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A Power point on Rob Zombie for my HNC Video & Sound Class.

Transcript of Rob zombie

  • 1. By Callum Chalmers


  • Born Robert Bartleh Cummings in Haverhill, Massachusetts, he was the first of two sons. His younger brother Michael David Cummings was born on August 25, 1968, and is better known as Spider One he frontman of alternative metal group Powerman 5000. Zombie married longtime girlfriend Sheri Moon in 2002, whom he also requently features in his horror films. He currently lives in Woodbury, Connecticut and Los Angeles, California. Rob Zombie has been a vegetarian for ethical reasons since viewing a video documenting slaughterhouse conditions while in high school in 1982. House of 1000 Corpses was Rob Zombie's directorial debut and his first horror film. Zombie wrote the screenplay as well as directing the film. It took four years to make (19992003), and was finally released by Lion's Gate Films in 2003, after Stacy Snider, then-head of Universal Pictures, sold the film to them. It featured a great deal of violence and gore. The movie told the tale of a group of unlucky teenagers who stumble upon the Firefly Family, a family of sadistic and vicious murderers. The film was shot in a surreal and over-the-top style that alternated between dark and campy humor. The film was mostly panned by critics but had its share of fans.The House of 1000 Corpses' sequel, The Devil's Rejects, which Zombie also wrote and directed, showcased a much different style. Whereas House aimed at being more gory and bizarre , Rejects was darkly comedic and gritty. Released in 2005, Rejects had the Firefly Family on the run from the law and a particularly vengeful sheriff whose brother had been murdered by them in the first film. It had a better critical reception than Corpses. Zombie contributed to the 2007 exploitation film Grindhouse, by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino by directing a faux trailer, called Werewolf Women of the S.S., starring his wife, exploitation veterans Udo Kier and Sybil Danning, and Nicolas Cage, who appeared free for fun. Zombie next wrote and directed Halloween, a reimagining of the 1978 classic that was released August 31, 2007. Although it was a success and opened at number #1 at the box office with $26 million, it registered only 27% at Rotten Tomatoes. It would go on to gross over $78 million, his biggest hit yet and the highest grossing "Halloween" film of all time (when not adjusted for inflation).

Biography 3.

  • 2003 House of 1000 Corpses
  • 2005 The Devil's Rejects
  • 2007Halloween
  • 2009 Halloween II


  • The original film was an independent release made on a shoestring budget. It featured filming and story techniques that made it more of a suspenseful thrillerthan a horror film, turning the mask-wearing antagonist Michael Myers into a silent stalker who could pop up at any moment. Rob Zombie takes a more Hollywood approach; his film is a polished slasher flick.Again like the original suspense is a big factor in this movie and it is used tobuild up tension in scenes and add to the dramacity of the upcoming event.

Here you can see him watching from a distance.Face on this Point of view is almost always from the Victim 5. Again you can see him watching from a distance. Scenes like this build tension in a movie. 6. Surprise is another element Zombie uses in filmslike Halloween where you catch a glimpse of the killer (in this case Michael Myers) for only a split second. This can happen almost anywhere for example closing or opening doors or most commonly looking in a mirror and seeing the reflection of them. Most of the time has extremescare factor unfortunately this amazing trick seems to be slightly overused in the film industry sometimes making scenes like this seem very predictable. Flash of lightning and Michael Appears The next flash hedisappearsThe Unborn Girl opens mirror and boy jumps out at her. 7. 8. Click In Box To Play 9. Close-Up camera shots can add tones of impact to any scene especially in a horror film this mostly make the viewing of the film more personal for the viewer as the shot can draw them in and make it feel like there actually there struggling with the character . It can also provide much needed detail that can make a character seem more gruesome. 10.

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