RunSignUp 2015 Symposium Overview

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  1. 1. Overview [email protected] 1
  2. 2. Todays Agenda 8:30 RunSignUp Overview Bob Bickel, Matt Avery 9:30 Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Race Steve Lackey, Endurance Magazin & 10:30 Break 10:45 Building a Year Round Community Dee Stathis, Pittsburgh Marathon and P3R 11:30 The Synthesis of Races, Stores and Training Mandy March, Playmakers 12:30 Lunch 1:30 Technology, Packet Pickup and Branding Your Event Andy Harris, Columbus Running Company 2:15 Donations and Fundraising for a Race Sharon Francis, Aut2Run for Autism Society Ventura County 3:00 Break 3:15 Open Q&A 4:00 Adjorn Wednesday Timer Sessions start at 8:30 for RunScore, The Race Director and Agee Timing 2
  3. 3. Agenda RunSignUp Overview RunSignUp Year in Review Top Ten RunSignUp Capabilities RD Go Demo Whats Coming 3
  4. 4. Philosophy Tens of Thousands of Micro-Communities Goal: Provide technology to help these micro-communities serve runners better Strategy We dont own the data Open Latest Technology Easy to Use Listen to our customers Built by Runners for Runners 4 Runners Stores d Clubs Timers Race Directors Tech Providers
  5. 5. RunSignUp Services Race Registration Results & Scoring RaceJoy Mobile GPS Tracking App Race Calendars for Clubs, Stores & Timers Club Management Volunteer Management 5 Open Approach Free Services Open API Widgets Timer & Partnership Programs Affiliate Program
  6. 6. Races 6 250,000+ Registrations per month 7,000+ Races in last 12 months
  7. 7. Timer Partners 7
  8. 8. RunSignUp Year in Review The Race Director RaceJoy RunScore OEM Financials Upgrade & Payment System New Race Director Dashboard & Wizard Improved Reporting Integrated Email Volunteer System USAT Integration Better Club-Race Integration Giveaway Inventories & Planning Video Results Loyalty Program Sales Tax Time Zone Import Mapping & Previous Year Imports 1,847 releases in 2014 99.996% Uptime in 2014 (16-21 minutes), 7 Minutes (all planned) in 2015 so far 8
  9. 9. Top Ten Widgets Donations (and 4% processing fee) Email Marketing & Communication Facebook Ad Tracking Price Changes & Special Limited Time Coupons Groups Participant Self-Serve Year over Year Summary Check-In TXT Alerts GPS Tracking 9
  10. 10. Email Marketing Free Email Marketing Tightly Integrated with RunSignUp Database Quick pick of Participants, Teams, Captains, etc. Mail Merge with many of the database fields like Name, Shirt Size, Bib #, Registration ID#, URL for updating participant info, etc. Easily upload participants into lists Auto-logos for Race and Sponsors Upload your custom HTML 10
  11. 11. Check-In App Chrome App App and Web browser Printing limitations Off-line Download data before event Auto-syncs whenever connected Configurable data fields Configurable Behavior Receipt and Label printing USB Save option for syncing with timing/scoring system July, 2015 11
  12. 12. My husband, son and a friend were able to track my whole race from home and from two different states!! Thanks RaceJoy!!! GPS Runner Tracking Transform the phone into a tracking device Real-time tracking on the course map Track up to 20 people at a time On average, seven hour battery life optimization No need to pre-build map
  13. 13. Real-Time Tracking Runner Tracking becoming expected. RaceJoy offers advanced, real- time tracking.
  14. 14. GPS-Based Progress Alerts Alerts provided at every mile, on average No timing equipment needed Provides performance data Location, elapsed time, pace and estimated finish time. Industry First! Alerts sent through push notifications vs. SMS text
  15. 15. Social Media Progress Posts Automatic Progress Alerts to Facebook & Twitter Participant option to post GPS Progress Alerts as they cross mile points on the course. Each posting promotes the event. Participant is able to post pre-set custom messages at each post. Expands event exposure to a broader range of social networks
  16. 16. MeetUp MappingFeature Easily locate someone at the race site. Ideal for large venue events.
  17. 17. Send-a-Cheer!
  18. 18. RaceJoy PhoneTrak Pricing Free for Race Organizers $0.99 in-App Upgrade Purchase by Participants & Spectators Event Size 15K and Under Greater than 15K Distance Up to 3,000 $450 $750 Up to 10,000 $950 $1,500 Up to 15,000 $1,750 $3,000 Sponsorship Option Sponsorship Includes: -Race logo in event listing -Two linkable banner ads Offer RaceJoys innovation PhoneTrak features for Free for participants & spectators
  19. 19. RD Go Demo 19
  20. 20. Finish Line Register Run Race! Timing System Chronotrack, MyLaps, etc. Scoring System Participants Your Website Register Your Website Results Results and Notifications on Website, Mobile, TXT, Email, Facebook and Twitter. Results
  21. 21. RunSignUp Strategic Projects 21
  22. 22. New Runner UI Facebook header like look Menu Custom Sections can be pages Redesigned Donation/Fundraising Runner Profile Giveaway & emergency Contact Credit Card Quick Registration Mobile Friendly oorestown/BlacklightRunPartnerRace me/3947 September, 2015 22
  23. 23. Partner UI Partner Dashboard will look like Race Dashboard Email from Partner Level Enhanced Reporting including more YoY graphs Also coming to Race Director Dashboard August, 2015 23
  24. 24. Check-In App Chrome App App and Web browser Printing limitations Off-line Download data before event Auto-syncs whenever connected Configurable data fields Configurable Behavior Receipt and Label printing USB Save option for syncing with timing/scoring system July, 2015 24
  25. 25. Race Day Kiosk Chrome App (Maybe Android) Integrate with swipe hardware Offline mode TBD for offline credit cards Dual mode with check-in capability More flexible options for configuring what will be part of registration path 25
  26. 26. RD Go Next Generation Race Director based on Cloud and Mobile Based on knowledge of Race Director & RunSignUp Ground-up design and database Compatibility and hopefully bi-directional movement with Race Director and hopefully RunScore Off-Line Capabilities (ala Check-In) 26
  27. 27. 27
  28. 28. Summary Committed to the Running Community Enable local running communities to thrive Focus on the technology and making it easy Listening to user feedback 28