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Page 1: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent
Page 2: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent


Rotary International is a service organisation with over 34,301 clubs, in more than 209

countries, approximately 12,23,413 members and in India 3,141 Rotary clubs, with

more than 1,18,895 members undertake humanitarian programs that address today’s

challenging issues

CORE ESSENCE A worldwide network of inspired individuals who translate their

passions into relevant social causes to change lives in communities.

MISSION We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world

understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional,

and community leaders.

Rotarians Pledge to Eradicate Illiteracy from India

Rotary International’s successful “End Polio” Program that resulted in eradication ofPolio, totally from India and from nearly 99% of the world, has motivated the Rotarians

in South Asia to adopt “Rotary’s Total Literacy Mission” in India, the Rotary India

Literacy Mission wishes to achieve the Literacy goals through its T-E-A-C-H Program:

T - Teacher Support

E - E-Learning

A - Adult Literacy

C - Child Development

H - Happy Schools

Thus, the “T-E-A-C-H Program” includes FIVE “Projects”, each with specific focusbut inter-linked with the others in objective and content so as to contribute to theprogram goal of Total Literacy accompanied with improvement in learning outcome ofprimary / elementary education and spread of adult literacy in various parts of thecountry.

Rotary International District 3150 encompasses 2 Revenue Districts Guntur and

Prakasam in the State of Andhra Pradesh and 10 Revenue Districts in the State of

Telangana including Twin Cities. The Clubs in 3150 are involved in providing safe

drinking water in villages and schools conducting health camps and eye camps

providing sewing machines and buffallows to the under privelaged women. The clubs

are also actively involved in providing reverse osmosis plants in schools and school

desks. Over the last Five Years we have provided more than 75,000 school desks with

the support of our International Partners.


Page 3: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

The famous American author Robert Fulghum said, “It will be a great day when our schoolshave all the money they need, and our air force has to have a bake-sale to buy a bomber.”Unfortunately, that day has still not come in India and schools run by the government arelanguishing for want of basic facilities. This is true for many privately run schools in semi-urban and rural areas. India’s defence budget during 2012–2013 is Rs.1,93,407 crores (US$40.44 billion), an increase of over 17 percent over the previous year. India maintains theeighth largest defence budget in the world. The education budget during the same periodwas increased by 18 percent and yet it is only Rs.61,427 crores. By implementing the Rightto Education Act from this year, the government is promising compulsory education to childrenbetween the ages 6 to 14 years. A sizeable chunk of the money is supposed to be spent onschool education.

The rapid increase in population in India combined with the lack of will by the government toincrease the infrastructure in schools, has resulted in children being made to go to schoolswhich are just an apology for a shelter. Squatting on uneven floors without proper ventilationand toilets, school children are put through a severe strain in government schools which arefunctioning in many cities and villages. In some towns the classes are conducted under thetrees. Imagine how the stones and the hard surfaces can injure the little ones who are madeto sit on the ground. No wonder many children drop out of schools, especially girls.


Page 4: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

The dropout rate in schools is as high as six percent in India in some states. The wayto stem this trend is to set up basic facilities in schools and this is what Rotary isaiming to do under the programme of Save Our schools.

Building toilets, providing clean drinking water, giving furniture such as dual desksand chairs and books form a part of this exercise. Supporting public schools is ourresponsibility. As the former US Vice President Dick Cheney said, “From kindergartento graduation, I went to public schools, and I know that they are a key to being surethat every child has a chance to succeed and to rise in the world.” Providing educational

facilities for the underprivileged is the aim of the Rotary International.


