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Transcript of ROTARY SCREW COMPRESSORS - Elmbridge … Screw Compressors Why Rotary Screw? Rotary screw...


    Efficiency Under Pressure

  • Rotary Screw CompressorsWhy Rotary Screw?

    Rotary screw compressors have the following benefitsover piston compressors:

    Higher efficiency, up to 33% more air output Lower running cost, up to 25% cost reduction Up to 100% duty cycle, for continuous running Longer life, up to 4 time service life Low Noise, 68 - 72 dBA Reliability, Less service required

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    Pneutech Group is actively involved in supplying compressed air solutions to small and very large industries across

    the world, and offers you superior experience, superior products, superior pricing and superior service not found

    in any other compressed air organisation. As a compressed air specialist, our philosophy is to provide your business

    with a complete compressed air solution that not only works, but exceeds your expectations by helping develop your

    industry in a responsible manner .With such international connections, Pneutech Group has the performance and

    integrity that only comes from personal commitment combined with global resources to provide a truly innovative

    and flexible solution for your application.

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    up to 2xLONGER


    up to 4xSERVICE


    Rotary Screw Compressors


    Rotary Screw OperationWhy Rotary Screw?Pneutech Rotary ScrewSeries OverviewStand Alone MachinesFully Integrated MachinesContact Details



    90 - 95%65 - 75%

    Continuous - 100%Intermittent - 50%

    Up to 80,000 hoursUp to 20,000 hours

    68 - 75 dBA85 - 95 dBA

    Service Every 2000 hoursService Every 500 hours

    cost of ownership


    cost of ownership








    Piston Type Compressor Rotary Screw Type Compressor

    Your global supplier for compressed air equipment

  • Rotary Screw Compressors - ElectricPneutech Rotary Screw Series

    The Pneutech Rotary Screw Compressors are directly coupled to the electric motor, which gives an efficient 100% power transfer for optimum performances and low running costs. With fewer transmission parts, maintenance costs are also reduced.

    The large air end revolves at a slow 3600rpm which ensures longevity and extra quiet operation (75dBA). This makes these units ideally suited to a wide range of automotive, engineering, food and manufacturing industries. Unlike most screw compressors, the Pneutech Rotary Screw Series Compressors have the unique ability to run intermittently on a stop/start cycle, or continuously on a 100% duty cycle.

    Two stage oil filtration for maximum oil life

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    Rotary ScrewOperation

    Product Features

    Fan cooled oil radiator for lower operating temperature

    Logik ProgrammableController Including: High Temperature Shut Down Emergency Shut Down Rotation Monitor Hour Meter Service Schedule Digital Read Out

    Fan cooled compressed air after cooler for less water condensationbuild up

    Strong compact compressor framefor rigidity

    Stop / start or continuous run mode

    Oil drain tubes foreasy access

    2 stage spin-on oil filtration

    Star Delta Starter Auto on / off run mode

    Oversized slow spinning air end for longevity

    Direct driven motor /screw no V-belts and high energy transfer


    MotorKW - HP

    PressureBar - PSI

    Free Air Deiveryl/M - CFM

    Tank Litres Dryer Dimensions



    RS750TR 5.5 7.5 10 143 550 26 270 1500x 1350x 500 152 70

    RS1000TR 7.5 10 10 143 1200 36 270 1500x 1350x 500 248 70

    RS1500TR 11 15 8.5 125 1650 59 270 1600x 550x 1450 270 68

    RS2000TR 15 20 8.5 125 2000 72 270 1600x 550x 1450 280 68

    RS750TRRotary Screw 750 Integrated7.5hp Motor26cfm FAD

    RS1000TRRotary Screw 1000 Integrated10hp Motor35cfm FAD

    RS1500TRRotary Screw 1500 Integrated15hp Motor59cfm FAD


    RS2000TRRotary Screw 2000 Integrated20hp Motor72cfm FAD


    MotorKW - HP

    PressureBar - PSI

    Free Air Deiveryl/M - CFM

    Tank Litres Dryer Dimensions



    RS300 2.4 3 9 130 300 10.5 850x450x510 45 62

    RS500 4 5.5 10 143 550 19 940x550x850 150 70

    RS750 5.5 7.5 10 143 550 26 915x710x500 152 70

    RS1000 7.5 10 10 143 1200 36 915x710x500 154 70

    RS1500 11 15 8.5 125 1650 59 680x900x1080 180 68

    RS2000 15 20 8.5 125 2000 72 680x900x1080 190 68

    RS500Rotary Screw 5005hp Motor19cfm FAD

    RS300Rotary Screw 3003hp Motor11cfm FAD

    RS1000Rotary Screw 100010hp Motor35cfm FAD

    RS1500Rotary Screw 150015hp Motor59cfm FAD

    RS2000Rotary Screw 200020hp Motor72cfm FAD

    RS750Rotary Screw 7507.5hp Motor26cfm FAD

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    Rotary Screw Compressors - ElectricPneutech Rotary Screw Series

    Fully IntegratedThe Pneutech integrated Rotary Screw series feature the complete compressed air package including the screw compressor, air receiver and refrigerated dryer, for an air supply of the highest quality. With all the features of the Stand Alone series, the Fully Integrated Series Compressors incorporate a refrigerated dryer complete with an adjustable solenoid drain to remove condensate in every situation. Mounted on a fully certified air receiver, the Pneutech integrated rotary screw compressor is ideally suited to spray and finishing applications or any other application where the air supply must be clean and dry.

    Rotary Screw Compressors - ElectricPneutech Rotary Screw Series

    Stand AloneThe Rotary Screw Compressor is mounted inside a sturdy tubular frame for rigidity and long term durability. This also allows for maximum air circulation to give better cooling and with the one piece enclosure, provides fast and easy access for high speed and low cost maintenance.


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    Efficiency Under Pressure