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Transcript of Right Angle Holder Adjustable Stand

1. Rightangleholderistri-stand 2. 20 anglesettings5 to 55 3. Largest stand provides10 angle adjustments Middle stand Provides 7 angle adjustmentsSmall stand provides3 angle adjustments 4. Weight = 985 grams Width = 28 cm Length = 38 cm 5. Use Laptopsat Right angle 6. Read booksat Right Angle 7. Use Tabletsat Right Angle 8. Read Magazinesat Right Angle 9. portable 10. stable 11. versatile 12. convenient 13. dependable 14. handy 15. Available colors 16. Available color and codeTurquoise (TE) Black (BK) Purple (PE)Red (RD) Gray (GY) Blue (BE) 17. TIPS FOR PROPER READING:1. Sit straight.2. Illuminate reading material from behind.3. Lights must be directed towards reading material and must fall on text, not the eyes.4. Use Right Angle Holder to attain proper adjustments towards anything you read. Its tri-stand easily provides 20 angle settings 5 to 55 degrees for convenient reading. WARNING: Poorly lit environment can damage your eyes permanently