Rohit Talwar at WebTomorrow on Which Opportunities Could The Digital Future Bring For Your Business?

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Learning to Thrive in a World of Barbarians, Aliens and Disruption Rohit Talwar - CEO - Fast Future Research Web Tomorrow Ghent - March 10 th 2015 [email protected] Embracing the Future of the Internet

Transcript of Rohit Talwar at WebTomorrow on Which Opportunities Could The Digital Future Bring For Your Business?

Learning to Thrive in a World of Barbarians, Aliens and Disruption

Rohit Talwar - CEO - Fast Future Research

Web Tomorrow – Ghent - March 10th [email protected]

Embracing the Future of the Internet

Core Questions• What exactly is the internet for / What does it do?

• Who manages and controls it?

• What are the possibilities it could create?

• Is it a “core engine of human progress” - the “steam engine” of

the 21st century? (WEF)

• How might it integrate into our lives?

• Will it transform into a technology we take for granted and put it

(and ourselves) at risk of obsolescence?

• What would we do without it?

• Who needs protection in it / from it / better/fairer access to it?

• Whose voice is it?

When Worlds Collide

New Masters of the Universe

Can we Change our DNA?

Play by the

Rules of the


Create a

New Game

‘Future Proofed’ Organisations

Work on 3 Horizons in Parallel

4-10+ Years


the Future

1-3 Years

Search for


1-12 Months



Internet Scenario Drivers

• Functionality

• Capacity

• Ownership /


• Economic Outlook

• Access

• Security / Privacy /


Internet 2025 – Renewable Resource,

Utility, Omnipresent Support System?

What Would we do Without it?

What does ‘History’ Mean in the

Internet Age?

Who Wins the Crypto War? Citizens,

Corporations, Legal, Governments?Net Gain Challenges - “preserving the greater good” and

“Building that better world—and living in it—depends on an

open, secure, and equitable Internet.”

Do we Need a Plan B?

How Can we Back it up and Protect it When we Don’t

Understand All the Ways it is Used?

The Developing World Challenge

Penetration - 76% Developed / 29.8% Developing World

Growth Fell Last 4 Years to 6.6% (2014)

The Almost Certain Future

“Mobile, wearable, and embedded computing will be tied together in the Internet

of Things, allowing people and their surroundings to tap into artificial intelligence-

enhanced cloud-based information storage and sharing.” (Pew Internet Study)

Enabling the Transformative Role of IT



‘Hive Mind’


Develop and



Innovate to




Technology Timeline

Our Technologies are Evolving From

the Desktop... Portable and Mobile ...



... And Connected to an Augmented, Immersive

Multi-Sensory ‘Internet of Everything’

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Digital Taste Simulator

Nimesha Ranasinghe –

National University of Singapore

Smell – Tastee / The oPhone

Direct Brain Manipulation / Digital Highs

e.g. Trans-Cranial


Active Skin Enabling Full Sensory A/R

Brain Uploading

The Internet of Everything

A global, immersive, invisible, ambient networked computing environment built

through the continued proliferation of smart sensors, cameras, software,

databases, and massive data centers in a world-spanning information. (Pew)

The IoT Has Transformative Potential e.g. Healthcare

The Future of Search - Dark Web, Memex, Google, Semantics, AI

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Interfaces and ‘Holobots’

Digital Twins

Access - HyperSpeed Connectivity /

The Outernet

Alcatel Lucent / BT – 1.44 Terabits 44 (HD Films) / Sec

Li-Fi – 224 Gigabits / Sec

Facial Recognition – The Next Frontier?e.g. Facebook DeepFace

Biometric Identification – Pay with Your Face

Choose Your own Environment e.g. Artvetiser




Where Next for Cybercurrency?

The Future – Enabling New Industries,

Business and Models Behaviours

Future Game Changers?

Distributed /


Production e.g.

3D/4D Printing

Assets: ‘Usership’ vs. Ownership

Innovation: e.g.

Alternative Revenue Models E.g. Auctions

$5190 (£3088)



Strati 3D– (Local Motors) 1000x Cheaper Design Cycle /

5-22x Faster Production

Platforms for Exponential Thinking

Enabling HyperGrowth / Exponential Capacity ‘Recyclers’

Valuation (2011-14):

Uber $2Bn-40Bn / AirBnB $2Bn-$10Bn






Intense Competition

Strategy, ICT, Insight, Ideas, Responsiveness, Innovation, Financing,

Structure, Business Models, New Entrants and Talent

Magic – E.g. One Time Insurance

• Smartphone service

• One day contracts

• Premiums start around US$4

• E.g:

• Sports and Leisure

• Golf (Hole in one protection)

• Domestic and Overseas


New Paradigms

to Challenge Old


e.g. Hyperloop

Rise of the Super Heroes

Barbarians at the Gate


in our


Mindset - Where can we be

Disruptors, Aliens and Barbarians?

Virtual CollaborationNovel and Adaptive Thinking Social Intelligence

Trans DisciplinarityNew Media Literacy

Computational Thinking

Design MindsetCross Cultural Competency Sense MakingCognitive Load Management

…or …

Conclusion –

be Consumed

by Our Fears

..Embrace Them