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Rosenberger @ Asia PacificRosenberger Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary invested and built in China by Rosenberger Hochfre-quenztechnik GmbH & Co, Germany in 1997. With its long tradition of being the best and providing creative solutions, Rosenberger Asia Pacific has excelled and earned a great reputation in the Asia Pacific region. It has become the region-al high tech development center, integral in Rosenbergers global strategy.

With modern management, innovative research and development, design, and an expansive service center network, Rosenberger Asia Pacific ranks steadily as a leader in the telecommunication termination unit industry. The companys global technology platform is open and expansive. It also complements other technologies and has achieved innovative progress in the passive inter-modulation analyzer. Our progress in innovation and technology serves as a strong basis for our sustained development and is reflected in the quality you see in our products and customer service.

In line with Rosenberger Headquarters production management system, technology standards and professional manu-facturing standards, Rosenberger Asia Pacific produces high quality products in its Beijing and Shanghai manufacturing bases.

The Rosenberger Beijing base has equipped manufacturing, testing, training, sales and services system, including world wide advanced mechanical processing, plating, assembling and testing production lines. Playing a leading role in Asia, it is able to maintain its technological superiority steadily in the micro-wave telecommunication cable assembly and coaxial connectors industry.

Our Shanghai R&D / production base obtains a whole set of optic electronic manufacturing technology and testing stan-dards from Germany. The base has highly automated fiber optical cable, jumper and HDCS cabling system production lines, guaranteeing our technological superiority and quality products. As the service center of manufacturing, sales and training of Asia Pacific, Rosenberger Shanghai is capable of providing much stronger support and services to our cus-tomers.

Relying on the complete system and network services in the Chinese mainland and the logistics center in Singapore and Pakistan, Rosenberger formed a high-quality, fast and flexible logistics support system that fully demonstrates quality service.

Rosenberger Asia Pacific is an ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental system and ISO/TS16949 automotive industry system certified company. We exercise stringent quality control in our products and services. As we expand and improve our sales and services system, our distribution and agency framework becomes more solid. We are confident in our products and optimized solutions to serve our customers and exceed their expectations.

HDCS Data Center Cabling SolutionHDCS Data Center Cabling Advanced TechnologyBenefit of HDCS TaurusTM PRECONNECT SolutionHDCS TaurusTM PRECONNECT Fiber SolutionHDCS Copper SolutionMajor Projects at a Glance



Rosenberger HDCS is the leader in the premise fiber optic structure cabling industry. Based upon the PRECONNECT fiber optic

distribution technology originally from Germany, applicable to the large

computer networking system & SAN data center environment.

Rosenberger HDCS has developed the state-of-the-art All-fiber Data

Center Solution(ADCS). Rosenberger HDCS All-fiber Data Center

solution with inherent flexible design supports to the most demand-

ing level of data center transmission capacity up to 10 Gigabit and the

reliability. Modular designed product from Rosenberger HDCS with

small-form-factor fiber optic connector LC, MU and MT-RJ as well as

high-density fiber optic connector MPO brings data center cabling to be

more convenient and simpler.


HDCS Data Center Cabling Solution

For more than 15 years Rosenberger has stood for innovative, high-quality, cost efficient solutions in the field

of data center cabling technology, serving financial institutions, government organizations, the manufacturing

industry, airports and the field of telecommunications. Wherever security, high availability and performance

are required, medium-sized businesses up to listed companies and top 500 enterprises trust in the high-

performance data center cabling solutions at the most advanced technological level from Rosenberger.

The development of our consistent PRECONNECT trunk system is a milestone for both

cabling trunk systems and for the cabling of data centers. Since then, Rosenberger

has been synonymous with decades of experience and first-classexpertise for

state-of-art data center solutions globally.

Modular design and a reduction of complex installation technology provides an

essential decrease in time and costs, is easy for expanding and upgrading,

and is more reliable and safe for MAC. Rosenbergers high-quality

solutions are the back-bone for profitability, fast return on investment,

and safe and environmentally sound growth in the data centers of

tomorrows industry sectors.

Rosenbergers innovative cabling solutions comply

with all relevant standards:

TIA 942


ISO/IEC 24764

EN 50173-5

MDA: The Main Distribution Area is the central space where the point of distribution for the structured cabling system in the data center is located.

HDA: The Horizontal Distribution Area is the space that supports cabling to the equipment distribution areas. The LAN, SAN, console, and KVM switches that support the end equipment are also typically located in the Horizontal Distri-

bution Area.

EDA: The Equipment Distribution Area is the space allocated for end equipment, including computer systems and communications equipment.

Rosenberger Data Center Solution supports latest IEEE 802.3ba standards

All HDCS Data center products are individually tested

Rosenberger has more than 15 years of experience in Data Center Solu-tions

All HDCS Fiber products with regis-tered SN can trace the test report

Green IT Design reduces CO2 emis-sions and electric-ity consumption

PRECONNECT system is well protected to avoid damage when installing


ER: The Entrance Room is the space used for the interface between the data center structured cabling system and inter-building cabling, both access provider and customer-owned .

Monitor/Support Area: The data center support areas are spaces outside the computer room that are dedicated to supporting the data center facility.

Administration Room: Work area to support the data center.

AC: Computer room air conditioning.


HDCS Data CenterCabling Advanced Technology

TaurusTM PRECONNECT Fiber Trunk

No splicing point at either end of cable assembly supports low channel insertion loss

Cable ends are already terminated with standard compliant connectors,100% tested

Patented cable furcation technology avoids additional inser- tion loss and guarantees reliable performance

Connectors are protected by a compression-proof, tension- proof tube

Cable ends have pulling handles for easy on-site installation Each breakout cable is identified by a numbering tag, helping with management

Various types of connectors available for customers selection Various fiber length available for customers selection, unit: m

TaurusTM High Density Modular Fiber Panel

5HU sized panel can hold 12 modules with up to 288 fibers Provides quick on-site installation with MPO modules Supports P RECONNECT total solutionHorizontal cable management and ID system 100% plant-tested to ensure performance Easy for expansion and maintenance

High density, high reliability, high bandwidth, easy expansion, as well as a modular and structured design are the core concepts of data center

construction compared to a traditionally built cabling system. As one of the leading companies in the data center cabling field, Rosenberger

provides a range of professional data center cabling products and a suite of services to support excellent data center construction for custom-


HDCS Fiber Technology


PegasusTM PRECONNECT Copper Technology

Quick and easy installation, saving on-site labor cost Guaranteed high reliability based on 100% quality inspection in factory Cat.5e, Cat.6, and Cat.6a solutions are available CM, CMR, CMP and LSZH series fire-retardant PRECONNECT cop-per cable options

Each link performance far exceeds TIA/568C and ISO11801 standards Supports excellent short link performance based on Rosenbergers unique technology

PegasusTM Data Center Special Copper Panel

Provides a Cat.6, Cat.6a, and Cat.7 range of patch panels Dust-proof copper panel and hybrid panel are available Dust-proof panel with self-restoration dust cover on each outlet port ensures protection Fiber and copper hybrid panel is compatible with both a copper module and fiber module providing the most flexibility and efficiency Fiber and copper hybrid panel can be directly installed both in standard network cabinet and on bridge Four sets of color labels attached for convenient cabling management Longer back cable management for cable bending radius protection

HDCS Copper Technology


Benefit of HDCS TaurusTM PRECONNECT Solution

Step 1 - Lay the TaurusTM PRECONNECT Fiber Trunk Cable

Lay the MPO terminated fiber