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Page 6: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

High School Dual Desks


Page 7: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

ready for distribution


Page 8: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

Participating Clubs

President - K.Ganga MohanSecretary - M.Mohan DasRC Armoor

President - J.Anand BabuSecretary - G.SrinivasRC Armoor Aadarsh

President - M.Sudhakar ReddySecretary - P.Mohan ReddyRC Bhadrachalam

President - J.Kondal ReddySecretary - K.NimmaiahRC Bhuvanagiri

President - V.Srinivasa RaoSecretary - L.LaxminarayanaRC Coal Field Manuguru

President - Dr. M.Anand ReddySecretary - G.Vidya KumarRC Gajwel

President - B.Umamaheswara RaoSecretary - Sk.JaniRC Greenwoods Yellandu

President - K.Indrasena ReddySecretary - A.RavindranathRC Hanamkonda

President - K.AnilSecretary - K.Mallikarjuna RaoRC Huzurnagar East

President - Vincent Anthony MuthuSecretary - Sreeramulu SudarsanRC Jagitial Central

President - B.NagabhushanamSecretary - P.ViswanathamRC Kamareddy

President - Ramananda Rao MaheshSecretary - Syed Shabbir AliRC Karimnagar

President - K.Sivarama Krshna PrasadSecretary - P.Nageswar RaoRC Khammam

President - K.LaxminarayanaSecretary - K.Rajendra PrasadRC Koratla Kings

President - M.SatyanarayanaSecretary - Dr. Venkanna JatothRC Kothagudem

President - B.Chandra GuptaSecretary - P.ManoharRC Luxettipet Greencorps

President - N.Venkata ReddySecretary - P.SadanandamRC Mahabubabad

President - P.SrihariSecretary - G.Ramesh KumarRC Mancherial

President - M.Pentoji RaoSecretary - N.Nagaraju GoudRC Manjeera Sangareddy

President - M.Ramakrishna RaoSecretary - M.SrinivasuRC Miryalaguda

President - Srinivas RajuSecretary - MariannaRC Mothukur

President - N.Krishna ReddySecretary - E.Koteswar RaoRC Narsampet

President - Ch. PrakashSecretary - B.Ranjit SinghRC Nizamabad

President - M.Vinod KumarSecretary - Md.Anwar PashaRC Powercity Palvancha

President - N.Krishna MurthySecretary - V.SatyanarayanaRC Rice Bowl Kodad

President - M.Venkata ChalanageshSecretary - Ch.Guru KrishnaRC Stambhadri Khammam

President - Vaidyanath ThotaSecretary - Srikanth SandruRC Warangal

President - G.Prabhakar RaoSecretary - K.ChandramouliRC Warangal Central

Save Our Schools Task Force Committee Members

PDG Dr. Ravi Vadlamani [email protected] T.V.R. Murti [email protected]. P. Srinivasa Rao (Bibo) [email protected]. M. Harihara Prasad [email protected] Malladi Vasudev [email protected] Ch. Hari Krishna [email protected] V. Gopinath Reddy [email protected] Jashti Ranga Rao [email protected] Dr. T. Vijendra Rao [email protected]. Ramesh Vangala [email protected]. Kishore Banneni [email protected]. K. Venu Babu [email protected]. G. Ekamber Reddy [email protected]. K. Prabhakar [email protected]

Rtn. B.R. Reddy [email protected]. M. Surendranath [email protected]. R. Srinivasa Rao [email protected]. MalatiRamachandran [email protected]. Rau Nidumolu [email protected]. Suman Sayani [email protected]. Dr. Ch. Vasanth Kumar [email protected]. K. Sesha Sai Kumar [email protected]. V.S.R. Murthy [email protected]. B. Ram Gopal [email protected]. SamalaVenu [email protected]. M. Shanker [email protected]. K. Amarnath [email protected]. Jayaprakash Nambaru [email protected]. Suresh Vellore [email protected]. Madhavi [email protected]. Madhu Babu [email protected]


Page 9: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

District Governor Malladi VasudevPDG Dr. Ravi Vadlamani, Chairman, Save Our Schools


&28 Participating Clubs in Telangana

With the support ofR.I.DISTRICT 4630, Brazil



Proudly invites you to the

Distribution of 3737 High School Dual Desks

and Inauguration of 14 R.O. Plants( Under GG No. 1420588 )

&Felicitation to 109 School Teachers

Chief Guests

Sri P. Srinivasa Reddy, Member of Parliament, Khammam

Sri Puvvada Ajay Kumar, MLA, KhammamSri Jalagam Venkat Rao, MLA, Kothagudem

Sri G. Kavitha, ZP Chair Person, KhammamSri K. Ilambarithi, District Collector, Khammam

