Road Trauma Medical Emergency Monitoring in Vietnam

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We will use and integrate cost effective mass produced mobile data technology and apply modern, academically confirmed trauma analytical expertise with the objective to assemble a robust and easy to use mobile healthcare solution. The purpose is to assist emergency medical staff rapid evaluation of trauma victim's clinical severity as early as possible. All medical captors (input devices) with required data interfaces will be sourced from proven component suppliers' world wide. This will help medical personnel involved in handling road trauma victims to make early and more appropriate therapeutic decisions, in addition we intend to provide centralized voice and picture sharing with remote experts' centralized trauma dashboard information containing the known patient data folder where it can be accessed and shared with remote emergency experts. After the emergency, this information will be transferable to the patients regular health file for archiving (if it exists).

Transcript of Road Trauma Medical Emergency Monitoring in Vietnam

  • CONTENT 1. Road trauma global context 2. Road Trauma in Vietnam 3. Mobile internet in Vietnam 6. Business Model 5. Road trauma Solutions 4. Project background
  • GLOBAL ROAD TRAUMA CONTEXT1 Statistics 91% of Road Fatalities occur in LMICs (50% of World Vehicles) Most Vulnerable population 15 29 years old 1,24 M annual victims 3,400 Victim per day +10 M Disabled annually Source: WHO, 2013
  • ROAD TRAUMA IN VIETNAM2 2011 - 2020 KEY GOVERNMENT OBJECTIVES 3. Plan for development of first aid service 1. Safety for all Road users 4. HR and Institutional development 2. School based and community based traffic culture
  • Only 5% of road victims obtain ambulance transport + 38K victims (nearly 10K fatalities) 38M vehicles ROAD TRAUMA IN VIETNAM2 Source: National Committee for Traffic Safety Statistics, 2012/13
  • MOBILE INTERNET IN VIETNAM3 20-30% of households will have a telephone and Internet access Providing coverage to 85% of the population by 2015 95% of those aged 15-24 do have internet access now Government seeks to strengthen mobile/Internet technology uptake 30% use phones to access the internet 143 mobile phones per 100 people Sources: VinaREN, 2013
  • PROJECT BACKGROUND4 OBJECTIVES 1. First Aid Emergency kit to reduce mortality and disability 6. Raising accident awareness and road trauma prevention education to the public 2. Use of low cost smart devices 3. Use of clinically proven medical monitoring software 5. Remote access to road trauma medical experts 4. Assembly of mobile monitoring solution
  • PROJECT BACKGROUND4 Nghiem Minh Association (NMA) is a Non- Governmental Organization focused on Education & Healthcare for Community to bring happiness to unfortunate people & poor patients living in Viet Nam. NMA is a member of The Sponsoring of Association for Poor Patients in Ho Chi Minh City (SAPP HCMC) with license No.: 56/QD HBT NMA Projects/ Programs in short: Consultant & Recruitment Programs Training Programs Medical Tourism Programs After Medical Monitoring Programs & Results Community Healthcare Programs Connecting aspiration & belief
  • PROJECT BACKGROUND4 Patented, model-free, scientifically validated analytical technology from ONTONIX, used by ONTOMED subsidiary (spin-out) for medical use. See: ONTOMED Services & Products in short: Real-Time Early-Warnings Measuring therapy effectiveness (ROI Impact) Advanced EEG & ECG Processing Small technical foot print for processing of data stream from data capture sensors. A unique opportunity for cost effective healthcare analytics from ONTONIX / ONTOMED and the medical industry to serve low and middle income countries. Complexity & Medicine
  • PROJECT BACKGROUND4 TLi Consulting is a Vietnamese company developing innovative IT solutions and mobile applications. The company was established on the finding that todays corporate software lacks required flexibility and mobility. TLi Consulting services are: Mobile Applications Mobile Website Facebook Application Tailor Made web Solution Mobile Advertising Field Management Solution Technology & Living
  • PROJECT BACKGROUND4 CORE TEAM MEMBERSCORE TEAM MEMBERSCORE TEAM MEMBERS Mr. Kevin Loc Tran, MBA Dr. Anna Shillabeer Mr. Alexander Kopriwa Ms. Judy Dung Vu, MBA Mr. Nicolas Embleton
  • ROAD TRAUMA SOLUTIONS5 1. Connecting road victims to medical experts (practitioners and institutions) 4. Collecting operational data, first aid performance tracking 2. Analytical monitoring of trauma victims (From accident site to emergency room) 3. Web and mobile field applications, the backbone of the project
  • Hospitals Intensive care Emergency room Ambulance Accident site Trauma Data Trauma Analysis ROAD TRAUMA SOLUTIONS5
  • BUSINESS MODEL6 Smart phone patient users Medical trauma research Medical research Institutes Hospitals Insurance companies Clinics VICTIMSVICTIMS Free mobile app download Free server registration Post trauma payment (hospital invoices patients) Value-add telecom service billing
  • CONCLUSION Field testing of a new mobile healthcare paradigm Expected benefits will be 4. Centralized information management (Administrative productivity) 5. Connecting with trauma experts remotely 3. Provide best trauma treatment at least cost (ROI) 2. Make road trauma monitoring accessible to underserved locations 1. Better treatment of road trauma to reduce death and disability 6. First aid awareness & capacity building
  • Kevin Loc Tran, MBA Vice President/ CEO [email protected] Alexander Kopriwa VP Global Development [email protected] Nicolas Embleton Founder [email protected] Further information, please contact us at: