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Tory party showdown Friday,November24,2006 A child’s Christmas 65p Win a luxury two-night stay at fantastic Cheltenham hotel The Guide EXCLUSIVE by Rebecca Taylor Take a break My ordeal at hands of gang Full story: pages 8 & 9 HORRIFIC INJURIES:a police photograph of assault victim Robyn Pelling reveals the savagery of the attack. How you can help boost our toy appeal The definitive pull-out guide to entertainment, arts and leisure Inside today Page 82 Page 5 Page 7 TC211106rob-003

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  • Edition:24/11/2006 47chesterchron / Section:Chester City Chronicle / Zone:Chester Chron City /Page:1 / Proofed by:mbrennan

    CHESTERF r i d a y, November 24, 2006

    TheC h ro n i cl e65p



    MEET OUR CHAMPIONSFour-page special on countys unsung heroes pages 30-33

    H E A D L I N E S

    Tory partyshowdownMeeting called to discusscandidates future

    The hole-in-oneschoolboy

    Carls ace bags him a trophy

    The definitive pull-outguide to entertainment, artsand leisure Inside today


    Page 82

    Page 5

    Take a break

    Win a luxury two-nightstay at fantasticCheltenham hotel

    The Guide

    A childsChristmas

    Page 7

    How youcan helpboost ourt oyap p e a l

    My ordeal at hands of gang Full story: pages 8 & 9

    Beaten, bruised, but still defiant, courageous student Robyn insists:

    I would standup togangagain

    EXCLUSIVE by Rebecca TaylorA DEFIANT young woman beatenunconscious for confronting a gangof teenagers says she would do itagain to protect her home.

    Chester University student RobynPelling, 19, was put in hospital by a gangof 20 youths she had tried to stop des-troying the fence of her Kingsway digs.

    When she shouted at them, a number ofthe 15- to 16-year-olds beat her with thewooden fence posts.

    She said: I would do it again this ismy first house and it is a lovely house soif someone damages it I want to knowwhy they have done it.

    Apparently they had been going up anddown the streets damaging things thatnight, so I am glad I stood up to them somebody had to.

    The second year archaeology student, a

    member of Chester University MartialArts Society, was hospitalised for fivedays after the Bonfire Night incident.

    She said: The bone above and belowmy eye is fractured and my eyebrow andeyelid were basically hanging off.

    I need to have eye surgery because theretina has become loose so I find it hard tofocus in one eye and have a blind spot.

    I had a deep cut in my head that neededfive stitches and it has damaged a nerveso I cant feel anything on one side of myskull. My thumb is also fractured.

    DC Andy Kevan said: We would en-courage anyone worried about damageto their property to call the emergencyservices out. Keep an eye on what ishappening, take descriptions of offend-ers, but dont put yourself at risk.n Call DC Kevan on 01244 613134 orCrimestoppers on 0800 555111.

    HORRIFIC INJURIES: a police photograph of assault victim Robyn Pelling reveals thesavagery of the attack. T C 2 111 0 6 r o b - 0 0 3