Rocket Hatch Update July 2014

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To unleash the untapped entrepreneurial potential of North Alabama we are working to nurture an open, inclusive and collaborative startup community. This shows how we intend to do it.

Transcript of Rocket Hatch Update July 2014

  • July 2014 Update Building a dynamic North Alabama economy fueled by a vibrant and diverse startup community Rocket Hatch, 2014
  • 2 Rocket Hatch 2014 THE ROCKET HATCH MISSION To unleash the untapped entrepreneurial potential of North Alabama through an open, inclusive and collaborative startup community. STOP THINKING, START HATCHING! Mission & Vision
  • 3 Rocket Hatch 2014 INCLUSIVE, LEAN, SMART & VIRTUAL BUT LOCAL Inclusive We are a Startup: We follow the process we preach Lean Smart Virtual but Local Mission & Vision
  • 4 Rocket Hatch 2014 Ana Aristizabal Co-founder & Administrative Director Tarra Anzalone Co-founder & Community Director Drew Chapman Board Member Brad Garland Board Member Ben Jarrell Board Member Antonio Montoya Founder & CEO Mission & Vision THE ROCKET HATCH TEAM
  • 5 Rocket Hatch 2014 Je Goode Engineering David Cochran Finance & Valuations Karen Wynne Sustainable Farming David Nuttall Art, Design & Software Eric Grigorian Manufacturing & Operations Mission & Vision An experienced and diverse mentor community to provide insight, counsel and connections. OUR MENTORS Timo Sandritter Organizational Development Bryan Powell Design, Education & Software Bob Locklear Angel Investing & IP Craig Kerstiens SaaS, Product, Marketing Foster Perry International Trade, Fundraising
  • 6 Rocket Hatch 2014 Modern & Smart Partner Metabahn Partner Graphic Color Sponsor Regus Sponsor The Nook Sponsor Rositas Farm Partner Mission & Vision We have been able to advance our programs thanks to the generous support and resources of many local organizations, including: OUR PARTNERS & SPONSORS RED Team Partner Tangled String Studio Sponsor Zero Point Frontiers Partner Pizzelles Confections Sponsor
  • 77 Rocket Hatch 2014 A diverse population grows in the Huntsville metro, creating economic opportunity and transforming our culture.
  • 8 Rocket Hatch 2014 CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS DEMAND NEW OPPORTUNITIES Total Population Huntsville Metro 683,871 Graduated College 44.2% 20-35 y/o (DINKs) 139,464 35-45 y/o (DIWKs) 90,602 45-55 y/o (MLE & RS) 109,992 In prime entrepreneurial age 339,988 Emerging population of educated young professionals Post-industrial Experienced executives Hard core serial entrepreneurs Growing artistic and cultural community 10%* = Potential Entrepreneurs 33,998 Impact LINK: GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP MONITOR 2013, BABSON COLLEGE Huntsville is not just engineers and scientists anymore.
  • 9 Rocket Hatch 2014 9 IF ONLY 10%+ OF OUR 33K POTENTIAL SUCCEED 33 x $100M $3.3B 3,399 x $1M $3.3B 333 x $10M $3.3B Impact High Growth Medium Size Small Biz $10B
  • 10 Rocket Hatch 2014 10 HOW ABOUT DOING NOTHING? The perils of relying on a single industry cannot be overstated. Like a stock portfolio we need a diversied economy that can make North Alabama not just economically resilient but a more interesting and fun place to work, live and play. LINK: DETROPIA THE FILM
  • 11 Rocket Hatch 2014 FROM ENTREPRE-CURIOUS TO STARTUP Entrepreneur Startup HATCHERS CO.STARTERS DISCOVERY GROWT H Discover Learn Master Mentor EVENTS Connect
  • 12 Rocket Hatch 2014 BUILDING THE ROCKET HATCH COMMUNITY ACCELERATOR Discovery . Connection Learning Mastery Mentorship
  • 13 Rocket Hatch 2014 306 Attendees* 42 Enrolled in CO.STARTERS OUR NUMBERS ARE GROWING 785Entre-precocious 519 Interested 225 Engaged 20 Volunteers 21 Mentors 472 253 Followers 43% Women 11 Events Hosted 29Community Events Supported + Candid Conversations + Sip & Hatch + Entrepreneurship Working Group (HOT Coee precursor) + Nurturing the Huntsville Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Panel (Geo-Energy HSV) + Technovate Lightning Talks (Geo-Energy HSV) + HOT Coee + Rocket City Launch (MindGear Labs) + Mentors + Facilitators + Entrepreneurs Hosted 7 visitors from nearby communities and connected with 7 benchmark communities including Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Miami . * 29 Volunteers & Sponsors 25 Partners & Mentors 25-34 Median Age
  • 14 Rocket Hatch 2014 IMMEDIATE STEPS Hatchers +Initial Design Completed +OPEN SOURCE Project started +Continue Fundraising CO.STARTERS +Advertising Underway +Facilitator and Mentor training next +First Cohort August 2014! +$600 Early Bird +$750 Standard
  • 15 Rocket Hatch 2014 15 OUR VISION FOR THE FUTURE Community Acceleration Small & Medium Size Metrics High Growth We look forward to a self sustaining North AL startup community that nurtures entrepreneurs that represent our diverse make-up, welcomes risk taking, and that that has at the core, a network of successful entrepreneurs that give back by helping new startups focus their eorts using the latest lean methods.