Sri A.V. Ranganath, SP, KhammamSri Sanjay Singh, Divisional Chief Executive, ITC, PSPD

Master Mac Millar, Australia

IPDG. CA. Ch. Hari KrishnaDGE. V. Gopinath ReddyDGN. A. Ratna PrabhakarPDG. Jawahar Vadlamani, ZLC, RILM

PDG. D. Goutam

PDG. Rajyalakshmi Vadlamani, DRFC


PDG. Sambasiva Rao PatibandlaPDG. Dr. C. Sarath BabuPDG. T.V.R.MurtiRtn. K. Prabhakar, DGSC

On Friday the 5th. September, 2014 at 3.00PMAt SR & BGNR Govt., Degree College Grounds, Khammam.

Guests of Honour

PresidentsRtn. M.SatyanarayanaRC KothagudemRtn. K.Sivarama Krishna PrasadRC Khammam

Rtn. Wilfredo SaavedraCampo Mourao, RID 4630

Project ContactsPDG. Dr. T.Vijendra RaoPDG. Antonio CardosoRaphael Da SilvaFernando Mizote

SecretariesRtn. Dr. Venkanna JatothRC KothagudemRtn. P. Nageswar RaoRC Khammam


Page 10: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent


Z.P.H.S (T/M) , (U/M),Telugu & Urdu MediumPerkit (G P), Armoor(Mandal)

Z.P.H.S, MamidipallyMamidipally

Z.P.H.S,Dummugudem (M)


MPUPSPinapalli (GundalaColony)

Z.P.S. Co-EducationManuguru


Govt. High SchoolYellendu

Z.P.S.S, ChimmapudiChimmapudi


Z.P.H.S (Girls)Damera(Village),Elkathurthy (Mandal)

Z.P.P.SchoolThidugu (Mandal)Zafferagadh


P. SchoolDamera(Village),Elkathurthy (Mandal)

M.P.S.SchoolRamavaramHusnabad (Mandal)

ZPHSSuraramElkathurthy (Mandal)

Govt. High SchoolHuzurnagar

Z.P.H.S, V.N. PuramDondapaduMellacheruvu (Mandal)

GHS, KothawadaJagitial

GHS OldJagitial

Z.P.H.S (Boys)Chinnamalla Reddy

Z.P.H.S, DevanpallyKamareddy (mandal)

Z.P.H.S/T S (2 Schools,1 Compound Hall)Aiyalapura, kOratla (M)

Z.P.H.S / T S/ TeluguMediumAiyalapura, kOratla (M)

G.P.S. Babu Cop.,Kothagudem

Primari SchoolSeethampeta BanjaraKothagudem

Z.P.S. SchoolHemachandrapuram

Z.P.S. SchoolChirumerri,Mudigonda (Mandal)

P.S. LingagudemLingagudem


Z.P.S. SchoolKhammam (U)

Z.P.P.H. SchoolPolampalliVatsavai(Mandal)


Z.P.S.School, SabbepallyHazipurMancherial(Mandal)




M.P.U.P.SchoolMaripadiga (Vi)Gundala(Mandal)

Z.P.S.SchoolItikyal (Mandal)

Z.P.S.SchoolGangapurRebbena (mandal)

Z.P.S.SchoolNambalRebbena (mandal)


Z.P.H.SchoolKasala (Vi)Hathnoora (Mandal)


Z.P.H.School (Girls)Miryalaguda


MPUP SchoolKarakavagu




U.P. SchoolKhanapuramKodad(Mandal)


Govt. High SchoolRajendranagarZaheerapura

Z.P.S. SchoolPatha LingalaM.P.Kamepalli

Z.P.H.SchoolPainampally(Vi)Thirumalaya Palem(M)

Z.P.S.SchoolGangaireni GudemShyampet, Parkal(M)


GGH SchoolMukarampura, KNR


Z.P.H.SchoolBanda ThimmapurMulugu (Mandal)

