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  • 1. Duffy in Japan International Consumer Management January 2011 Group Malasada 08BN069P Eriko Sugimoto 08BN092M TomokoNawata 09BN948Y Robyn Taniguchi 09MB903S Amy Vo-Van 09UA907M BinhNghiem

2. Duffy the Disney Bear is the first Disney character to not have originated from a showUntil late 2010, Duffy could only be bought from DisneySea, Tokyo Available merchandise include clothing for Duffy, keitai accessories and live showsWhat is Duffy? 3. Origins of Duffy Created as a marketing tool to help launch a new toy store, Once Upon a Toy, at Walt Disney World (Florida, USA) in 2002 Originally called the Disney Bear and was characterised by: The Mickey Mouse shape on his face, feet and backside Came inbrown, black, white, pink, purple, blue, gray, and teal Came with a small paper storybook that explained his story Good quality and roughly the same size as a Build-a-Bear Workshop soft toy (16 inches) Eventually released in other stores in Walt Disney World, and later in California Disneyland Latest version of Disney Bear 4. Problems With The Disney Bear Was not a successful product in the USA Did not have a proper name Disney tried again with various updates to the design which included: Additional colours (e.g. pastel pink) Themed bears (e.g. Princess and seasonal versions) Changes in size (e.g. 12 inches tall)Used as promotional items (e.g. "gift with purchase). Sold outside of the Disney Parks at the now closed World of Disney NYC, New York Quality and price lowered, but the design remained similar Still unsuccessful and Disney eventually sent the remainders to Disney outlet stores Recently, Disney changed the design (12-13 inches) and restarted selling the Disney Bear at the parks and online 5. Duffy in Japan: 2004 The Disney Bear debuted exclusively at Tokyo DisneySeain the Christmas of 2004 at the decision of the Oriental Land Company (OLC), the operator and owner of Tokyo Disney Resort There was no change to his story or name and there was only one option for colour - tan/crme OLC opted not to release any of the other colors because they wanted a more natural-looking bear. Features were changed to match Japanese taste (e.g. softer material) Original Disney Bear vs. Duffy 6. Duffy in Japan: 2005 It was a slow start and throughout 2005 there were sporadic releases of the Disney Bear with different costume accessories By winter 2005, the Disney Bear had been turned into a full-fledged meet-and-greet character at DisneySea 7. Duffy in Japan: 2006 To improve sales, the DisneyBeargot a new name and backstory, and was relaunched to coincide with the 5th Anniversary of DisneySea He was named Duffy because Mickey carried him in his duffel bag and his backstory was tailored to fit in with DisneySeas American Waterfront An entire line of changeable costumes and accessories were created for DuffyThe small accessories proved popular and a phenomenon was born Eventually, an entire collection of Duffy merchandise made its way onto DisneySea store shelves including candies, charms, and handbags Duffy even got his own website, the official Duffy MerchandisePage 8. In 2007, he got more costumes (e.g. sweater set, pirate outfit, and his first Halloween costume) Duffy in Japan: 2007 9. 2008, for Tokyo Disneyland's 25th anniversary there was an explosion Each month there was a new costume released based on a Disney Character (e.g. The Mad Hatter); this was in addition to Halloween and Christmas outfits Fans bought the bear and his costumes and started to carry him around the Parks His popularity meets - and some might even argue - exceeds that of Mickey MouseDuffy in Japan: 2008 10. Duffy in Japan: 2009-2010 Sales of Duffy in 2009 were threetimesthat of 2008 March 2009 OLCs revenue from Theme Park Merchandise increased by 16 billion (US$191 million) Could be due to Duffy mania January 2010, Shellie-May debuted as Duffy's friend Shellie-May's introduction included her own line of clothing and accessories Simultaneously, Walt Disney World also attempted to create a friend for the Disney Bear but halted development after Shellie-Mays debutMarch 2010, Duffy got his own show at DisneySea called My Friend Duffy which centers on the character and his backstory Shellie-May 11. Why did Duffy succeed in Japan? Limited and seasonal sales Many people go to DisneySea just to buy Duffy, Shellie-May or their seasonal costumes/accessories Conformity In DisneySea, the cashiers generally do not wrap purchased Duffys, and instead, people are expected to carry their Duffy around the Park Which further exposes Duffy to the masses and he can now be seen throughout Tokyo 12. Why did Duffy succeed in Japan? (cont) Japan has the second largest toy market in the world Falling birth rate means (grand)parents have more money to spend on fewer (grand)children Lack of space in cities means childrens playtime is mainly confined indoors Toys are used to compensate for the constant pressure to excel at