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  • 1. This is a video analysis for Rob Thomass song Lonely No More The analysis begins at 0:43 and finishes at 2:01

2. The camera begins by using a long shot so we can see all of the room. Rob Thomas is at the back and is purposely situated there right in front of the camera on his own whilst everyone else is grouped around him. This shows that he is on his own. It also connects the lyrics with the video because he is singing I dont want to be lonely no more, which as I said is what he is and it could suggest he misses how things used to be, which is what is around him. The camera then does a close up of his face as he is talking about himself and then moves around to show people dancing which could represent, once again what his life used to be like. The camera keeps flicking backwards and forwards to him then the people dancing, which can again emphasize the fact that he doesnt want to be on his own any more. The camera can not really stay still and this canrepresent all the thoughts going through hismind. 3. The quick changes of the camera position can tell us that he is quickly trying to get his point across that he doesnt want to be lonely no more. The camera just keeps changing from long shots to medium close ups so we can see the effects that are happening in the background which can tells us he is all muddled up. At the point of 1:04 the camera rotates clockwise in a violent motion as though he is getting sick of being a lone. The camera then goes to a side view whilst the music dies down and this has the effect that we know something will change. Leading on to a new verse we now see an aerial shot of Rob Thomas which shows us looking down on him so this represents that he is all alone and its like he is talking to God. It then changes to another long shot and uses many extreme close ups then back to medium close ups and alternates between the three to once again show that he has mixed minds because of how quickly each one changes. 4. The sound starts off as upbeat and has a catchy rhythm to it. We can hear Rob Thomass voice above it and it is like he is shouting the lyric I dont wanna be lonely no more, I dont wanna have to pay for this, but his voice also sounds like he could cry which can tell us he doesnt like the way his life is. The lyrics go: I don't wanna be angry no more You know I could never stand for this So when you tell me that you love me know for sure I don't want to be lonely anymore These tell us that he is sick and tired of being let down by every woman that has said they love him but then just left him all alone. This goes with the music because its a soft rhythm. 5. The mise en scene contains everything around him and first of all we can see a small room which can suggest that his life is compact and everything is just crammed into one little thing. The walls are brown, and brown covers a wide range of the visible spectrum so this can also show that he has many different things to contend with. We see every one dressed for a night out and then we see Rob Thomas in a shirt and jeans which suggest he is different to them. He sits on a table and all around are occasionally objects from a house which could show that he has let girls into his life and they have always let him down. The location changes and is now situated in the bedroom, so this can show once again that he has let people into his home and it then reverts back to the main location and once again back to the bedroom. This can show that he is confused in what previously happened in his relationships. 6. The light firstly starts off fair bright because of where they are situated, this can represent the style of music because it is an upbeat song but then the light flickers and it some times goes dim and back to bright. The light never seems to settle, nor does it stay the same for longer than a second, this can suggest that he has so many emotions and nothing ever lasts in his life. Through out the video this is consistent and only ever changes when he is located in the bedroom. This could show that he gets that far and then the girls walk away. 7. The editing mainly consists of the camera flipping and rotating which is a special effect which emulates a Rubik's Cube effect. That is a good technique to use because it can represent Rob Thomass life going round in circles. Other editing techniques used are where the shots fade into one another so show his emotion.