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2. NEVER SAY THE KEY TO WINNING ROUBAIX IS TO NEVER SAY DIE. ITS ALL ABOUTSURVIVING, SURVIVING, SURVIVING. MAYBE THATS WHY IM SO GOOD ON THE COBBLESTONES.I REFUSE TO GIVE UP. LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW TOM BOONEN AND HIS ROUBAIX SL2CONQUERED THE HELL OF THE NORTH AT I-AM-SPECIALIZED.COM DIE. 3. RBA contents BIKE TESTS TRAVEL SPECIAL38 SPECIALIZED TARMAC PRO 42THE ULTIMATE 30 DAY TRAINING RIDE The Latest & Greatest Out of Morgan Hill What Role Can Canada and Mexico Play in Your56 GIANT TCR ADVANCED SLLife? When All Day Comfort and All-Out Performance 80HAVE BIKE WILL TRAVEL Meet Testing the Latest Break-Apart Bikes from Dean94 FONDRIEST TF1and Ritchey If a World Champ Had His Own BikeTECH FEATURES76 TOTALLY TUBULAR34 BOB ROLL Visiting the Home of FMB Tubular Tires As You Might Expect, Bobke Has His Own Type of 116 ROAD TEST: FULCRUM RACING ZERO Tips High-End Aluminum Hoops50 RACING FOR A CURE Team Type 1 Is Aiming For a Bigger Win Than Just the Tour de France60 102 TIPS EVERY ROADIE SHOULD KNOW The Countdown to Becoming a Better Rider86 ADS OF THE 80s Taking a Look Back on a Different Decade 100 WOMEN HELPING WOMEN Jenny Skorez Lends a Helping Hand 102 MINI-WORKOUTS When You Only Have a Few Minutes 106 PILGRIMAGE TO PARIS-ROUBAIX Riding the Cobbles for the First Time www.roadbikeaction.com4 4. RBA DEPARTMENTS10 FROM THE EDITOR Here Are 20 Tips Not to Follow VOLUME 3 NUMBER 612 ZAPS COLUMN AUGUST 2009On the Cover: Tom Boonen up front at the Tour of Flanders. Will Shimanos New Di2 Have Us All Singing a Photo: Yuzuru Sunada Different Tune?This page: A close-up view of the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix.Photo: Yuzuru Sunada16 BIKE CULTURE ROAD BIKE ACTION Magazine (ISSN: 1069-2649 Canada GST12500#9266RT: CPC INTL. PUB MAIL 40024492) AUGUST, 2009 (Volume 3, Sea Otter Outtakes, Keeping Up with the Tweets Number 6) is published bi-monthly by Daisy/Hi-Torque Publishing Company, 26LETTERSInc., with editorial offices at 25233 Anza Dr., Valencia, CA 91355.Subscriptions $15.99 for one year (9 issues). Canada add $8 additional Were Here for You postage for one year. Foreign add $15 additional postage for one year.Subscriptions $28.99 for two years. Foreign subscriptions are shipped by sur- 28WHY WE RIDEface mail and may take up to 15 weeks to receive. Copyright 2009 byDaisy/Hi-Torque Publishing Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Nothing in this Make Yourself Feel Free Inside magazine may be reprinted in whole or in part, by any means, without the30SLAYIN' ITexpress permission of the publisher. Contributors: Photographs should besubmitted in digital form on CD or DVD. Images should be 4 megapixels orhigher. High-quality, low-compression JPEG images are preferred. Please limit Taylor Phinney Lays Waste to the World submissions to no more than 20 photos at one time. Transparencies and 104 ASK R.C. prints will no longer be accepted for consideration; such images should bescanned and submitted as high-resolution digital files. Captions should You Got Questions & RC Has the Answers accompany all submissions. Make sure the photographers name, address,phone number and e-mail address are clearly labeled on each CD or DVD. 114 THE CAT 6 CHRONICLES Submissions will not be returned. Written articles should be submitted on CD(unless other arrangements have been made with the editors), saved as text How to Fit a Helmet the Right Wayfiles, and accompanied by a printed version. Written submissions, both onpaper and CD, will not be returned. The publisher does not assume responsi- 118 IN THE MIX bility for unsolicited material. PERIODICALS: Postage paid at Santa Clarita,CA 91383, and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address Looking for New Products changes to Road Bike Action Magazine, P.O. 958, Valencia, CA 91380- 119 ON THE STREETS 9058. Printed in U.S.A. For Canadian returns mail to: Bleuchip International,P.O. Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2. Some Sweet Bikes to SavorWARNING: Much of the action depicted in 120 LAST SHOTthis magazine is potentially dangerous. A Glimpse at Amstel-Gold Virtually all of the riders seen in our photos 122 OFF THE RIVETare experienced experts or professionals. Do Welcome to the HerdAs Long As You Shave Your Legs not attempt to duplicate any stunts that arebeyond your own capabilities. Always use dis-cretion and wear the appropriate safetygear. Road Bike Action 5 5. I GAMBLED EVERYTHING ONIT WAS ALL OR NOTHING, AND IN THE END, IT WAS JUST ME AT THE FINISH. TO TAKE A DOUBLE AT FLANDERS IS A DREAM. READ MORE ABOUT HOW STIJN DEVOLDERWENT DOUBLE OR NOTHING TO WIN ANOTHER TOUR OF FLANDERSON THE TARMAC SL2 AT I-AM-SPECIALIZED.COMTHE MUUR. 6. Editor Brad Roe