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  • 1. The River Shannon Irelands longest river:386 km or 240 miles long.
  • 2. Did you know how the river got its name? The Shannon is named after Sionnan, who was the granddaughter of Manannan Mac Lir, or God of the Sea. She came to this spot [the Shannon pot, where the river begins in the Cuilcagh Mountains, Co Cavan] to eat the fruit of the forbidden, or the Tree of Knowledge, which was planted by the Druids. As she began to eat it, the waters of the pool sprang up and overwhelmed her, drawing her down into it to flow out later across the land, thus the River Shannon sprung up.
  • 3. Course of the River Shannon The Shannons source is in the Cuilcagh Mountains, in Co Cavan. It is a small lake called the Shannon Pot, which is 14.6m deep at its deepest point.
  • 4. Counties that the Shannon runs through Cavan Fermanagh Leitrim Longford Roscommon Offaly Tipperary Clare Limerick Galway Kerry : it touches off the coast of Kerry when it flows into the sea. Westmeath
  • 5. Tributaries of the River Shannon A tributary is a stream or a river that flows into another river. The River Shannon has many tributaries. Can you find these on the map? The River Suck The Inny River The River Brosna The Nenagh River The Mulcair River
  • 6. Rivers of Ireland:Can you see the Shannon?
  • 7. Lakes on the River Shannon There are three main lakes on the River Shannon. Find these on your map: Lough Allen Lough Ree Lough Derg
  • 8. Map of the towns andvillages on theShannon Erne Waterway
  • 9. The Shannon-Erne Waterway: How do we link up with the River Shannon? The Shannon-Erne Waterway is a canal linking the River Shannon in the Republic of Ireland with the River Erne in Northern Ireland. It is managed by Waterways Ireland. The canal is 63km (39mi) in length, has sixteen locks and runs from Leitrim village in County Leitrim to Upper Lough Erne in County Fermanagh . If we wanted to hire a boat on the Shannon-Erne waterway, what town would we go to ? [Hint: It is not too far from Ballyshannon][L E L E K B] http://www.waterwaysireland.org/erne/ Lets examine a map of the Shannon Erne waterway.
  • 10. How is the Shannon connected with Dublin? The Shannon River is Statue of the Irish poet, Patrick Kavanagh, on the banks of the connected with Dublin Grand Canal, Dublin. through two canals, the Royal Canal and the Grand Canal.
  • 11. Where does the Shannon enter the sea? The Shannon River flows into the Atlantic Ocean at its mouth, the Shannon Estuary. The estuary has Limerick at its head and its seaward limits are marked by Loop Head to the north and Kerry Head to the south. The estuary defines the main boundary between County Kerry /County Limerick to the south and County Clare to the north. Map of the Shannon Estuary
  • 12. Town Challenge In your Geography copy, and using your atlas/map of Ireland, list five towns that the Shannon River flows through. Hint: Check these websites for some help: http://www.iwai.ie/maps/shannonerne/index. http://www.cruiseireland.com/ireland/images
  • 13. Weblinks http://www.discoverloughderg.ie/Introducti on/RiverShannon/RiverShannonTributarie s/ : find out more about Lough Derg. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lough_ree: Find out more about Lough Ree http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lough_allen: Find out more about Lough Allen