUp shares 20% of the processing fee revenue with partners in

return for their volume and doing part of the support and setup work required to support multiple races

Minimum 10 races and/or 5,000 registrations per year to qualifyPartners have control over Processing Fees charged to races and keep

any additional fees chargedSet across all races, with ability to modify on a per race basisExample:• $30 race, $2.50 standard RunSignUp processing fee• Partner receives $0.50 of the $2.50 (20%)• Partner chooses to charge $3.10 to recover the value they are

providing to the race. The partner keeps the extra $0.60• The partner in this case is keeping $1.10 of each $30 registration

We were able to more than double the revenue share we were getting from our previous provider. And we get better service and better software. We have taken that extra cash and grown our events this year. 33

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SUMMARYPartners are key to the RunSignUp business model

Many features targeted at each market will continue to be enhanced

• Timers – Race Day features• Race Series – Marketing and Advertising ROI features• Open Platform capable of working with your environment

and systems

We attempt to be important for your business – easing your processes, adding features your customers want, and providing the analytics to improve your operational and marketing efforts

“I've checked out most of the major online registration platforms. Plymouth Rock Racing chose RunSignUp because it is the most user friendly and fully featured registration platform on the web. You guys are kicking your competition’s ass. ” 34