Feature Editor Zapata Espinoza Technical Editor Richard Cunningham European Editor Tim MaloneyOnline Editor Phil Booth Featured Columnist Bob Roll Designer Vicky BertrandPhotography Pat Carrigan, John KerContributing Photographers: Roberto Bettini, Yuzuru Sunada, Mitch Friedman, Ken Conley, Craig Dooley, Karl Ockert, Tom Moran, Terry Martin, Jeff Tse, Tim Tadder. Contributing Editors: Philip Booth, Paolo Galloni, Chris Henry, Ryan Cleek, Bob Sutton Test Consultants: Jon Miller, Dorothy Wong, Bari Waalk, Bob Sutton, Sean McCoy, Brian Bosse Online Editor: Tom Hinz Production Coordinator Wally Deicken Copy Editors Cassandra Mittelberg Prelim Coordinator William Hawley IVAdvertising Advertising Director: Robb Mesecher National Advertising Director: Robert Rex Account Executive: Derreck Bernard Ad Production Coordinator: Eric Harter Account Executive: Lisa Beckwith Executive Web Advertising Director: Sean McCoyHi-Torque Publications, Inc. President and Publisher Roland Hinz Associate Publisher Lila Hinz Assistant To The President Cassandra Mittelberg Assistant To The President Katharine McCoy Assistant To The President Tom HinzCirculation Director Jeff ShoopPromotions Director Tim La PagliaEditorial and Advertising Offices 25233 Anza Drive Valencia, CA 91355 (661) 295-1910 Fax: (661) 295-1278 www.hi-torque.comSubscription Information To subscribe to Road Bike Action please visit us at Or call, (800) 767-0345 (8am-5pm PST, M-F) Any change of address or subscription problems please contact us by e-mail: or call (800) 767-0345. 7. FIELD TESTED BY COLUMBIA-HIGH ROAD Photo: TDWSPORTS.COM Proud sponsor of:First Endurance is a leader in developing innovative products of superior quality for the unique needs of endurance athletes. -Bob Stapleton (Columbia-High Road General Manager) THE ULTIMATE ENDURANCE NUTRITION Team Columbia-High Road is the number one ranked professional cycling team in the world. In 2008, they won 154 different races, including six stages of the Tour de France, four stages of the Giro dItalia and multiple overall tour wins. They know what it takes to be at their best in the most demanding races in the world. Thats why they count on the award-winning, critically acclaimed First Endurance system to help them goharder and recover faster day after day. Shouldnt you? 8. RBAfrom the editorbrad@roadbikeaction.comBy Brad Roe20 TIPS NOT TO FOLLOW 9) Dont decide that you alone are responsible to tell alloncoming traffic to slow down by flapping your arms like a birdand looking angry. Im struggling with this one, but will keep youposted. It has something to do with age.10) Never attack the faster riders at the beginning of yourlocal climb and then give them the Lance-to-Ulrich look. You cantpull that off. 11) Dont tell your wife you are quitting your great job andmoving your family to Spain to ride more, be a better dad andwork on your next novel.12) Also, dont tell your wife you think $11,000 will pay for anentire year living in Spain, and then ask her to please see if herparents are interested in helping make that happen.This is our first annual 102-Cycling Tips issue. In honor of13) Never ask Lance in an interview when he plans to losethat, I decided to do the exact opposite and tell you 20those final 15 pounds. Not good at all.things not to do in 2009 in order to save you grief at home and abroad. 14) Dont buy a tandem for your spouse unless you plan on rid-ing it solo for the training benefits. Its just going to be you and1) When you get on an elevator with your bike, in your Lycra, the bike in two weeks, so accept it now. Its not a bad look, riding do not greet others with a firm handshake and demand they call solo on a tandem, as long as you arent wearing mountain bike you, Admiral.shorts and listening to country music.2) Under no circumstances should you wear mountain bike15) While stopping for a break at your local Gas and Sip, dont shorts while riding a road bike. Better not to ride at all. Go fishing let your Lycra armor compel you to ask the employees technical insteadand bring good sandwiches. questions about the business like, When are you guys gonnapipe in bio-diesel from Berkeley. Just drink your Diet Rite and go3) When you are at a stoplight and trying to pull off the Pro-on your way. track-stand-I-can-balance-longer-than-you thing, do not grab onto the mirror of a pickup truck. Chances are its a redneckand you16) Dont ever tell your wife you are thinking of becoming a are family unless you plan to back it up. If you make thatchoice, great, but dont mention it to her right after you tell her 4) Never sing while riding and listening to country music. First about the plans to move to Spain. of all, you shouldnt listen to music while riding, and certainly not country music. They say it melts your brain. 17