school 13. Why did Duffy succeed in Japan? (cont) kawaii Culture Since the 1970s, kawaii culture has been a prominent aspect ofJapanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing,food,toys, personalappearance,behavior, and mannerisms The ideology of kawaii culture is to be able to put aside the pressures and responsibility of adulthood and to return to a period in life where things were much simpler and has a predominately positive image despite its relationship with the media and consumerism Therefore it is equally acceptable for a salaryman to have the same cute keitai strap as a schoolgirlQueuing Culture Japanese people are willing to wait in line which in turns gathers more people For Duffy, many have to queue up to 9 hours to buy it 14. 14th October 2010Debuted at Epcot at Walt Disney World and Disney California Adventure Park19th November 2010 Debuted at Hong Kong Disneyland to coincide with the Christmas festivities Duffy Goes Global 15. Launch Tactics USA Meet-and-Greet / photo stations set-up and I just hugged Duffy the Disney Bear stickers Capitalised on the travel aspect of Duffy - Where will you take him? Bears were placed in suitcases and trunks that have country stickers all over Six new outfits released - sailor, Canada, Mexico, China, a baseball jersey, and a safari outfit.Launch included Duffys full line of costumes and souvenirs and sweets12 inch My First Disney Bear rereleased as My First Duffy Bear in the classic Tokyo bear style Epcots Kidcot Mask Program will change to a unique Duffy that Guests can take from country to country to colour, decorate, and receive country specific Duffy stamps Disney Hotels will feature a Duffy cartoon TV and he will even make an appearance in the Disney Parks Christmas Day parade 16. Launch Tactics Hong KongPrime photo location on Main StreetDuffy Christmas stickers that people had to wear Badly received since many wanted to keep the stickers intact for scrapbooking purposes Available in a few stores throughout the Park and DisneyLand Hotel Emporium has a small area dedicated to the arrival of Duffy and sold pre-dressed Duffys, but failed to capitalise on the Christmas season Originally only a limited number of Duffys would be sold (i.e. 1,000 bears) The packaging for outfits is identical to DisneySea - stickers were applied to cover up the Tokyo references and no Hong Kong exclusive costumes released 17. Differences From DisneySeas Duffy Sold at US$25 (as oppose to 3,800 yen / US$45), consequently, the USA Duffy is of lower quality Outfits are more kid friendly lacking a lot of separate pieces,adornments and embroidery Pricing in line with Tokyo: HK$320 / US$41 The outfits are exactly the same as those from DisneySea, though tagged slightly different USADuffy Hong Kong Duffy 18. Future Concerns and Marketing Strategies: USAOpening Day reception of Duffy was warmer at Hong Kong Disney than at Disney California Adventures Will Duffy succeed or will it have the same fate as the original Disney Bear due to the American opinion that soft toys are for children only (unlike in Japan where it is marketed towards young women) Will Americans be annoyed at the lower quality Duffys sold in the USA, while Hong Kong enjoys the same high quality as that in Tokyo? Does it mean that Disney is going to really push this One Disney concept and rebrand everything with the Disney Parks logo 19. Future Concerns and Marketing Strategies: Japan OLC aims to make Duffy a long-term representative of DisneySea, consequently, Duffy is one of the greeters at the DisneySea entrance With Hong Kong Duffy being the same product, will the lack of exclusivity affect sales in Japan and / or in Hong Kong, and will OLC continue to develop DisneySea-only costumes?Originally, consumers in Japan preferred to pay high prices for premium goods and services, however, recently Japaneseconsumers are now increasingly making use of discount and online stores due to:The economic downturn Generation-Y (those in their 20s) have very different spending practices from their predecessors 20. Future Concerns and Marketing Strategies: In General Increased focus on pre-dressed Duffys for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, birthdays and graduations Plans for create your own Duffy and new clothes lines Tentative plans to release Duffy in Disneyland Paris, but there are concerns on its reception So far Duffy is only available in most Disney Parks and not online As the world becomes more globalised and internet-based, will this affect sales, or improve them due to Duffys limited accessibility and branding 21. Sources http://clippingdisney.posterous.com/?tag=duffy http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2010/09/duffy-the-disney-bear-debuts-at-disney-parks-in-october/ http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2010/11/walt-disney-world-resort-creates-%e2%80%98cuddliest-christmas-tree%e2%80%99-for-toys-for-tots/ http://dreamcatcher.blog43.fc2.com/blog-entry-493.html