Rocket Hatch Update May 2015

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Transcript of Rocket Hatch Update May 2015

1. Our rst 12 months building a dynamic North Alabama economy fueled by a vibrant and diverse startup community Rocket Hatch, 2015 May 2015 Update 2. THE ROCKET HATCH MISSION To unleash the untapped entrepreneurial potential of North Alabama through an open, inclusive and collaborative startup community. STOP THINKING, START HATCHING! 3. 1st HATCH March 21st 2014 4. 1st Sip+Hatch May 14th, 2014 5. 22 CO.STARTERS COMMUNITY METRICS 1,500+Total Community 822 Interested 521 Engaged 97 Volunteers 38 Mentors 894 815 Followers 40% Women 25-34 Median Age 39 Rocket Hatch EVENTS 995 Attendees 24+ From other communities $ 23 Sponsors 22 Partners A p r i l 3 0t h , 2 0 1 5 6. HARD METRICS 85+startups Served 59 A p r i l 3 0t h , 2 0 1 5 Assessed Promoted Educated Hatched 27 22 6 7. ROCKET HATCH STRATEGIC PARTNERS The Company Lab Partner Tech Birmingham Partner Rositas Farm Partner NARLF Partner Downtown Huntsville, Inc. Partner CleanTech Open. Partner AL Launchpad Partner Design Lab Partner Lowe Mill. Partner ALCSE. Partner Launch TN. Partner Partner 8. P R O G R A M S B R A I N T R U S T Many Programs One Mission: Support the Entrepreneur 9. ENGAGEMENT CONNECTION LAUNCHING 10. Partner Events AL Launchpad Deadlines May 11, 17 36|86 June 8-10 June September Next Event: June 25th November 19th Global Entrepreneurship Week 11. I learned so much more with my CO.STARTERS cohorts than I did at college; and I have a business degree. I got the support I needed as I was getting ready to open my studio and was introduced to the North Alabama Revolving Loan which provided the initial funding I needed to get started. Teri Hartmann CO.STARTERS Graduate Owner Designbyhart 12. 9-WEEK PROGRAM CUSTOMERFOCUSED COLLABORATIVE PRACTICAL ITERATIVE LEAN Mon days End of May @ Design La b Hunt svi lle 13. Where entrepreneurs come together to help one another PEER SUPPORT MENTORSHIP ACCOUNTABILITY TRUST B R A I N T R U S T 14. SEMI-RESI DENTIAL ACCELERATOR PROGRA M 15. ONE MORE THING! One Year of Brain Trust Two VIP Tickets to Will This Fly? $150 Scholarship for CO.STARTERS 16.