Z.P.P. S. SchoolMangalavaripet

Z.P.H.SchoolRudragudemNallabelly (Mandal)

Govt.High SchoolKrishna ColonyWarangal


Page 11: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

"WASH-in-Schools reduces sicknesses in school children. Around the World, half of the ailments ofschool children are related to unsanitary conditions and lack of personal hygiene. Providing accessto WASH at a place where children spend most of their day is transformative"

- Paul Faeth, Executive Director, Global Water Challenge

Strange as it may sound girls doesn'twant to go to school because of lack ofsanitation facilities in the school. Even ifthey do go they stop drinking water.Break the Taboo! Sanitation and hygieneare not dirty words - they are the keys tochild survival, development and growth.Widely considered the most importantmedical advance of the last 150 yearsimproved sanitation has yet to reach 2.6billion people in the developing world.The result is not surprising and yet it isshocking: millions of children die eachyear from preventable diseases. Thesenumbers are extreme: the time for actionis now. Like HIV / AIDS in the 1980's wemust break the Taboo!.

Providing toilets will increasefemale literacy (due to increasedschool attendance where propersanitation facilities exist), acountry's economy can grow by 0.3percent. (Brocklehurst, 2004).According to WHO, achieving theMDG for sanitation would result in$ 66 billion gained through time,productivity, averted illness anddeath and health expenses (Huttonand Haller, 2004) WHO estimatesthat a 10 year increase in averagelife expectancy at birth translatesinto a rise of 0.33 - 0.4% ineconomic growth per year.

Save Our Schools Program envisagesconstruction of Toilet Blocks specially forgirl children. Over the years we haveconstructed several toilet blocks with thesupport of our partners in Austrialia,companies like General Electric and severalsoftware companies from Andhra Pradesh.

Join us to provide Toilets in Schools



Page 12: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

"Overall, investing in water and sanitation projects has a strongmultiplier effect - the economic benefits range from $ 3 to $ 34 foreach dollar spent depending on the location". - StockholmInternational water Institute and WHO.

It is estimated that 60 million children per year suffer from stunted growth and

development due to waterborne diarrhea diseases. Consider the terrible fact, today or on

any given day, half the people in developing countries are sick because they drink

contaminated water. 80% of all diseases in the developing countries are caused by

contaminated water like cholera, typhoid, worm disease, trachoma, arsenic poisoning -

the list is endless and as it is with most diseases, children are the most vulnerable.

Provision of Reverse Osmosis Plants forSafe Quality Drinking Water in Schools


Page 13: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

For every 15seconds, a childsomewhere in theworld dies from thewater relateddiseases. By 2015,nearly 3 billionpeople will live incountries wherewater is difficult or

By providing reverse osmosis plants or hand wells we will be able to providesafe quality drinking water to children. The health of the children increase anddropout ratio will decrease.

Join us in providing Reverse

Osmosis Plants in Schools

impossible. Children do not go to school since they have to walk miles and miles tofetch a pail of water.


Page 14: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

IPDG Ch. Hari Krishna Project contact : Dr. T. Vijendra Rao

PDG TVR Murti, Co-Chairman, Save Our Schools

District Governor Malladi Vasudev with the children


Page 15: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

On 23rd February, 2015we are providing

25,000 School Desksat a cost of

One Million US $to support

500 under previligedschools.

Join us in changing

more than a Million

lives in 15 years.

We are planningto enter

this record breakingevent into

Guinness Book of


Come let usMake History



Page 16: Rotary Invitation (16 pages) · Secretary - K.Mallikarjuna Rao RC Huzurnagar East President - Vincent

Convert themto

Happy Schools

Painted and well maintained school buildings,Arrangements for a boundary wall / fencing tosecure the building and assetsBenches and desks for better student teacherinteractionClean and Higienic separate toilets for boys andgirlsSafe and adequate drinking water for bothchildren and teachersLibrary facility for schools with more than 200studentsUniform and footwear for every childWell maintained space for teaching staffPlay material, games and sports equipments

Sree Lakshmi Press, Guntur-2. Ph: 2230643